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Thursday, Feb. 26, 2009 | 48 Comments   

I can’t believe it’s already 11pm! >O But at least tomorrow is Friday which = I can wear jeans to work :ureshii:

Got these tonight~

I’m sorta doing well with curbing my spending! I only actually BOUGHT Vivi tonight! Pinky & Non-no were already paid for via earlier prepaid subscriptions!! Even though I was REALLY tempted to buy Zipper! Really cute, spring issue plus WTF Tsubasa was in it!

I suppose she’ll become like Shoko and Meg and start doing monthly outfit photoshoots?? I also skipped on getting Soup that had a super cute Aiko on the cover~~!! I didn’t even flip through JJ or CanCam

So I mention all this BECAUSE I back ordered the I ♥ Ronson Romper!
It’ll probably arrive early April just in time for my Birthday! And it was so cheap so whatever I walked away from spending on the rest of the line earlier this week so I win. No Lent breakage happening so far, hahah :celebrate:

The second pic of it creeps me out! Scary corpse model~~

I’m so happy I’ve made the switch from Non-no to Pinky~~ Even the ふろく is better! I’m much more excited about Pinky’s Alba Rosa bag than Non-no’s mirror. Though not that it matters… it’s the same publishing company so really I’m making a big fuss over nothing!

So Vivi was about double in size this month. I know a lot of people mentioned it and were excited by it all. I was of course interested too! The price was basically the same but over 400 pages! But is it just me or does the print quality seem a bit lower??? To save money??? I dunno, I just felt like it looked more like Sears catalog quality rather than “high-end magazine” if you will. Just my thoughts on it~

Poupee 2nd anniversary items were released today~~!! But again not all 66 items were released
So I just bought the tiara and will wait for the rest~ plus I liked my outfit too much today to change into the new stuff

And speaking of Poupee doesn’t this snap from Vivi totally remind you of the Naomi hair puffs!!!??


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Motivation in a Way

Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2009 | 37 Comments   

It was Fat Tuesday yesterday!

I miss it SO much~~ I grew up in a place that not only was it celebrated but we got more days off for Mardi Gras than Easter~ MISS IT!!!! But that also means today is Ash Wednesday and given my Catholic upbringing I’ve decided to partake in Lent this year! Sure I skipped it in recent years but after having to forcible take part in Lent for the first 18 years of my life, I had reasons for wanting to skip the “joyous” season. So for Lent I’m drastically curbing my spending. Seriously! No more taking a look at sales racks just for the hell of it, just to blow random money~~ My closet is full anyway! I’m also using Lent to get back in the habit of not eating after dinner (*cough* gained a few pounds from falling off the bandwagon! *cough*)

So let me say I bought these things yesterday! Hahahah

on sale for 99 cents! :excitedyo:

cheap tank

This tank reminded me of the D&G maillot マリエ and Rinka both wore :fleetheart: Well, a little at least :laughingheart:

Though it’s kinda funny how identical マリエ’s cover outfit is to the runway outfit~ :lol:

Does anyone have Halcali’s “Strawberry Chips” (ストロベリーチップス) ?? I can’t find it anywhere and I wish iTunes would just let me purchase shit from iTunes Japan but noooooooo. :girlrage: It’s from their Ongaku no Susume album (I’ll totally take the whole album if someone has it, hahaha)

Thanks guys! Got it!


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