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Thursday October 29, 2009   

Mike just brought me 2 special deliveries! First, he got me a surprise gift! :biglove:
It’s a Halloween toy pack in the theme of It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! It’s Snoopy as the Red Baron :faceaha: :headheart: :ureshii:

I love that movie so much~ I grew up watching all the Charlie Brown specials. :doubleheartbeat:

Second delivery was my order from yesstyle! :star2:
I ordered some cosmetics. I was surprised to see some of them in November Popteen’s “2009 Best Ranking!”

Kate Diamond Cut Eyes
I have the gold/white Dual Carat shadow from this brand already and LOVE it!
This palette is REALLY nice. It’s a very sparkly shadow without having huge chunks of glitter.
Yesstyle has a couple more of the shadows for sale here.

Missha M B.B Cream
I’ve been wanting to try BBCream after hearing how great it is for years~
I got this kind because it said it was for sensitive skin! I don’t wear base because most break me out. I applied some earlier and it’s looking good so far! My skin really is more even looking. Here’s hoping no break outs! I’ll let you know in a week :okicon:

Bihada Ichizoku Mositurizing Mask
美肌紗羅 Sara Moisturizing Mask (Chocolate)
美肌紗羅 Saki Moisturizing Mask (Cactus)
美肌紗羅 Rumiko Moisturizing Mask (White Birch)
I’ve actually already tried 2 of these! Not the chocolate one though; but it looks luxurious! I love these face masks. They smell amazing, leave my skin feel super refreshed, and don’t break me out!

These are actually going to be a give-away here in early November! :cfaha2:
So look for that! :kissyfaceheart:

:kissyfaceheart: :baibai:


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42 Responses to “Special Delivery”

  1. mishi says:

    Mike is so awesome xD


    BB CREAM 4 LIFE! It never lets you down ;D

    • jenny says:

      Haahaa! I feel like this could totally be 1 of those products that there’s no going back! Once you love it you know you can’t live without it! :p. I’m ok with that I think :DD hehe lol

  2. Caitlin says:

    Wow! Mike is a sweetie to surprise you like that. I want to try out some of those masks now.

    Can’t wait for the giveaway! That is exciting.

  3. Yi Lin says:

    ohh i really need to try BB cream soon. my skin doesn’t normally break out but it doesn’t look too good towards the middle of the day :(

  4. Cecilia says:

    Aw, love Snoopy! I really love your yesstyle items, especially the kate diamond cut eyes! ^_^

  5. jayjayne says:

    Yup! I have a BB cream as well, and it’s well worth it! However I apply it as a foundation over my base – I still like to use the base – Just in case! I’m yet to have a break-out, so things look good!

    I’m going to look into those Bihada Ichizoku Mositurizing Masks! I promised I would earlier, but I just haven’t gotten around to it! FO’SHAME JAYNE! FO’SHAME!

    • jenny says:

      You’re so lucky wif your clear skin! Lol. Yea I read it goes over base but can also be used alone. Sometimes I feel so fail bc I’ve never had good luck with base. I didn’t know you used it though! Your make always looks so good :D

      • jayjayne says:

        Aw shucks, is this “boosting Jayne’s self-esteem” day? :D

        Hehe, I usually stick to a combination of BB cream, base and Mineral make, because it’s less likely to clog up my pores with yuk – I don’t actually use much in the way of make up, but I have basics that I love and live for! I should add a section to my blog highlighting them!

        My older sis is the pro at makeup, she’s perfected the “flawless eyeliner” look to a tee – I can only manage a “I’ve got glasses so it conceals the fact I suck at eyeliner” look.

        I love the fact that you can mix up your look with coloured eyeliners! I really enjoyed your previous posty about the lovely selection you have! My lack of eyelid = lack of fun with eyeshadow/eyeliner combinations!

  6. Lexxii says:

    Aw I love Charlie Brown. That is soo cute. I wonder if that movie has been on yet this year. Or maybe it will be on soon? I should see, I haven’t seen it in forever, like years. D:

    • jenny says:

      I’m not sure but it probably came on already. I bought the Peanuts DVD boxset so I never miss the specials now. I used to feel so bummed missin them on tv.

  7. Tori says:

    Awe, that was so sweet of him!! :)
    The eyemake looks really pretty~ definitely do share pics when you wear it!

  8. Lissy ✿ says:

    I love it when you review cosmetics!~

    Your opinions are often the same as mine ^_^

  9. Rebecca says:

    chocolate face mask… would not be safe for me.. I’d just end up eating it if it smells so good xD

    and i love that gorgeous pink!

  10. Honeydew says:

    OMG BB CREAM! I’ve always wanted to try that but they don’t sell it here anywhere. How much is it on yesstyle? And are those masks actually good? I’ve always wanted to try those sheet masks from brands like Shiseido and stuff but they’re always so expensive. I only use a mud mask twice a week (sometimes not at all if I have a breakouts). >=(

    • jenny says:

      I think this bb cream was about 18$ but they sell a bunch of brands & types (including skin food’s bb cream) at different prices. As for the masks, they really are the only ones that have never caused me to break out though I know everyone’s skin is different.

  11. Brenna says:

    Nice colors on the palette. Especially love the light pink color. Can’t wait to hear how the cream works out :D

  12. Fai says:

    I love Kate eye shadows. I bought so many when I went to Japan. In fact, I also love eye liners and mascaras from Kate as well :)

  13. kikay814 says:

    thats crazy! for my birthday one of my presents from my husband was a best buy gift certificate and i got the 1960s charlie brown collection, i absolutely love all the holiday specials but have a super special place for the great pumpkin!! enjoy your toy!! last christmas my sister gave me a tiny little christmas charlie brown kit with the tree!!

  14. Elyse says:

    I want to try BBCream, but I have AWFULLY acne-prone skin. :( I’m always scared to try new things on my skin. I will wait to see how it goes for you, though, because I also have pretty uneven skin and would love to find something that actually helps!

    Thanks in advance for your report! :D Oh, and the shadow set is lovely!

    • jenny says:

      I totally understand!! I’ll let you know since my skin’s been clear for a while. But I’ve used new things in that past that would just fill my face with break outs :( I’ll report how my skin looks & feels after using it for a little while :)

  15. winn says:

    *gets ready for chocolate face mask give away* :D
    I like this dark blue halloween layout XD the bat is so cute!
    BB cream seems to be really popular now days :0 I was so shocked when my guy friend told me he was using it (because he was curious) but LOL WUT how dare he tries to have nicer skin than me?! D;

  16. Veronica says:

    Ooh, just noticed the grey Kate Diamond eyes palette featured in Zipper – love it!

    I wish I had colorful eyes like blue or green instead of brown – colorful eye shadow makes me look like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show HAHA

    • jenny says:

      Haahaa love the reference! Mimi was ballin’ lol. I have green eyes and I can tell you some colors (bluuuue) look like crap with them too.

  17. Shirley says:

    The eye palette has some gorgeous shades~
    Now you’ve got me interested in this B.B Cream…my skin is sensitive as well so maybe I’ll give it a try!

  18. Linda says:

    oooh, those masks look cute, i want to try one now!

  19. Courtney says:

    Haha, Snoopy is love!! Is the toy just a decoration, or does it move, too? :D

    I really want to learn more about make up. I never want to be the kind of girl that’s scared to be seen without it, but at the same time I want to know how to use it to complement my features and achieve different effects. ^-^b I love glitter but I think I’d be too scared to use any make with it right off the bat…but with practice I definitely want to try it. :)

    • jenny says:

      I have to say I didn’t start wearing makeup daily until after college when I started working in an office. It definitely takes practice. And you’ll realize which must haves you like & which ones not so much. Some days I’ll just apply blush only because what I like most is just a flush of color. Mostly I clean my make off after work so if I go out week nights it’s without make & I’m fine with that. You can be good at & love make without feeling some weird constant dependency on it. ;)

  20. michelle says:

    The Snoopy is awesome! it reminds of when I was a little kid and we had charlie brown and snoopy SNOW CONE makers!! Well, all they did was crush ice, but with charlie brown!


  21. Jenii says:

    WOOT! Iconic Snoopy :D Oh the Red Baron is so fantastic! I remember my uncle bought me a Peanuts beta PC game for me when I was a child, it was my start into computers!! Aside, Mike is so darling!!

    Ooh cosmetics…are going to bankrupt me. I’ve been eyeing Skin Food’s BB creams (the aloe one in particular), do tell how it works! There’s a MISSHA store in NYC! I stopped by there once and got a free logo-shaped/flower fan :D Though…their yogurt masks are supposed to be awesome as well :D

    GYAAAAAH I want some dark smouldery palettes!! Let me know if you come across any!

  22. Zoraida says:

    KATE brand make! I see it everywhere I go! I must try it. Thanks for the reviews! :D

  23. hiika says:

    yaaaay you’re joining the bbcream team! kekekeke
    i use the missha perfect cover m bbcream in 21 and i gotta say i love it~~~
    it matches my skintone fairly well and it’s so light and smooth and evens out my skintone and gets rid of the redspots!! yaaaaay!
    did you find any problems with the bbcream tone and your own skin tone? I’m curious because some of my caucasian friends/other non-asians on different blogs have mentioned that they have a lot of difficulty with bb cream because of the asian-biased (and narrow colour range within that bias) colouring. if you end up liking bbcream, go buy it on ebay – it’s a LOT cheaper XD (like more than 50% off even including shipping compared to YS pricing). i got mine from a really nice girl who ships it directly from korea so msg me if you want her name and info!

    also on a kind of random tangent, i remember how you went on a diet and found a lot of cute and healthy recipes~ i was looking for a simple omurice recipe when i found this blog: http://www.justhungry.com/ by maki where she has a lot of cute posts and lots of simple healthy recipes for japanese food!! Just in case you were looking for any new recipes to try out~ kekekeke.

    ps. love the snoopy and red baron! TOO CUTE

    • jenny says:

      I have a hard time matching makeup to my skin tone (for concealer I actually have to mix 2 shades & base is so impossible that I’ve never found any to wear) so I got this specific bbcream bc it wasn’t meant for any certain skin tone shade. It actually blends really translucent! So I don’t see any base lines or streaking, it matches great.

  24. Andree says:

    snoopy is by far, one of the most adorable cartoons every invented. from it’s 1950’s version till the 1970’s- and present verson, its just SO CUTE! i love him so much.
    his birthday recently passed, oct 26 :).

  25. fleur says:

    Boo~ Happy Halloween! Love the new blog wallpaper at the background too.
    Jenny I knew you’ll get up to something for Halloween :) I’ve tried BB cream but it’s a tad too sheer for my liking so I’m staying with mineral foundation for a stay-put, matte look.

    I’m off to Walmart tomorrow to scoop up some post-Halloween chocolates on sales, whee~~~

  26. Charlene says:

    Mmm…I was looking at those moisturizing masks…I want to try one sometime. :3

  27. Ys says:

    Yay I love getting parcels through the mail :)

  28. oh that is so cute!! :D

  29. rene says:

    mike has got to be the sweetest hubby or boyfriend material!

    I got that Kate palette too! Mine is the green and navy blue one! The colour intensity really shows! I like mine hope u like urs too! =)

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