I Gotta Stop Snacking Again

Sunday October 26, 2008   

So it’s nearly 11pm and all I can think about is how I wanna snack, snack, snack! I got out of the habit of late night snacking, but since the trip, really, I gotta “re-break” this nasty habit. However, doesn’t mean I can’t LOOK at snacks!!! So I thought I’d post some snack food photos from Japan :hungry:

photos taken in Japan

Mmmm Van Houten


I wish we had these instant coffee drinks state-side. All I see are crappy Starbucks Fraps & a few others available here :kanjicry: These tasted a lot better.

Fanta ふるふる

Hahaha One of my FAVORITE sights. Tons of canned cocktails! I WANT TO TRY THEM ALL!

Kitty makes you some popcorn! For a small fee of course :ladeeda:

Lavender & vanilla ice cream swirl!!
It had a really nice aromatic taste :*:

Souvenir Foods
taken at my home

I LOVE these as a breakfast. So low in calories.

All Rose Hip teas!

Mostly from Mt. Fuji area. I sent nearly all this food to family as gifts

Ningyoyaki :star2:

Peach puddings

bonus photo!

Leaving via bus to Tokyo airport

I love doing these entries~ because I know months from now I’ll be back viewing them~ reminiscing~ :*: :*: :doubleheartbeat:


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35 Responses to “I Gotta Stop Snacking Again”

  1. Winn says:

    i looooove snaking! especially during exam time to reduce stress! (and gain fat hahahaha)
    so jealous of your secret stash of goodies ;D

    when i was in HK i saw a hello kitty candy floss maker! i wanted one tooooo :9

  2. Gem says:

    i love your new layout. :3
    i snack more than i eat meals.XD i just can’t stop putting whatever yummy food on my mouth to keep it busy

  3. Chloe says:

    I love your page! It really reminds me of the short time I spent in Japan! I think i enjoyed japan as much as you did >

  4. Holly says:

    Ugh. Reading this blog entry has made me hungry too!

  5. = ] says:


  6. Erin says:

    I also have to stop snacking at night (I’m munching on chips as I type this). Lovely new layout, btw. Very autumnal.

  7. Alyssa says:

    I love your blog! And the new layout is super cute! Coming to your blog always makes me want to learn HTML!

    Anyway, those fanta cans are so cute!! and the vending machines are so cool… Japan is so awesome…

  8. Hannah says:

    oooo all your okashi look sooo goood! mm. i seee you have ramune candy.. that is my FAVORITE. have you tried the different flavored ramune drinks??

    i’ve also tried the fanta drinks. they’re so cutesy that i don’t want to drink from them!! i hate throwing away japanese packages >.

  9. Daisy says:

    cute layout! i love those laces~
    how much did you bring back from japan? ‘o’
    i can’t believe just the amount of food you took with you *O*
    & they all look so cute and yummi ;_;

  10. Jing says:

    Food post FTW :D

    Although I’m not as obsessed with Hello Kitty as I used to be, that HK popcorn maker is damn cute!

  11. cin says:

    you’re making me wanna snack XD

  12. jayjayne says:

    Yayay for snacking!

  13. Rikuka says:

    my hunger is haunting me! i’m sitting at home on my laptop to distract me from my hunger & i come on your blog to find pictures of everything that i’m craving right now :( haha i think i’ll just stare at the pictures until i can taste them ^-^

    i love your new layout too by the way :)

  14. Rachelle says:

    ~*such a cute layout*~ pink and grey are such a nice color combo!

    and the snacks! the mt. fuji stuff is cute. i like the peach pudding containers, i would save them to use for othe stuff, just because the look so nice!

  15. Rachelle says:

    holy cow! i just realized im in your “nom” list, thank you so much! :) you’re so nice!

  16. Ys says:

    SO much food… you’re killing me here! I’ve got to go get some food now… ;D

  17. Veronica says:

    The lavender vanilla sounds a bit like eating perfume :)

    the US totally needs to jump on the
    “canned coffee-in-vending machines” biz.

    Love your snaps, lady!

  18. Cher says:

    AHH you make me wanna go to Japan so much! you’re making me love Japanese brands, magazines and the styles~

    Please scan more mags since I can’t order from here. Arigatou!

  19. karme says:

    *SKINS U

  20. Ashley says:

    Everything looks sooo yummy!!!
    I wish we had half the great stuff over here.
    I’m hungry nooooowww
    Until I make it to Japan
    I’ll go use my hello kitty grilled cheese maker.
    If only I had cheese.

  21. Becky says:

    i love these entries too ^_____^

  22. Kiti says:

    aaw, you’ve changed your layout! This is really cute, love those tiny hearts! :3

    . . .Damn all those foods are making me hungry here!
    And those”Canned cocktails” ! Like wow *o* I wanna try !!

  23. Isa says:

    wow everything looks delicious!! I’m jealous!!
    btw, I love the new layout!!

  24. Haneul says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!!
    gahh!! *hyperventilating
    oish. I’M HUNGRy now. xD

  25. Brigitte says:

    I wish we had all these snacks here… Oh so yummy! -_-

  26. Genevieve says:

    is that a naner in plastic? LOL

    i was so good about hardly snacking & never eating sweets until i got with andy. now i’ve gone up a pants size D:

  27. Thao says:

    No wonder you’re having a hard time breaking the habit! The food is just too good to put down. If I had all of that, I would be snacking 24/7!!

  28. Tara says:

    Awh, I love the little Mt. Fuji snack box. =]

  29. emma says:

    canned cocktails are absolute win
    i got tired of beer after a while then started drinking those like mad

  30. Alex says:

    OMG it all looks soo good… O.o

  31. Mashiro says:

    Snacking would be much more fun if I had treats from Japan! ^^

  32. mishisan says:

    So many yummy things… not to mention the packaging is always so cute too XD

  33. becca says:

    nom nom nom! i like the peach bowl thing :o so cute!

  34. Aitch says:

    Are those canned cocktails, as in mix drinks? As in alcohol? oWo Garsh, if they had such cute things in the states I’d totally be a drinker. xP

  35. Nana Cawaii says:

    I told this in msn, but i´ll coment here ^^
    I love van houte cocoa!!!!
    New layout huh! Cuteeeee!!!!!!

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