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Monday August 31, 2009 comments   

Used a Bihada Ichizoku mask I bought while in Japan the other night during a sweat bath! So soothing~ It smells so fragrant and lady-like! Like a rich perfume! Of course it’s very moisturizing too :fleetheart:
One of the best masks I’ve ever tried. Usually masks are all gooey and smell like cheese lotion or something (hahaha.) Also some masks make me break out but this one didn’t cause any inflammation. I feel I can safely use this brand without fear of zits!

[Bihada Ichizoku]

The sweat bath is on the right, not Bihada Ichizoku brand.

I also have the limited edition Tsubasa version that I’ve yet to touch because it’s so sacred to me, haahaa. Got it at SBY last year :sparkleup: I think I should use it soon though in case they go bad.

Now I can get more because Yesstyle has started selling their products! They already have quite a bit of Bihada Ichizoku products up now! I was so excited to see them up because they’re oh-so-popular and a bit hard to find online. :celebrate:

So I ordered some a couple of weeks ago and they came in today.

What I got

3 Year Anniversary Box set comes with:

:rose3: DX Mask
:rose3: Sara Moisturizing Mask
:rose3: Saki Moisturizing Mask
:rose3: Rumiko Moisturizing Mask
:rose3: Gorgeous Lip Clear Gloss

I really want to order the Chocolate face mask! Looks so luxurious!

I did try out the blush tonight. It’s so pretty and highly pigmented! It blends easily so there’s no worry about applying too much and looking foolish. I’ve been wanting an orange-shade blush since last summer but I never found a shade I liked. This is perfect! I’ll take snaps next time with it on. Tonight it was after work and I look BLAH from yesterday’s intense music fest. I put it into my “daily makeup bag” already, haha. Definitely already a default favorite!


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Waiting to leave

Sunday August 30, 2009 comments   

Going to the Virgin Mobile Fest soon, but waiting just a little while because I’m not really into the bands playing early on in the day :rejected:

This weekend has been such a long one! It’s not even near over either! I did a tiny bit of shopping, not much. My iPod headphones have been in dire need of replacing. They’re falling apart on a daily basis now. I plan to buy some Apple ones to replace them but until then I picked up these cheaper M&M earbuds for my iTouch!! Aren’t they cute??! The sound quality is OK too.

Thank you everybody for your opinions on the last entry! I went ahead and changed my hair this morning. I had the ribbons so I figured why not just do it now while my real-life cut still feels “new!”

My poupee

Thursday I decided to give Lean Cuisine a try. I’ve had a few in college when all I ate was microwave meals. I hated them of course, hahhaaa. So when I had this Three Cheese Stuffed Rigatoni for lunch Thursday I was shocked at how good it tasted!! Didn’t really taste diet-ish AT ALL and only had a tinge of that “microwaved food” taste. I’m seriously buy it again. Only 230 calories and kept me full for a couple of hours.
Also froze some fruit! I love frozen fruit especially in summer. It’s refreshing AND you eat it much more slowly than regular fruit snacking! Thus less calories taken in, haahaa. Here’s the recipe I use. I used blueberries instead this time. You can just throw the fruit into a container and skip the baking sheet step, just be warned it freezes together when you do that.

A few snaps of outfits plus a snap of a plaid shirt I bought! I’ve been looking for a plaid shirt for a while now. Came across this one at Filene’s Basement for $14.00. Has cute ruffle seam! It’s a tiny bit big but they didn’t have an XS so I bought it anyway. Loose is good too sometimes! The pants were horrid!!!!! I DID NOT buy them. They were too stretchy and itchy like tights, haahaa. Looked really cheap too.

I think I’m gonna go eat a super decadent crepe for lunch. I’m kinda miffed at stuff right now and it’ll be a good therapeutic meal!! I’ll just burn the calories off at the concert~ whatever~ :celebrate: