Happy Halloween!

Saturday October 31, 2009 comments   

Happy Halloween!

I’m on a little getaway to the ocean~ It’s off season so very peaceful! It’s great! I’m glad we’re breaking from the norm of the daily grind before the busy holidays begin :p!

It’s cool but not cold and the clouds come and go. I’m just enjoying napping with the windows open so I can feel the cool ocean breeze & listening to the roaring waves.

Mmm feels great to be able to wear flip flops again!

Halloween Popcorn balls!
I bought this whole box for $4 because each yummy sweet popcorn ball is only 100 calories each! They take a little while to eat too so they make great snacks!

cocktail from last night~

Right now we’re in the car taking a little drive up the coastline into Delaware beach area! It’s really warmed up & the sun is out! Yaaay!

I literally just snapped this from the car window :D

Taa-taa! :D


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Special Delivery

Thursday October 29, 2009 comments   

Mike just brought me 2 special deliveries! First, he got me a surprise gift! :biglove:
It’s a Halloween toy pack in the theme of It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! It’s Snoopy as the Red Baron :faceaha: :headheart: :ureshii:

I love that movie so much~ I grew up watching all the Charlie Brown specials. :doubleheartbeat:

Second delivery was my order from yesstyle! :star2:
I ordered some cosmetics. I was surprised to see some of them in November Popteen’s “2009 Best Ranking!”

Kate Diamond Cut Eyes
I have the gold/white Dual Carat shadow from this brand already and LOVE it!
This palette is REALLY nice. It’s a very sparkly shadow without having huge chunks of glitter.
Yesstyle has a couple more of the shadows for sale here.

Missha M B.B Cream
I’ve been wanting to try BBCream after hearing how great it is for years~
I got this kind because it said it was for sensitive skin! I don’t wear base because most break me out. I applied some earlier and it’s looking good so far! My skin really is more even looking. Here’s hoping no break outs! I’ll let you know in a week :okicon:

Bihada Ichizoku Mositurizing Mask
美肌紗羅 Sara Moisturizing Mask (Chocolate)
美肌紗羅 Saki Moisturizing Mask (Cactus)
美肌紗羅 Rumiko Moisturizing Mask (White Birch)
I’ve actually already tried 2 of these! Not the chocolate one though; but it looks luxurious! I love these face masks. They smell amazing, leave my skin feel super refreshed, and don’t break me out!

These are actually going to be a give-away here in early November! :cfaha2:
So look for that! :kissyfaceheart:

:kissyfaceheart: :baibai:


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