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Thursday February 26, 2009 comments   

I can’t believe it’s already 11pm! >O But at least tomorrow is Friday which = I can wear jeans to work :ureshii:

Got these tonight~

I’m sorta doing well with curbing my spending! I only actually BOUGHT Vivi tonight! Pinky & Non-no were already paid for via earlier prepaid subscriptions!! Even though I was REALLY tempted to buy Zipper! Really cute, spring issue plus WTF Tsubasa was in it!

I suppose she’ll become like Shoko and Meg and start doing monthly outfit photoshoots?? I also skipped on getting Soup that had a super cute Aiko on the cover~~!! I didn’t even flip through JJ or CanCam

So I mention all this BECAUSE I back ordered the I ♥ Ronson Romper!
It’ll probably arrive early April just in time for my Birthday! And it was so cheap so whatever I walked away from spending on the rest of the line earlier this week so I win. No Lent breakage happening so far, hahah :celebrate:

The second pic of it creeps me out! Scary corpse model~~

I’m so happy I’ve made the switch from Non-no to Pinky~~ Even the ふろく is better! I’m much more excited about Pinky’s Alba Rosa bag than Non-no’s mirror. Though not that it matters… it’s the same publishing company so really I’m making a big fuss over nothing!

So Vivi was about double in size this month. I know a lot of people mentioned it and were excited by it all. I was of course interested too! The price was basically the same but over 400 pages! But is it just me or does the print quality seem a bit lower??? To save money??? I dunno, I just felt like it looked more like Sears catalog quality rather than “high-end magazine” if you will. Just my thoughts on it~

Poupee 2nd anniversary items were released today~~!! But again not all 66 items were released
So I just bought the tiara and will wait for the rest~ plus I liked my outfit too much today to change into the new stuff

And speaking of Poupee doesn’t this snap from Vivi totally remind you of the Naomi hair puffs!!!??






Motivation in a Way

Wednesday February 25, 2009 comments   

It was Fat Tuesday yesterday!

I miss it SO much~~ I grew up in a place that not only was it celebrated but we got more days off for Mardi Gras than Easter~ MISS IT!!!! But that also means today is Ash Wednesday and given my Catholic upbringing I’ve decided to partake in Lent this year! Sure I skipped it in recent years but after having to forcible take part in Lent for the first 18 years of my life, I had reasons for wanting to skip the “joyous” season. So for Lent I’m drastically curbing my spending. Seriously! No more taking a look at sales racks just for the hell of it, just to blow random money~~ My closet is full anyway! I’m also using Lent to get back in the habit of not eating after dinner (*cough* gained a few pounds from falling off the bandwagon! *cough*)

So let me say I bought these things yesterday! Hahahah

on sale for 99 cents! :excitedyo:

cheap tank

This tank reminded me of the D&G maillot マリエ and Rinka both wore :fleetheart: Well, a little at least :laughingheart:

Though it’s kinda funny how identical マリエ’s cover outfit is to the runway outfit~ :lol:

Does anyone have Halcali’s “Strawberry Chips” (ストロベリーチップス) ?? I can’t find it anywhere and I wish iTunes would just let me purchase shit from iTunes Japan but noooooooo. :girlrage: It’s from their Ongaku no Susume album (I’ll totally take the whole album if someone has it, hahaha)

Thanks guys! Got it!


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