Thursday October 30, 2008   

Blame Cin~ for me now having a pupe account! I’m not one for doll dress-up BUT I AM ONE FOR SEEING PEOPLE’S CLOSET ITEMS! I’ve been cruising it far too long looking at Cher & Japanese Brand items~ time to join!



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  1. Kesia says:

    Wow~ I was woundering when you where going to make one of those. I have added you to my favorites there. Poupee is love ;D

  2. Winn says:

    LOL Jen! the internet got smaller again!
    can’t believe you found me like that :0

  3. Leanne says:

    LOL you joinedddddddddddd! Ahhh too bad I deleted my account a few months back. It was eating my life away! I was OBSESSED but now I am FREE :D

  4. Zumi says:

    i have one too~~ :) but i’m still in the middle of setting it up so i’ll add you laterrr :x

  5. jenny says:

    @Winn I R stalk you!

    @Zumi YAY \:D/

  6. Rikuka says:

    oh man.. poupeegirl is so addicting, but i’d rather spend “ribbons” than real money :P

  7. cin says:

    loool~ hehe you gave me 30 ribbons fromm just comments XD thanks~~ :D

  8. Nicole says:

    I tried avoiding Pupe for so long, but I eventually gave in. >.

  9. Appleday says:

    I’m on poupee girl too! As Appleday of course :)

  10. emma says:

    i can’t believe even winniey had this thing!!!

  11. jenny says:

    LULZ@ EMMA \:D/ welcome to the party!

  12. Zoraida says:

    Honestly, I don’t understand ameba at all! I don’t know the criteria for the pictures that I want to upload D: Though, I think you just take pictures of cute things you own…

    Anyway! This is my first time commenting so don’t mind if I add you on ameba~~

  13. Hannah says:

    omgsh !!! i heard about this from my friend last week, and then i read that you posted about this! haha what a coincidence! i’m going to add you!

  14. Veronica says:

    a d d i c t i v e XD

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