30 page paper… check!

Friday April 29, 2005 comments   

MANBA LOOOOOOOOVE!I’m going to be so busy, straight up to my vacation in FL. I’m finishing up Senior Project right now. The big presentation is Monday. I dun wanna!!! Anyway~

Wednesday’s photo was from “Bad Cat.” It’s a great/cute book! Please go purchase it.
Did I mention I got ripped-off on E-bay? Sucks. I hate E-bay anyway. I’ve filed a claim with Paypal about it and will wait and see.

Chiropractor bill is getting scary. I’m supposed to be covered 100% by insurance. However, they said my insurance (parents’ insurance) said I’m not eligible for benefits. It’s crap. I JUST verified with them about my full-time college enrollment so I could still be covered and they said I WAS covered. !@#$%! RED TAPE HELL. Let’s hope that it works out or I’ll need about $600 FAST!

I’ve decided that after classes end I’ll be writing my own Photo BBS script using PHP & MySQL. I started on it today but realized I just don’t have TIME right now. For those of you who don’t know what a Photo BBS is, take a look at a Galba.jp bbs. I <3 galba.jp btw. (o�∀`人 )

Some photos.

New shimmer & bronzer and a translucent face tint! Both by physicians formula. I got this and this! LOVE THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM!

The window box is booming & blooming!

my blog times were messed up but I think I fixed it.






The day is never done.

Wednesday April 27, 2005 comments