Happy Halloween

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Tuesday October 30, 2007 comments   

I haz it. *sadface* *goes to take tums* I’ve had headaches lately too & am having to pop a bunch of aspirin or Excedrin. But that’s neither here nor there.

I’ve started randomly commenting in my comments, hahah been pretty bored this week. I also tried to reformat my PC tonight & failed. oh well~

I mailed a Halloween card to Mike today from work :cfaha2:! He’s done it to me the past 2 years but I think he was too busy to this year (so I think it’s my turn :cfaha2: ) It’s his birthday in November. Our 7th year anniversary too (our first date was on his birthday, hahaah.) I dunno what I’m gonna get him yet :( …. sigh.

I get into phases where I repeat music over & over & over and right now ELO’s Mr. Blue Sky is one of those tracks. [I could only find a live version on youtube or this Kare Kano fanvid, hahahaah.] I really wanted to find the scene from the Dr. Who episode “Love & Monsters” but I doubt anyone caaaaaaaaaaaaaares about my sad Dr. Who love. [all I want in ’08 is for David Tennant to wear his glasses moooore :X ]

I digress, though I’m not sure what from…

Talking to my Mom lately is so hard. She keeps dumping all my little sister’s problems onto me. My little sister is 16 and apparently on a 1-way track to becoming a complete failure. SHE dumps her problems onto Mom who then dumps them on me so I can walk around all pissed after talking to her. But I don’t WANT to tell my Mom not to talk to me about these things because I don’t want to leave her alone and stressed. I’d rather take on the burden. I’m protective of my Mother. It’s always been that way. I feel responsible for her, even though I shouldn’t. My Mom is almost like a perpetual 17-year old runaway. It gets to me sometimes.

I just want her to be happy.

I just want EVERYONE to be happy, even if it means I’m not.
[though to clarify, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life :)]