T-shirts and Questions

Wednesday April 29, 2009 comments   

So instead of being at the office this past 2 days I’ve been at a Web Content Managers 2-day conference. Listening to speakers and having breakout session and freezing my nips off because no matter how hot or cold it is outside, big buildings think it’s their mission to recreate arctic conditions. But it was good. I always feel such motivation after those! But tomorrow I’ll be back in the office. I dreeeead my inbox. I won’t go into the conference information. I think it would be boring unless you’re in the Information Technology field. Even Mike’s eyes glazed over as I summarized my days

The weather is so bi-polar!! Today it was so chilly and rainy. And I rushed out the door late forgetting my damn coat!! Yesterday it was blazing hot! This is what I even wore out last night! :arrow:

The sandals are new. I bought them hoping they’ll become my #1 summer shoes! I want them to be comfy & NOT cause blisters. So far I walked around the mall in them for about 2 hours and my feet felt pretty happy! So here’s hoping!

Speaking of tees, Sumie sent me these links to fake cher shirts!!


I think the tee and the smock tube top are both a bit tiny in the bust for me. I measured and I think they might just fit. And thanks to Crystal who did the exchange it’s apparently only around 10USD$!! HUM~ I wonder how I could get one :P~ damn cute!


Photo I took with my Holga: Mt. Fuji area

I get a lot of questions about Japan or planning Japan trips or specific questions about my trip. I thought, while it’s on my mind, if any of you had questions like that you could feel free to ask them in this post’s comments! I know not everyone feels comfortable sending me a direct email or asking me on MSN so I thought I’d put that opportunity out there.







PopSister and Buys

Tuesday April 28, 2009 comments   

I am completely fried (mentally!) Had an all-day conference today and then again tomorrow. The conference rooms are icy cold but it’s still crazy hot outside! And I’m so tired of hearing about TWITTEROMFFFFFFFGGGG! But anyway~ it had its productive moments/statements. The food was dreadful though. And this year no snack foods during breaks!? WTF!? I might lose 5lbs just b/c their lack of feeding me! :dizzy: Anyway~

I just had a few things to say about PopSister! I know I got it on Saturday and I tried blogging sooner but that failed.

Along with the magazine my friend sent me this really cute Tsubasa hair clip! It’s featured in the issue too :noki4:

Anyway, LOVE POPSISTER! I like it a lot more than Popteen. It’s more casual but also more grown up (ie. the outfits don’t show as much skin which is nice!) I also noticed that PopSister refers to itself as a “street” magazine. A gyaru street magazine sounds a bit redundant but you can tell that they’re doing more of a casual angle. I like that personally because My work-life outfits are more CanCam/Soup style (lol odd pairing but it best describes it!) and my non-work style is much more young & casual.

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