Happy Halloween!!

Friday October 31, 2008   


I still have some horror movies to watch & bloody video games to play but I ate too much BBQ and am super bloated so I thought I’d hop on and share a few photos!!

Some Decor スナップ :*:

I wore my 着ぐるみ :ladeeda:

I wore it out to the BBQ place [hell yea! It’s Halloween damnit!] and the guy there said he liked my “bear suit” and that his Mom was Japanese but that he hadn’t been back to Tokyo since he was little :kyaaface: I was so surprised someone knew WTF I was wearing! Hahahah :wakuwakuheart:

OKAY~ Everyone celebrating tonight have fun!


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47 Responses to “Happy Halloween!!”

  1. Lorik says:

    happy halloween~~~~~ ^__________^ you look very cute in your costume! The decorations look amazing!! The pumpkins are super pretty~

  2. Kesia says:

    ❤ so cute I love your rikku custom
    have fun tonight okay hun.

  3. Ellie says:

    Oh my, what a costume! ♥
    Happy belated Halloween to you!
    (Halloween’s already been in Australia ==”)

  4. Kim says:

    Happy Halloween!! Thats an awesome costume! I was a makeshift butler. ^^;; And the decorations are awesome! =)

  5. Honeydew says:

    Happy Halloween!

    You always have the CUTEST animation gifs on your blog. Where do you get them or do you like make them yourself? Sooooooooo cute~ (*_*)

  6. Reena says:

    Happy belated HALLOWEEN ♥ cute bear costume! I wish they celebrated Halloween here :(

  7. Winn says:

    Jen!!! awesome pumpkins!!! :D
    your decorations are always so good :0
    i like your costume the best ;D

  8. Laura says:

    aw your decor is cute.
    im not decorating this year:(
    halloween came so soon!
    cute costume^^ i was an indian:P

  9. Gem says:

    haha!jen you look so cuuuuuuuttttee!!!! happy halloween too!

  10. karem says:

    aww im glad you had funs homie :)

  11. Haneul says:

    i wore my kanaroo kirugumi today for halloween and these little middle schoolers asked me if i was a baby… agh.. do i look like a baby? >:3

  12. Courtney says:

    Awesome! Your decorations and kigurumi are so cute! But why did you only censor one picture, I wonder? lol Hope you had a great Halloween! ^^

  13. Erin says:

    Cute decorations! And I like your kigurumi, too :3

  14. Holly says:

    What awesome decorations!
    LOL at the bear suit, it looks really warm!

  15. Yi says:

    the decorations look really good! too bad we don’t really celebrate halloween in australia!

  16. NC says:

    OMG so cute!! You’re so cute in that bear outfit!
    Thank you for sharing all those lovely scans =)

  17. Kiti says:

    I love all those decorations! Well done! :3
    You look pretty in that kigurumi! >___

  18. Rikuka says:

    wow! so many decorations ☆
    everything looks so cool :)

    & you look adorable it your kigurumi! (´ω`)

    hope you had a happy halloween♪♪

  19. cin says:

    i love your kigurumi~~ ^^ i like the haunted mansion pumpkin! it looks so coollll

  20. jenny says:

    @Courtney the hover over text explains why, hahahah

  21. Rachelle says:

    your house is so cute with all the halloween decorations and the kigirumi

  22. Rachelle says:

    ack it cut off my comment -_-; i was saying that i liked your costume and want to get either a pikachu or gloomy bear one. anyway hope you had a happy halloween!

  23. Alex says:

    OMG Jen! You look soo cute. Haha. I totally want a kigurumi outfit. :D

    Haha, and I can’t believe you have a pupe account now. Totally awsome. haha…

  24. becca says:

    ahhhhhh! cutenesssss! love the bear suit :P and those pumpkins look professionally carved!

  25. Karen says:

    Haha, “bear suit” XD It’s cute!

    This year, we didn’t get very festive for Halloween… I guess we somehow forgot about it because everybody in my family is so busy. But my brother went trick-or-treating though.

    I love these photos! The jack-o-lantern with the house is really cool :)

  26. emma says:

    the pumpkins look great!!!
    i was boring and stayed home lol..seriously x__x

  27. Veronica says:

    Happy Halloween!

    It finally fell on a Friday – so that means double parties but half the productivity – haha ;)

    The NYC village parade had one girl with an AMAZING Mononoke costume! Huuuuuge furry headdress! :)


  28. Ashley says:

    Happy All Hallow’s Eve!
    Your decorations are so cute
    And your kigurumin is even CUTER!!

    I watched saw 3 on the porch with my sis and handed out candy at the same time. We had to pause for children, though…… Linus from Charlie Brown came to my house!!!

  29. jenny says:

    @Ashley AWE! Someone really dressed up as Linus!? SO LUCKY!!!!!

  30. Thao says:

    Haha, yes! Halloween! The perfect excuse the wear things you normally won’t dare wear in public. That’s cool that you got to use your “bear suit” somewhere besides at home. Awesome pumpkins btw.

  31. Leanne says:

    Your house looks so good all decorated!!! And you look too cute in your costume. AWWWWW, I wish we celebrated Halloween here so bad! :(

  32. Liv says:

    Wow! Can I like, LIVE at your house for just a day? I can’t even wait to see what you do for Christmas. Looking adorable as usual in your little bear suit Jen! :)

  33. Brigitte says:

    Aww those are some fantastic decorations! Very much in the spirit and your bear suit was just perfect! :D So cutesy.

  34. cindy says:

    Hells yeah, rock that bear suit! I love how you went all out on your house decor! Super cute pumpkins!

  35. streetlights says:

    NICE PICS ! you looked cute

  36. Daisy says:

    the decor’s amazing!
    & you look so cute in that kigurumi xD

  37. Janet says:

    I had BBQ for Halloween too! That’s so fun you got to wear your bear suit out :)

  38. Hannah says:

    omgsh!!!! anata wa totemo kawaii desu yo!!!! anata no nuigurumi is SO CUTE! ahhh!! your house is also super cutesy. i hope you had a fun halloweenie!

  39. Ys says:

    Everything looks so pretty! I’m glad you had such a lovely time :)

  40. Steph says:

    You’re good at all this halloween decoration stuff (LOL).
    …and you look so adorable in that suit ;_; *envies*

  41. Genevieve says:

    LOL, you’re too cute XD

  42. Mochi says:

    Thanks for the comment :)

    My Halloween was awesome~
    The Hime Gyaru style is soo much fun to do

    I love your costume btw!
    My friend also wore something like that, cept it was a chicken outfit :)

  43. Trang says:

    You have so much halloween spirit! haha. my family never wants to decorate the exterior of the house for halloween or give out candy, roflss

  44. Nana Cawaii says:

    Oh! You are so cute ^__^
    The people here in Brazil, dun celebrate so much halloween =(

  45. Maggie says:

    Hehe. Aw so cute!

    I love the carved pumpkins! Specially that one on the right.. so intricate, wow! :)

  46. MC says:

    Those pumpkins actually look fantastic! Unfortunately, I wasn’t into the Halloween spirit this year although I did dress up my dog as a skeleton. Guess my heart wasn’t in it.

    But that’s one hell of a costume! Very cute

  47. Tara says:

    Wow, awesome decorations! Your costume looks adorable! ^___^

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