On Lunch Break

Friday April 25, 2008 comments   

I’m taking a quick second from my lunch to blog. Yes, I’m at work *cringe* but I’m still without internet at home so.. yea.) There was a chance we’d get connect this Monday but then the company called & postponed it a month! :evil: Every freakin’ company has just been giving us 1 bullshit excuse after the other! It’s beyond ridiculous!!!! No TV, internet, or phone for god knows how long still!

Some good news is we’ll be 100% moved into the new house this weekend. We only have about 70% of stuff moved already. I have some clothes and decor still needing to come over. Good-bye rent, Hello mortgage! :kissyheart::celebrate:

Also my new camera arrived last week

Golden Half

It’s essentially a tiny Japanese film camera that takes 2 photos on 1 frame. so half the frame is 1 photo & the other half is another. “Golden Half.” So instead of getting 24 photos from a roll of 24 exposures, I’ll get 48! What can I say, I just love playing around with film~ And it’s definitely distracting me from my DVR Cable TV & Internet withdrawal.

Also, until I have internet I won’t be around much (obviously.) So anyone who contacts me through my sushi-cat email, flickr, or MSN… sorry :down::;_;:
~sigh~ this blows :stressedmind:

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Moving Today

Saturday April 19, 2008 comments   

m o v i n g   t o d a y

:car: Oh my yes, it’s true! Already went to IKEA and picked up the larger things we needed (bookcases, nightstands) and now I’m at the old apartment eating lunch. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to update next. Probably just a few days :cloudedmind: because I’m bringing my old laptop here for internet use till April 30th. :;_;: Hopefully by May we’ll have cable TV & internet connection :tearup:

I hate this part of moving. Living out of boxes, disheveled and out of routine. But it must be done.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends! I haven’t much else to say :wakuwakuheart: