I got a rock. (Charlie Brown)

Monday October 30, 2006 comments   

I’m posting my photos in this new flash component I’ve been messing with. Got it from work. For captions on the photos just hover over the image. Today was an OK day. Nothing spectacular. I got home & made Mike pie, did some of his laundry, and got him his favorite candy bar. Yea, I decided to spoil him today & he took notice.

Jenn~ I got your letters today. WOW, a year!?!? I had no idea :<3:! That's crazy AND I got it on the day. :star2: CUUUTE Kitty stationery too! Speaking of kitties, I can't believe shelters HAVE to ban adopting out black cats over Halloween. I mean, I’ve heard of that sick twisted shit happening so I am glad they do ban adoption. It’s just infuriating that it’s even an issue.

14 photos total!






JJ September 2006

Sunday October 29, 2006 comments   

If you have troubles viewing (ie. getting an “ERROR” image), try refreshing~ It’s the hotlink protection acting funky.


Please purchase JJ magazine for SO much more. It’s really wonderful~
If the scans seem cut off, it’s because most Japanese magazines are larger than my standard sized scanner.

JJ September 2006

Just an older set of scans I never posted :)

Source Credit is happily welcomed if you must post these elsewhere!!!

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