Friday December 30, 2005   

I created a page explaining, in short, the Pen Pal Card concept. The lovely Jenn has made herself one (hope it’s ok to link yours! Let me know if you rather me not ok!!!!!!) Others have asked about making their own too. So here’s a page with a short explanation!

Also, I uploaded new photos to the cam archives. Mainly Christmas ones.

I have both Strawberry and Peach Champagne for tomorrow! Yea for girly flavored champagne on New Year’s Eve!

I think I’ll make a private post now or a little later on.

PS: I have a slue of letters to mail off. So some people *Livv* will get a letter very soon!!! So sorry to be a late bum with sending them off!


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  1. mango says:

    Wahh!!~~~ Your hair cut is TOOOO CUTEE~~~ Ohhh now i want to cut my hair like that! You have really good hair quality and the little curls are so cute~ anyways, happy new year!! wahaha girly champagne~~ ^.^

  2. Jenn says:

    Hey Jen!! ^^ Love the penpal card page – the colors are to die for, hehe. XD It’s okay to link me, the more that know the merrier, right?! haha~ Aww, love all the pics…especially the one of the stationary and the cute HK cup w/ all the pens – I’m so jelous! :D

  3. Meru says:

    Girly champagne sounds nice ^_^ I’m bringing sparkling cider since I’m the DD for me & Matt. =o=

  4. Livv says:

    THE SECOND PICTURE!! You are the luckiest girl in the history of ever, Jenjen. Hahah. Maybe I will make a penpal card when I have the time. Everyone else is doing it :P I can’t wait to get a letter from you~ I was actually thinking of writing you up one but I guess now I just have to wait XD

  5. Lorik says:

    i have never really thought of making a pen pal card…and seems like a good idea~ ^^ very nice page~

    hahaha strawberry and peach~ well, I hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve~ i hope that the new year brings you lots of happiness and good stuff!!~

  6. lain says:

    lol that’s a pretty good idea if only i had time to keep up with penpals =( btw i kind of need your phone number, the new one. i need to mail you something ^__^;; … sorry..

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