Pardon the graphic language

Thursday March 31, 2005 comments   

I’m sick. I have a stomach virus or something. I felt dizzy & fatigued in classes today but thought I was just weak and hungry. Came home, ate, vomited it all up =_=. Now I feel dizzy & fatigued again but I can’t eat because it’ll come up too AND I still have to complete my program that’s due tonight AND I gotta GO to my 3 hour night class still :(.

I hope I’m better tomorrow, I have work all day Friday then Saturday I go to the chiropractor.

I think I “smell” sick now. You know what I mean too. That smell, like your toxic or something. So gross. I’m not surprised I have something. All these fucker coughers & hackers & sneezers have been sitting next to me NOT covering their mouths or noses. SO GROSS! SICK! EW! I HATE YOU!

Anyway~ I better get to somewhat completing my C++ program. I doubt it’ll get working but I hope to get partial credit :?:


I somehow survived class, barely. My program didn’t work but I should get some credit, oh well. I still feel =_= but I’m not sleepy anymore. I wanna add gravatars in, maybe tonight? Speaking of icons…. I know a LOT of ppl saved all the scans I did back when my CUTiE site was open & save the Non-no scans I do now. I don’t mind AT ALL. But, some people just use my scans obsessively without any OUNCE of credit. I know I’m being tyrannical, I mean, some would say “How would I credit your hard scanning work on my little LJ icon?” But, when the person uses NOTHING BUT my scans for their icons or whatever (esp. LJ) I get… I dunno, annoyed. Just, annoyed I guess. Sigh. I don’t say anything anymore though, I don’t care enough to b/c they are always “OMGOSH, I’M LeiK sO SOrrY.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Made myself laugh :P. I must be delirious from the virus.






Very tired

Monday March 28, 2005 comments   

On Spring BreakI’m so tired. Today I enrolled into courses. I won’t even go into how horrible it was. Now I’m stuck with a VERY VERY VERY hard Summer semester =/. Sigh~

Met an old friend today which was a nice pick-me-up. I feel so tired and as if I wasted my day. I’ll be making a chiropractor appointment this week. My back has been terrible for about 6 months. So bad at times I start to cry. I haven’t really talk about it much. I dunno why really.

Got a $15 Web Design magazine today and bought new plants for the window box that I’ll hopefully be transplanting tomorrow. *I miss gardening, I need a BIG garden again like when I was younger.*

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