Nozomi’s Room

Thursday July 31, 2008 comments   

From Nozomi’s special booklet from this month’s Pinky. Her room was cute & sweet & simple.






Out of Stock

Tuesday July 29, 2008 comments   

Damn IKEA. Why do I go to buy something the second it disappears?!?!? I really wanted this sun/wind shield for my balcony. But it’s gone from the US IKEA site (though totally on the UK, German, & other sites.) So I rushed to the store today to see if I could find it. no dice. F A I L . Can’t find anything else like it either. [Have checked Potterybarn, Crate & Barrel, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, e-bay…] And stupid IKEA won’t ship overseas (booooo) :dizzy:

bummed out~ oh well~


Saw today that Cher is releasing their first season collection mook (magazine-book). Autumn/Winter 08-09 collection! :cher: :celebrate: And it comes with a special autumn edition of the infamous mini eco bag.


Needless to say, I want it :blushingcute:


Oh, so last week we finally got our recycling bin from the city (they took FOREVER getting it to us :rubeyes:!!! ) and told us Tuesday was pick up. Well we get home today & there’s all our recycling still sitting out. WTF?! We called and they said “OH, we must have gotten the day mixed up… I’m not sure which day it actually is. We’ll get back to you on it!” Then they said they’d send someone out TODAY for emergency pick-up. Well, it’s 9:30. FAIL ON THAT TOO! *looks at recycling chucked full just waiting to be collected*

WAY TO GOOOOOOOO. America so doesn’t give 2 shits about recycling… it’s really sad & pathetic & upsetting. :kanjicry: