Boring Rainy Weekend

Sunday March 29, 2009 comments   

Got these new headphones. Tried them out. The sound was much better than my old pair, but I could never get them to feel 100% comfortable. They sat on my head a lot differently than my current pair. I’m kind of sensitive to pressure (most headbands give me headaches) and these new headphones put too much pressure on this weird spot and it gave me day long headaches. So I returned them :rejected: I need to get a pair more closely like my current (really big ear parts.) Till then my current ones stopped acting up and are working again, haha :wakuwakuheart: Mike still wants me to find some. I’d really like the BOSE because they fit like mine but I don’t want to pay 299$ for headphones :?:

It’s been like 2 days of straight rain. It stopped for a bit this afternoon though which was nice. :rainyumb:

I had a pretty crap shopping time this weekend. First at Macy’s this wretched mother who was letting her kids run around wild went off on me. The was in a dressing room stall and the lock (apparently) didn’t work and the kid opened up my door and just stood there staring at me getting dressed!! I didn’t even notice at first because I was turned around! I quickly slammed the door shut and the Mom went off on me for overacting… WTFFF keep your kids under control!! I told some sales people that the mom doesn’t care that her kids are opening up dressing room doors on people and I think they kicked her out. Then at Taget I went to the change room for 5 minutes (hum a pattern here) and I come back out to find the employees had put up everything in my cart! :stressball: I had to go RE-SHOP for all my stuff again! *ARG*

I need to stop trying on clothes obviously :smallcry:







Friday March 27, 2009 comments   

Limited Poupee cat items should release in 10 mins unless I read wrong~ so I’m just waiting. I kind of dread this weekend. Constant rain is gonna screw with all my plans (which were of course outdoors.) *fail* I wanted to go to the Kite Festival but looks like it might get rained out…