Wednesday November 30, 2005 comments   

I am a HUGE Ryoki fan. I know a lot of people are all about Shinogu, but not me. I am madlyfuckinginlovewithRYOKI. Why? Maybe because we are one in the same. Probably, that’s why. And he’s hot. very hot. ANYWHO~~~!! speaking of hot…

I came home late from work today, open my armoire, and saw that Mike had bought me Hot Gimmick vol. 10, a 2-disc CD of Christmas music, and a Christmas DVD. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe I am extremely tired. I’m only up because if I went to bed at 8:00pm, I would be up at 3:00 AM or something. So I forced myself up about 10 minutes ago.

I’m so tired. I’m always tired. I was yawning nonstop during a meeting today… that’s just rude of me, but I couldn’t help it.






I want a new layout

Tuesday November 29, 2005 comments   

but I don’t have time

<- Jenn’s amazing Turkey Day card! The paper art is so adorable! Thank you! I also received your letter, Jenii. I wrote you whilst on the train today.

With holidays and all, I’ve been kind of…. short changed on free time. It happens. OH……

Mike got a new job! Some of you… ok, just Jenn, knew about Mike putting in his 2 weeks notice at his crappy job. WELL…. Today he got a job in graphic design! I’ll give more details about it later. But I just wanted to


Thank you ありがとう!! === Jen lain Jenn Livv karen cindi susan Leanne Midori sleepii Stacy Dominique Mari