Tuesday May 31, 2005 comments   

Why (“Hello World!”) ??

Started classes today. Tomorrow I get to see just how bad my CGI Programming class will be. I loathe the professor teaching it. He can’t teach for beans and therefore I do badly. Started JAVA today too~

I’m lazy so I just moved my images into another folder. I set up .htaccess protection but screw it right now because it’s messing with my 404 pages and I’m too lazy to re-organize my domain to avoid that problem. You’ll notice that once classes begin, I stop caring about A LOT of things!

Wow, thanks for all the penpal invites *feels slightly overwhelmed, hehe*
Speaking of overwhelmed, I feel so bad for my little sister right now who is experiencing the crappiness that is bad friendship.

Her friend (bff) asked her if she was “bi” out of the blue the other day. My sister is a very innocent, naive 13 year old and she didn’t know what “bi” meant. Her friend just kept asking saying, “YES OR NO! JUST SAY YES OR NO!” After my sister repeatedly said she didn’t know what “bi” meant she went ahead and just said “yes.” Her friend then began making fun of her saying she couldn’t wait to tell the whole school. So my sister asked the friend’s Mom what it meant and when she found out she just said, “I’m out of here.” and she left. She’s no longer friends with that bitch now. Sigh, It’s hard seeing her be hurt by these shitty people. She’s like me though, I always had a knack for making selfish assholes my friends in HS =_____=.

Take flight crane

Dusk, outside my window

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Quick Internet rant posting

Monday May 30, 2005 comments   

I hate DIRECT-LINKERS! They steal my bandwidth and therefore my money >_<*. I put up some hotlink protection though it’s fucking up my 404’s and even this page a little. I also dislike that because my CUTiE site is closed people think it’s okay to post old scans without crediting the site =/. But some do credit and even stick up for the reasons why it closed and it makes me so happy that someone fuckin’ gets it ya know?

I’m itchy for penpals (゚д゚ )(。_。 )(゚д゚ )(。_。 ) … hehehehe.
Pardon the rant, I had a very unpleasant sleep and work this morning was cruddy. It’s no excuse but please accept it <3 thank you!!!!! >> Lorik Melon Livv karen Elmo Kim Midori Kelly Peach

OH, I just remembered something I wanted to do & it has cheered me up! I’m signing up my little sister to get clothing catalogs in the mail! She’s 13, I have her for Alloy, Delia’s, and Urban Outfitters. Does anyone know of any others soon to be 14 year olds might like!??? She doesn’t get any catalogs and I know she loves mail :D.