Sickness Limbo

Saturday January 31, 2009 comments   

I’m still running around with only a tinge of sick feeling (yay?! haha) so at least I’m not full blown barfing which is good for the weekend~! I feel like posting but haven’t much to say. I’m about to go to IKEA and then pick up Pinky magazine~ I scanned in a lot of 08 trend pages I want to post too.
Anyone else have laid back plans today too? It’s cold btw… haha, I want spring now prease.






It’s Inevitable

Thursday January 29, 2009 comments   

You know how something you start feeling sick but are in denial of said sickness?? That’s how today has been. I should have realized when I got tired at 9:00 last night that stuff wasn’t right. So far my throat hurts, my eyes burn so badly I had to take my contacts out, and I’m just so fatigued… but I’m still in denial and think I’ll feel better tomorrow :haha::rejected:

Walking through the ice to get to the train yesterday probably didn’t help. And then there’s always the ongoing stream of sick coworkers coming in & out… not that I’m laying blame! HAAHAhaha It was probably the fault of some flu carrying train rider *rawr!*

so slippery, yet so pretty!

Hot baths are a great way to stay warm and the other day I used my 金のフロブタバスボール [Gold Bath Piggy Bath Ball.] It has a little colored talisman piggy inside :celebrate: The gold dust on the bath ball is crazy though! It creates a pretty noticeable, though quite pretty, film on top of the water! Hahaha~

I got the orange pig that says something about “the power to meet challenges.” GOOD, I NEED THAT RIGHT NOW!

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