No Title is Appropriate

Tuesday September 30, 2008 comments   

In the weeks leading up to our wonderful marriage, I felt life “gave us a break” for once. In all honesty. Everything went above & behind perfect. I’ve never had so many positive signs and situations in my life. Seemingly random & universe controlled happiness was everywhere. I feel like life gave us this break for a reason.

This morning Mike’s Grandmother passed away. His grandparents live in Florida and they were the reason we’d visit there so often. I was very close to his Grandmother. Much closer than I am or ever will be to my own Mother’s Mom.

We’ll be flying down there for the services once they are scheduled.

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Ageha 10/08 Vanilla 9/08

Saturday September 27, 2008 comments   

Ageha October 2008
Vanilla Vol 9 2008

DOWNLOAD? I put together a zip of all scans. This is just an afterthought so if the link is not working, just download the old fashion way ;3
download zip file
click to read the rest

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