What I ate Today

Sunday May 31, 2009 comments   

Yea, it’s going to be that boring Of a post, hahaha :rainbowtwinkle:

I didn’t do much this weekend. Mostly I laid out both Saturday and Sunday! It was heavenly! Saturday we did get out for a while. I picked up these heels on sale at DSW! Only $25.00. So far they’re feeling really comfy! I’m hoping I can wear them often with baggy rolled jeans :doubleheartbeat:

Yea, nothing but blackberry photos, hahaaha.
Today I didn’t even go out except on a walk later in the evening. I spent a lot of my day laying out, then cooking up heads of cabbage for the coming week! I want to replace 2 dinner meals this week with low-calorie cabbage meals! So for lunch I grabbed a bunch of low calorie things and made a quick soup! It’s made from cabbage, shiitake dashi, gyoza dumplings (with leek inside!), Texas Pete hot sauce, and a few noodles. In all it’s about 150kcal a bowlful! I had 2 bowls worth because I only had a 65kcal jelly for breakfast. :twinklewhtout:
I was shocked at how good it tasted. I really suck at cooking except easy things like this :?:

Then I had a sugary snack a few hours later when we went for a walk, hahahaaa. It’s a green tea and red bean paste ice cream sandwich! It’s 200+kcal :vomitblood::smallcry: But it’s just so yummy and refreshingly different! I fell in love with them last year.

Then 2 tacos for dinner!

This pic goes along with a tweet I made earlier this weekend!
aaahahahhhahaaa :noki4:

I shouldn’t complain with a boring weekend! No news is usually good news right!?!? Things feel like they’ve gotten better. Two days of sunshine can really help :*:

I’m thinking of ordering this cell phone charm button. Blackberry doesn’t have a place for charms. I just hope it sticks to silicone skins. I really don’t want to buy a plastic cover or especially go WITHOUT a cover just to stick it on, haahaa. I want to go through the site a browse a bit before putting in my order. Better to order everything at once right!? :)
I dunno maybe I’ll buy a plastic case anyway b/c then I could deco it morphing my slick all-business blackberry into some cheap looking girl obsession! :glitz: HAHAHA DO WANT!! I never wanna grow uppppppp!

UPDATE: Mike was looking at plastic cases for my blackberry on Amazon and accidently 1-clicked ordered me one for $3.00!!! Hahahah so whether or not the buttons stick to silicon are no longer relevant I suppose! :mkpoo: :mkpoo: :mkpoo:






Impromptu Date Night

Friday May 29, 2009 comments   

Wednesday when Mike got home from work he immediately asked if I’d like to go see a movie! We’d of course get dinner right after. I threw on some clothes and we rushed to the 6:15 showing of Terminator Salvation! It was pretty damn good! Especially compared to the last Terminator movie which oddly enough feels more dated than Terminator 1 & 2. Then we walked over to Macaroni Grill which is down the boardwalk from the theater. :food:

My food & beverage!

What I wore! The Tee is from YesStyle! It has those wide dolman sleeves. The pants are my fav loose fit jeans from college and the shoes I got last summer at Target! :bow:

These Blueberry Lavender sorbet pops on the left are from Target. They’re only 70 calories!! They’re not super tiny either. They taste pretty good too~ Also love into eating light chips! Light chips taste like regular chips. Just beware the olestra! Don’t eat them too much! But for the occasional sudden craving of chips I go for these.

I saw this in SCawaii. I couldn’t help but laugh at the hilarity of

:lovetalk:“Yes, we can buy it!”:talkend:

It reminded me of the shameless car commercials that came out during the election where they had an Obama impersonator selling new cars saying YES YOU CAN LEASE IT or whatever.

Conan June 1st!

Conan O’Brien will be on Leno tonight! I’m SOOOO excited for Con’ie (what I call him) taking over the Tonight Show! I never really liked Leno. When I was REALLY young I watched Letterman instead. Then as a teen and up till now I’ve been a lover of Late Night with Conan O’Brien! But when I moved to DC the time zone change made it SO hard to catch the show! So the earlier time slot helps this old lady out, hahahaa!!

A little about my day

This week has just been… well, awful! I feel practically cursed with random things just not going right. Even today I had to end the day with my train home being canceled so I had to take the metro home. The train gets me home in 20 minutes… the metro, however, takes over an hour!! Plus I get so nauseous on it! AND some douchebag ALWAYS sits next to me or comes on to me! WHY!?!?!? I try so hard to look unfriendly on the metro but it never fails! Today this guy sat next to me and kept trying to make random “funny” side comments to me. I’m wearing headphones! It means I don’t want to talk to you! So I just nod once and I never speak to him. About an hour later I take my headphones out and grab my phone to call Mike and then the guy suddenly goes, “Well I think you’ve just been TOO talkative on our trip today!” … Excuse me!? OH, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I was put on this Earth to entertain your trips home! He then tried to follow me out of the station but I did the fakey-shakey and pretended to go one way and dodged him. >O :girlrage:

Not to mention it was pouring when I arrived to the station and I got soaked straight through my clothes…

HOWEVER. When I got home (flippin starved!) I took a 40 minute long super heated bath … it made everything better. No, seriously, it really did! It was like a complete 180º :cutesy::ureshii:


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