Morning Glory

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A few early morning snaps. I discovered a set of Morning Glory seeds had sprouted. I planted a few indoors as “backups” in case the seedlings outside don’t pop up. I’ve grown morning glory on my balcony before but it was fickle. So this year I went with a more hardy variety called “Grandpa Ott” which are deep purple in color.

morning glory sprouthome

Madewell indigo teeEaster flowers past their prime

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Pretty Little Things

Tuesday, Apr. 22, 2014 | 8 Comments   

Just a collection of things I’ve seen lately that I think would be nice to have or try.

Maison de Reefur Petite Mer

maison de reefur
maison de reefur

maison de reefur

Baggu Duffle in Sailor Stripe

Madewell bien fait surf tee

A Cup of Jo: Mermaid Tail Braid how-to

a cup of jo's hair tutorial

A Cup of Jo: Ponytail Twist how-to

a cup of jo's hair tutorial


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