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Went out Friday to help cheer me up. Went to the magazine store and picked up…

I was hoping they’d have July’s SCawaii b/c this month’s looked super summer cute, but nope. I passed on CanCam & Ray. I’m only reporting this b/c the inner turmoil it causes me while at the shop is pretty sad (in a hilarious way.) Mike helped me choose though! :doubleheartglitter: Ray had a Chanel handkerchief, while MORE had a mini-tote from Jill Stuart. Obviously the tote is superior (he said!) So problem solved.

Speaking of summer clothes :driftingoff:

SOOO happy it’s finally warming up & I can wear some summer clothes! Tube top & short sleeved zip-up hoodie :ohyeslovely:. I don’t normally wear things like tube tops, but this season I…

1: Want to wear things a bit more youthful (I won’t be in my 20’s forever!)
2: Have actually found tube tops that fit this year (I have a small frame but a over sized chest :rubeyes: )

I think I got this one on sale, Memorial Day at Old Navy :doubledquestion:

I’m not sure how many avid tea drinkers read my blog, but I tea is a big part of my “happy things” so I wanted to share some thoughts on Rose teas I’ve tried lately.

Firstly, I only drink loose leaf tea. It has a more pure flavor than the processed pre-bagged teas. Secondly, I had my first sip of a rose-based tea when in college. Made by The Republic of Tea


A black tea, the rose flavor is very potent. That said, I enjoyed it. It was something different :cfaha2:

Current 2 rose teas

On the left is Rose Marzipan Delight from Teavana. I’m a little weary of buying from them. I prefer to order my flavored black teas from Adagio. [but Teavana I can visit IN STORE so its easier.] I say I’m weary because many of Teavana teas taste too manufactured to me. I tend to like simple, not too flavored to death teas. I really disliked their flavored green teas and a few others. But I will say their blooming teas were delightful in flavor. That said, the Rose Marzipan was nice. :good: I would buy it again. It was a good black tea base with a nice flavor of rose. The marzipan is more in the aroma than the actual flavor which was a bit disappointing.

The tea on the right I got in a random Asian Tea store in Florida (so if you live near Sarasota just ask me!) It’s actually an Oolong tea! Rose Petal Orange Spice. Has a much stronger taste of rose than the Teavana tea, and the spice is mild and enjoyable. I really, really liked this tea. Too bad it’s around 900 miles from where I live! :kanjicry: Hahahah

Rose teas are really beautiful. I’d recommend using them in glass teapots such as Numi’s Glass pots. Many of the pots come with a glass tea strainer (not pictured) that is perfect for watching your tea leaves steep.






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