New Curling Iron

Friday May 01, 2009   

A lot of people had interest is wanting to know how to get their hands on the fake Cher logo t-shirt and Sumie was gracious enough to send along this list of instructions using a shopping service that specializes in Taiwan auctions!

From Sumie:
1. register
2. email “” for the order form, don’t forget to register first and tell them your name!!!!
3. fill in order form and send it to the email mentioned above
4. you’ll get a reply within one day
5. note that you have to do – 2 payments:

  1. payment item price + agent fee
  2. and when the item arrives they tell you exact weight and shipping to your place

NOTE that yahoo taiwan shops can have out of stock items and the waiting time takes around 3-4 weeks.
if you can’t wait don’t bomb the agent with emails and don’t order.
any other information ==> look at PURCHASING SERVICE guides & fees

280 item price + 300TWD agent fee
=580 TWD

for shipping to your place take a look at this pic to get an idea of it

For more information you can read Sumie’s great comments on the previous post!

Moving on, I have another thank you to give!


Adorable Owl tote and bright red hair bow!

Such a cute and unexpected surprise! And hey, my birthday still seems fresh in my mind :D

You can see Vivi & Pinky peeking out of the tote. I picked them up today. Rinka looks lovely as always in Vivi~

Lena really rocks the thick glasses look!! I wanted to share this post I found on the topic of the thick framed glasses trend. This person has comments on & translations of episodes of 東京カワイイ★TV! Here’s the one on the glasses trend.

So I wanted to talk about my new curling iron too. I love it! Well, it’s not really new. My previous curling iron of 5+ years broke this week. So when I went out to buy a replacement I decided to get the same Conair brand. It’s cheap AND 5 year life seems good to me :upheart: Of course it has had updates to the design in 5 years.

I have a larger barrel Conair that has some of the newer features too like the dial heat selector that ranges between 0 to 20 (I think,) and 60 second heat up. But my new one had a few more features. First off the on-light blinks until it’s fully heated (sweet!) My old one took 3~5 minutes to heat up by the way and this one was 30 seconds. Also it’s lighter! So light I was scared I’d hit myself in the face with it because I was used to something heavier. It has dual voltage so that’s a plus when traveling out of the country. Also the stupid kickstand to prop it up is gone!! GLORY BE!! That damn thing got in the way so badly not to mention caused 99.9% of any burns I’d receive. Instead it has a tiny black piece to prop it with a very small dot/bump on the tip that keeps it elevated.

Had to try it out of course!

So that’s taken care of. Hopefully won’t have to replace this 1″ iron for another five years!


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80 Responses to “New Curling Iron”

  1. karemeoeoe says:

    YAAAAAAH. anyway. your hair looks so nice and straight
    but your curls look smexican as well!! im jearous of the color

  2. Rachelle says:

    Oh man I am totally going to order one of those shirts. I have a curling iron, but I always burn myself :( Need to go find a better one!

  3. Meru says:

    YAYYYYY you got them!!! Glad you like! :D did you get my MSN message about my kitty? Sorry about “that” ^_^;;;;

    Your hair always looks so cute, especially these days~~

  4. Caitlin says:

    Aw, so many cute things in one post! I love TokyoKawaii Tv. Here is a *hopefully working* link to a whole lot more of them

    I love the tote bag and I have the same hair bow! So cute I had to get it in three different colors, ha ha.

    Yay for new things. I don’t curl my hair too often but that Conair seems like a good brand. Thanks for the mini-review.

    • jenny says:

      Thanks! Yea these vids are posted then removed SO much when the series first started it was hard to track them down D:

  5. rikuka says:

    i need to get one of those curling irons! i hate the kickstand thing too. my hair always gets caught in it -_-“

  6. toritori says:

    That agent thingy is going to be so helpful *_*
    I can only read some chinese words.. obviously not enough to buy stuff though lol
    Thanks Sumie!

  7. monica says:

    wow, where do you pick up your magazines? i’ve been looking forever to find a place!

    • jenny says:

      Do you live near DC?? There’s a local shop I go to in Rockville MD. I can give you directions if you’re in the area.

      • monica says:

        yes! i live in rockville actually :D thank you so much for your help!

        • jenny says:

          Cool! It’s a store called Taiga Books in the Talbot shopping center off the Rockville Pike/355 :)

          • Monica says:

            Thank you so much :D I picked up Vivi and a Non-no mag. right away, lol. Wow, i’m really glad there’s mags here. I’m from Cali, and I was so spoiled there because of all the Asian shopping centers so I had no problem picking up the latest makeup and fashion magazines *sigh* I have a little blog too, mostly about my makeup obsession (hehe!), it’s on Vox and my sn is Momoberry. Thank you again and have a good one!

          • Jenny says:

            Oh I’m so glad!! Especially since I feel so guilty not buying Non-no anymore :P, glad someone else did :)!

  8. Sumie says:

    gotta get vivi as soon as possible !!
    those accessoires remind me of paris kid’s^^
    do you use any haircare stuff to prevent it from drying?

    btw be aware of bags and shoes on taiwanese pages which cost less than 600TWD and are not japanese brand. slings of bags can rip off easily and shoes won’t last longer than 2 months.

  9. prach says:

    that tote is amazingly cute. the bow in your hair is really adorable.

  10. I Love your hair ~ it looks so easy to curl!
    when i try it in my hair it looks funny +_+ . . .

  11. Hachi says:

    NO WAY!! That site actually puts episodes up now?!?! You have no idea how franticly I’ve been trying to watch that show since other sites stopped working, it’s been months! I finally gave up with Key hole TV which has the channel but ‘conveniently’ not to show nhk just before TKTV is on!
    I’m going to spend today making up for lost time!

    Yay for new curlers! Mine also have the pathetic plastic thing to prop it up – do they expect us to use a heat proof mat now? I don’t see why there was a problem with a proper kickstand to prop it up. I need to get some new ones anyway because they don’t get hot enough quick enough so I hardly use them.

    • jenny says:

      I know I totally gave up trying to track it down when the first episodes started coming out. SO impossible to find a year or so ago!

  12. kikay says:

    your friends give you such thoughtful and generous gifts! rinkachan looks beautiful in vivi this month~! i love the bag, is it handmade?

    • jenny says:

      It’s from Claire’s ;D

      • kikay says:

        jenny! i’m going home to the east coast for a week and though ill be in nyc most of the time ill be in dc for a day or two… its been a while since i’ve lived there so can you give me a quick list of your favorite japanese stores/bookstores? thanks so much girl! xx

        • Jenny says:

          I know there’s the main Kinokuniya store in NY, NY that would be better than anything…. well, anywhere! The very tiny bookstore I go to is in Rockville Maryland right outside of DC called TaigaBooks. it’s on the Rockville Pike/355 in Talbot Shopping Center. Closed on Tuesdays (FYI ;D)

  13. Kim says:

    That bag is so adorable!

    I bought an expensive ceramic flat iron three years ago, and it broke last summer. Turns out what broke isn’t even in the warranty!!!

  14. Maki says:

    wow. i have been reading your blog for the past yr and this is my first comment. // btw . love the shirts. , thinking of ordering this >
    its featured in POPSISTER mag too! hehes .

    • jenny says:

      Ah yea I remember this!! So summery~~ :D I love the model too. I’ve seen her all over, especially on 1 particular bag & accessories shop! She’s so pretty & petite *jealous*

  15. Maki says:

    wow. i have been reading your blog for the past yr and this is my first comment. btw . love the shirts , thinking of ordering this >
    its featured in POPSISTER mag too! hehes .

  16. Maki says:

    ps com lag . double tags

  17. Zoraida says:

    I never knew Conair made better electronics! I’ve always avoided them after I tried using their .5″ flat iron. It smelled like burning rubber/plastic everytime I turned it on. ;_;

    How much was your curling iron? It looks so awesome!

  18. Anna says:

    I love the owl tote!!! It’s so cute!! And you look gorgeous with that red bow!

    Wow, 5 years a long time, especially if you use the curl iron every day, like my friend. I never use my curl iron :p

  19. cin says:

    Ohh! I need a curler like yours~ :D

  20. Jenii says:

    FABULOUS bag, bow and iron! Totally summer-y :D REH, purchasing service…so tempting!!!!

  21. Alyssa says:

    I love your hair colour and your curls look super natural. My curling iron just isn’t working for my hair anymore…

    i’m really loving all the huge bows!

  22. Thao says:

    Wow! An owl bag! That’s awesome.

  23. Yi Lin says:

    pretty owl bag!! mmm need to get curling irons… my permed hair isn’t curly anymore so sad!

  24. Mai says:

    Thats a super cute bag and bow XD!!

    You make me want to get a conair hair curler too, but unfortunately, my hair hasn’t grown out long enough yet :(

  25. Paulina says:

    OMG~ your hair looks so long!
    Lovely curls and I envy you for the adorable owl tote ;_; I Love owls

  26. Tori says:

    Super-cute tote, & that bow looks exactly like the one I got at claire’s!! Did you get it there? I like the red so much! :)

    I lol-ed at the article on the glasses trend~ Sarah Palin a fashion symbol WTF??? lolol~

    • jenny says:

      Yea Meru got it there *remembers the packaging.* the Claire’s near me never get bows in !! !@#$$@#@#@# I go there constantly and nevvvvvvvvvvvvvvver any bows!! WTF? I’m cursed.

      Yea I remember my friend saying she had been a sorta fashion icon there during our elections and I was very @__@;;

  27. Megan says:

    Big thanks to SUMIE! ^_^ Going to try and get a shirt~~

    The tote/bow are so cute!!

    Your hair looks so natural with the curls, the iron/whatever products you use are definitely A+++!

  28. Paulina says:

    BTW, Jen. Sorry for bother you but D: I wanted your advice. Here in Chile is starting the fall season, so you could please tell me which mags of your archive I could see to guide myself trough the past fall/winter season? Since i’m part of the other hemisphere T_T

    Thank u, sweetie!

  29. Leanne says:

    i love giant bows!

    hehehe~ my hair is too short to curl at the moment, but then i don’t think my hair looked good curled. it was too thin and fine and didn’t look as luscious and flowy as other people.

  30. Veronica says:

    Yay fake Cher shirts!

    I love the curling iron – my hair is super thick and wavy, I’d actually like to find a straightener, haha :D

  31. Anonymous says:

    the bow is caaa-uuuute!
    i ♥ LENA!!

  32. Lorik says:

    I don’t use curling irons…i use regular hair irons to curl my hair~ it’s super easy~~~ I like your hair curly! so cute~

    haha the tote is super cute ^____^ and so are the bows! I remember my hair styles during my childhood always involved a bow lolll my mom~~~

  33. Sara says:

    Haha, fake cher shirts. I will admit though, they caught my eye. I might end up ordering one when I get paid. :’D

    Ugh! I envy your hair. I have to straighten my hair before I curl it but the curls don’t stick very well at ALL! Not to mention that my hair’s too short to curl really and my curler is from like …1980 something. :/ (It was my Mom’s curler)

  34. Stepherz says:

    I love love LOVE that bow! IT’s so cute and feminine! It looks good on you! :)

  35. hiika says:

    awww your straight hair is really really cute too! i think you look great either way – curls or straight. but the curls make you look more…mature i guess? and of course, more romantic too hahaha. i’m so glad they finally got rid of the kickstand!!! -O- that thing was an abomination~ i burned myself sooo many times with it too! hope this one lasts as long as the old one too~~

  36. Jing says:

    You have really beautiful hair. I love the different shades :) And I never noticed how amazingly long your hair was :O I haven’t curled my hair in ages. Was always afraid of using a curling iron because I didn’t want to burn myself ^^’

  37. jenn says:

    i love the fake cher shirts . if only i can squeeze myself in it !! :D
    your hair is cute in curls . (: i always end up burning myself lol .

  38. Nana says:

    Hey~~ you are on my pupe girl friends && I came across your blog from there!! It’s super cute so I hope you don’t mind me reading from now on ^ ^ I loveee the cher print~~ Isn’t it so cute that pupe girl made their own eco bags as well??

  39. Sumoni says:

    For some reason I can never get my curls to come out right. I think it’s the way that I hold it. The come out too big on top and the bottom points out like I gave up halfway.

  40. Shirley says:

    What a cute tote!

    I’m very jealous how quickly you get your Japanese magazines! I had to wait at least a month after they come out in Japan for them to arrive at the supermarket I bought them from. But now I have to get them all online because they closed T-T

    Your curls are super cute, I never have the patience to do anything to my hair xD

  41. Winn says:

    the thick black glasses trend is making me look cool with NO EFFORT :D AWESOME!
    /wonders what she’ll do when trend passes ):

  42. Genevieve says:

    I’m always so jealous of your luscious locks *starry eyes* Once my hair grows out again, maybe I’ll get a small- barrel curling iron… My large- barrel just makes me look I’m from 1970 or something LOL XD

  43. Haylee says:

    that tote that meru sent you is super cuteee♥
    the red bow looks adorable on you ^o^

    your hair looks so pretty~!!
    ive always been scared to use curling irons T__T
    cos i tried it once && burnt myself LOL xD
    so i curl my hair with my flat iron~

  44. Yumi says:

    i absolutely love your curls!
    they are soooooo cute :D
    and 5 yrs for a curling iron, wow.. that’s pretty long and worth the money o.o

    Rinka is so pretty 24/7~ *-*

  45. yumyumsushi says:

    haha, i don’t remember if i’ve ever left a comment on here before, or if i’ve lurked so many times that it finally registered :P
    anyway, thanks for saying hello :) i love your blog.
    & that owl bag is ADORABLE! so is the red bow! i can’t find red bows (or leggings) & i’m going out of my mind trying to find them!

  46. Ys says:

    Five years? That’s great! Sounds like a really good brand. I love how your hair looks when you curl it. Does it naturally curl or do you always have to use the tongs?

    I LOVE that bag! It’s just so so cute. I know I keep saying it but I really need to get some eco-bags like that. They are just the cutest

  47. [...] says:

    this site:
    looks like a cheap knockoff of yours. X___x lamos

    • Sumie says:

      some people really feel like having to copy everything before trying on their own xD
      i think it’s even harder to copy this and get it working under wordpress instead of building a simple div-lay or something…

    • Jenny says:

      Yea~ You’re not alone in your assessment. It’s been an unremitting issue~

  48. Daisy says:

    the tote is SUPER cute! and so is the bow
    i really like the bow on the tote too, hahaa

  49. thea says:

    do you have any techniques when curling your hair? it’s so perfect! I wish I can do the same to mine.

  50. cris says:

    hey, what’s the diameter of your curling iron? i think i have a thinner one~~
    love your outfit… actually, i love your blog

  51. cris says:

    ♥ lol

    i want a cher logo t-shirt too, but i’m too big for it in many ways T-T

    well, sorry about my english, i’m brazilian
    i’m your fan too :D

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