Happy Halloween!!

Friday October 31, 2008 comments   


I still have some horror movies to watch & bloody video games to play but I ate too much BBQ and am super bloated so I thought I’d hop on and share a few photos!!

Some Decor スナップ :*:

I wore my 着ぐるみ :ladeeda:

I wore it out to the BBQ place [hell yea! It’s Halloween damnit!] and the guy there said he liked my “bear suit” and that his Mom was Japanese but that he hadn’t been back to Tokyo since he was little :kyaaface: I was so surprised someone knew WTF I was wearing! Hahahah :wakuwakuheart:

OKAY~ Everyone celebrating tonight have fun!


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CUTiE Nov ’08

Thursday October 30, 2008 comments   

CUTiE November 2008

DOWNLOAD? I put together a zip of all scans. This is just an afterthought so if the link is not working, just download the old fashion way ;3
download zip file
click to read the rest

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