OTK Boots and Randomness

Tuesday November 17, 2009   

Haven’t been online much. A friend of mine stayed with me this weekend. She wanted to go shopping for a Christmas dress so we went out to a lot of the department stores and boutiques. Mostly Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s though. Took these snaps at Neiman Marcus while she tried on some things

I was excited to get to wear my blazer out!
It wasn’t too cold or too hot! PERFECT!
Went to the Nanette Lepore boutique. It has to be the prettiest boutique in the area (suck on that dior!)

One of the girls working there commented on my blazer. She said she can really find some great ones at the thrift store. That comment made my day! Hahahaa! I like brand things, but after a full day in upscale stores I needed some realistic financial savvy fashion comments!

I did pretty well with saving my money I guess, given the amount of cuteness ’round me (hello Marc by Marc lovely item temptation,) but I did try on some over the knee boots I ended up getting…

Found them at Bloomingdale’s. After looking at the $400+ price tag on all their OTK style boots I was feeling pretty defeated. Neiman Marcus didn’t even HAVE any OTK styles. Then I found some Calvin Klein’s on the clearance rack! OTK on clearance!? SWEET! Tried them on, LOVED THEM. I wasn’t going to get them though. Just because~ …I was talking myself out of them when Mike whipped out an extra 30% off coupon and took them to the register and bought them. HAHAHAAA! :cutesy: He said that these are good winter boots that’ll last. He knows my plight of trying to find OTK boots this season. I got them for $120

My favorite part about these is that they can be worn all the way up or folded down to be at the knee!

When I got home I was flipping through Pinky and Mike commented on how nearly all the boots in the magazine were OTK style and he smiled this sorta “win” grin. HAHAHAA

I’m waiting for Mike to come from work and cook dinner. I’M HUNGRY! Speaking of food, aren’t these bear pancakes Momoeri made the cutest!? Looks easy too with just banana and those quick melt chocolate writers! :cake:

Nana dyed her hair from blonde to copper gold~ She also thinned out some of the extensions. It’s nice because it’ll help her look less generic in the shoots now, but damn, I still don’t like her with those extensions *saaaaad*!! I just loved her shorter locks and I think they fit her better. Now it’s sometimes hard to even tell it’s her in Popteen, haahaa! I just think she looks so generic now. Still gorgeous, but fades more into the background I guess.

I do love her current nails though!! They’re more my length, hahaaaaa! So I don’t feel that they’re impossible to achieve! I have everything for this look too, EXCEPT TIME! UGH!

I was going through ニコるん’s blog and stumbled upon this photo taken of some Gals at Disney Sea and I spotted one girl wearing those great jeffrey campbell fringe boots I tried on last March at Free People!

Game news~~
Besides being busy with my friend this weekend, I haven’t been online much due to video game addiction too~
We got Super Mario Bros Wii Sunday and have been playing it nonstop! It’s both nostalgic and new thanks to side-scrolling and co-op mode! Mike’s always Mario and I’m always yellow Toad whose random screams & squeals sound just like Princess Peach (for example, when tagging the half-way point don’t tell me that’s NOT Peach’s voice!)

Screenshot from IGN. We only play 2 players. I can’t imagine having 4! It’s gotta be pure madness!! It’s bad enough when Mike takes BOTH items from a coin box!! To have 3 other people scrambling around… insanity I bet! LOL

It’s so odd playing co-op though. I haven’t really played any of the Mario Bros since High School. I didn’t bother with the DS game and though I did pick it up during college now & then it was nothing compared to the marathon sessions of replay I did during High School with my “Super Mario All Stars!” But it’s also great to share in that classic OMGIHATEYOUPIRANHAPLANT rage the games always cause!

Just picked up Left 4 Dead 2 today too! Will play this later tonight when all 3 of us can play (Me, Mike, his Brother.) I already played the demo and have discovered the glory that is the machete in this new version! THANK YOU! IT’S GLORIOUS! Haahaa.

I really need to kill some zombies tonight too. PMS is enraging my emotions all day. Only thing about this game I don’t like is how long missions are. Before you know it 2 hours have passed and it’s midnight and your early train doesn’t wait for no one. LOL At least it’s New Orleans this time around, (close to home! hahahahaga)


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68 Responses to “OTK Boots and Randomness”

  1. Hachi says:


  2. Zoraida says:

    MAAACHETE!!! I still need to play the demo (I know, I suck) but so far everything I’ve heard about it is thumbs up up up!!!

    I really like your OTK boots. And how Mike grinned hahahahaha. You guys are so cute!

  3. Erin says:

    Yeah, last night Ko was playing L4D2 and before we knew it it was 1am!

    P.S. I prefer the chainsaw. It’s very satisfying.

  4. Leanne says:

    1. OMG amazing OTK boots! I want, I want!
    2. LEFT 4 DEAD 2 OMG OMG. I haven’t even finsihed playing one and even then I don’t play I just watch my sister play and yell at the screen haha! You must tell me if it’s a lot freakier. Left 2 Dead freaked me out to no end, the Witch was the scariest D:

    • jenny says:

      Omg. In the demo the witch seems to walk around so I don’t know but I’m used to her just sittin & crying but in the demo that crazy b*tch walked straight up to me crying then freaked out all over me! Haahaaa. So we’ll see!

  5. Shirley says:

    Aw, Mike’s so sweet! Great purchase :D
    And now I want some pancakes…

  6. Jennifer says:

    Lmao at how you said “I really need to kill some zombies tonight.” I always played GTA whenever I was angry just shooting people. xD

    LOVE LOVE the boots! There some at Target that you can make it over the knee!

  7. jayjayne says:

    What an awesome purchase! I should be taking time out to blog too, instead I’ve been “attempting” to clear out my wardrobe! There’s just TOO much crap in there! Trying out my “IT’S NOTE BEEN WORN FOR A YEAR” theory – and instead I’ve turned into a ball of snotty allergies! GAAAH!

    Hehe, good on Mike! Such a great guy!

    In gaming news, I’ve been looking for a new game to get into, too! Borderlands (on PC) is just awesome, but I always feel kinda sad at it – as an RPG, it needs more time (and dedication)! Of which I don’t have! LE LAME!

  8. Lanna says:

    Gorgeous boots!!
    I really need to get a Wii,that game looks fun:)

  9. Cecilia says:

    GORGEOUS BOOTS! ME WANT! A great spend!
    I really want a Super Mario Wii game! Lucky! :)

  10. Louise says:

    Aw, it’s cute that Mike has somewhat an interest in what you like to wear and your style.

    I haven’t even bought new Super Mario Bros Wii yet, but I might pick it up this weekend. I’m hoping the co-op will convince the BF to play with me hehehe.

    New L4D2 looks good too! I’m debating between the 360 or PC version. I’m better at FPS on PC, but I feel like there are more people to play with on the 360, so we’ll see.

  11. Honeydew says:

    Nice boots and you got them at a great deal too! I saw a few OTK boots last month and they were all 200+ and I just could not afford them. =(

    Nana’s eyes are super big and dolly like. SO PRETTY!

  12. Yi Lin says:

    those boots are so cute!

  13. Special K says:

    My brother is on his way right now to pick up his L4D2 game. I can’t wait to play it tonight! I’m so excited!
    Ok those are suuuuuper cute boots you got. Mike has really great taste ;)

  14. mikey kun says:

    the new super mario wii looks cool

  15. cin says:

    Yay for Mike!!! :D
    And L4D2!! They censor the one over here so that the dead bodies just disappears! UGH at least they didn’t ban them like they originally planned hehe
    Phil can complain about this non stop! :) but it is wth anyway like how they censor Fallout 3 cuz you can shoot ppl in the groin..

    • jenny says:

      Oh, I heard about that!! THAT’S FUNNY! LOOOOOOOOOL! sorry~sorry. Actually the dead zombies are pretty gross. We spent the demo staring at a charred burned zombie *it was gruesome.*

  16. michelle says:

    That boutique certainly is gorgeous! I need to go shopping in your area, all we have here are maaallls… and a spare few boutiques.
    Oh man, yea Left 4 dead 2! I hope you have fun playing :)

  17. Ingrid says:

    Good eye! Looking at the boots on the floor, they look a bit funny because of the fold, but they look awesome when you put them on!

  18. Veronica says:

    Haha I’m so glad Adam borrowed our Wii because now I can paintings done in my studio XD

    The hardest thing about having your work place in your house is fighting the constant distractions :(

    *swoon* Nanette Lepore looks like a fairyland of loveliness :D

  19. レイカ says:

    zombie killing dull PMS pains eh..
    they don’t tell you that in health class..

  20. kamille wong says:

    OTK boots are so sexy, keke.

  21. Becca says:

    lovely boots! i want to make those pancakes now… so cute! and mario is still really popular now, we had 3 or 4 boxes of it and by the time i got to work (evening shift) we only had one box left! crazy

  22. Caitlin says:

    Wow! Those otk boots look really good on you! Totally looks right out of the magazine like Mike said! Does he look at magazines with you?

    • jenny says:

      Not too much but I often flip through them at the bar while he cooks dinner so he sees them that way. He’s commented before that some of the Popteen models’ legs and arms are waaay too skinny & gross! Haahaa *swoon*

  23. Lissy ✿ says:

    Those OTK boots look fantastic on you! How economical that you can wear them knee high too!

    I cant help but wonder what brand and shade of lipstick Nana is wearing in those pics its so lovely!

  24. Moo-Shu says:

    Those OTK boots are so hot!! I can’t believe it was on sale and you got it for a really good price too!
    I love the Super Mario Wii game too! I actually want to find 3 other people and have them bring over their Wii motes just to try out playing together. I think it will actually be very chaotic and fun at the same time! Or if everyone’s coordinated, then we’ll do a lot of damage in the game. hehe

  25. Andree says:

    I was wondering are nana’s nails real or are they like the fake acrylic ones? and i love ur blazer and outfit! ^^

  26. Barbs says:

    Those pancakes are so cuteee.
    Wish I had the patience to make them :P I’ll try someday.

    Mmm now I really want to play Mario xD, used to play all the time with my 2 brothers, games like Mario Party DS really had us screaming like: heyyy don’t push mee, It’s not faiir you can’t do that, etc. Serious Fun!

  27. Tori says:

    The boots look great on you! :) I like how they still look OTK even when folded down, haha~
    Your hubby is smart to have talked you into them!
    Those bear pancakes look delicious too~ I think I might try making some sometime!
    & Nanette Lepore looks fabulousss *dies*

    • jenny says:

      The OTK look while folded is probably due to my shortness, but I agree, I’m glad they’re still that tall even folded!

  28. Tori says:

    P.S. I had stumbled on Nico’s blog recently too & asdfghjkl@#$%& she was born in 1993!?! I swear, I feel like a grandma sometimes :( rofl

    • jenny says:

      God tell me about it!! One reason I like Jun is because she’s at least 23 which is somewhat relatable but godddddddd. Kumikki just turned 18! I feel weird wanting to dress like an 18 year old, hahaaa! So I don’t take my liking of them (the young, young models) “seriously.” That’s why I like Rinka, she’s 10 years older and I feel I can more appropriately look-up to her style! hahahaaa

      • Tori says:

        SO TRUE :(
        I think that’s why I’ve gravitated toward the more ‘adult’ gyaru mags like JELLY, because most of the models are at least already in their 20’s but still have that fun style!
        & yes, thank god for Rinka *clings*

  29. yumeko says:

    love those boots!!!

  30. Lana says:

    Hi Jenny! The layout of your site is so cute! I just stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago, I am a rinka fan too and I read your post on her getting engaged:)! Anyways I am in love with those otk boots, I have not been able to find any but those a great! Its finally getting cold here in la so its time for me to go get some too!

  31. Nana says:

    Oh my gosh! I want that game.. it looks super fun

    • Nana says:

      ha ha wow… my comment got cut off because I made a ” >. ” (you know the end) face!

      It seems fun because its MARIO, mario games are always fun! Plus i love how it’s multiplayer with 4 players ahhh~~ i want it hehe!

      I feel like being a japanese model must be the best job EVER.
      you get to look cute and sit around all day making cute pancakes LOL..
      i wish i had the time to do stuff like that u__u

  32. Lorik says:

    your boots are amazing!! I love the black color~~ I found a pair, but they were made out of thin leather..they were way to expensive, so I said bye bye to them ;____;
    hmmm cute bear pancakes…ahh I can hear my stomach growling…

    • jenny says:

      Ah yea. Some of the boots are just WAY overpriced! These are thick so I know they’ll keep me warm in the winter thank god. BTW glad you’ve got a blog again!

  33. Bianca says:

    Blog love overload! eep!

    Okay 1. Nanette Lepore = love

  34. Bianca says:

    *I messed up my previous entry whoops!*

    Blog love overload! eep!

    Okay 1. Nanette Lepore = love I go to the one in Chicago/Wicker Park all the time. The staff is so nice. It’s like if Betsey Johnson and Ann Sui had a high class baby. I love the cleanliness of th shoppe, and ITS ACROSS the street from Marc by Marc Jacobs soooo, bye bye pay check! I need to go there now :D

    2. L4D2, my friends and I saw a billboard for it yesterday and they were like “what a weird band name” and I was like x_x…..I can’t wait to play that game! I think its time to nerd it up and have another LAN party, I haven’t been to one since L4D1….

    3.Bear Pancakes!! *dies from cuteness*

  35. Sara Mari says:

    I love your outfit~ The blazer and purse are both so trendy and cute^^ And the OTK boots you got are an amazing deal and to die for~! Those are awesome boots.

    The bear pancakes!! How can they be so cute and edible hehe^^

  36. Linda says:

    OMGOMGOMG OTK BOOTS = WANT & must have :D
    ahh cute pancakes!

  37. Ys says:

    CUTE boots and all the more cuter cos they were on the sale! :D

  38. xiaobibu says:

    wow! I love ur boots! omg omg…

  39. Syd Syd says:

    Ergh, now I want over-the-knee boots! They are so cute!

  40. PetSugar says:

    Iyieyie this is the cutest post in the history of posts. I’m so happy to have found your blog!! Its amazinggggggggggg. Check out my blog if you like! Its Drop Dead Cute – Kawaii for Sexy Ladies at http://dropdeadkawaii.blogspot.com and let me know what you think!

  41. mishi says:

    Wow that’s a great deal on those boots =o $400… nooo $120? YESSS

    Oh man I can’t wait to play the mario game too ;_; I’ll so be sabotaging my sisters muhaha.

    Mmm pancakes ~_~

  42. Rachelle says:

    Your husband seems to have a natural talent for just being awesome. I bet he got major points for the OTK thing :P I’m not very good at co-op games with other people, unless it’s on ridiculously easy mode. My little brother and I play a lot of Rock Band though, that is the one game we can easily play for hours.

  43. Megan says:

    Your boots = love!! Only $120, too?? More awesome. Props to Mike XD

    OMG, Super Mario Bros Wii is so freaking HILARIOUS with 4 players!! It honestly got a lil frustrating, since if someone jumps on you while you’re jumping, you end up falling to your death, BUT, it was all in good fun. :) SMB Wii + WiiFit Plus make me want to snag a Wii w/ Black Friday deals… but…

    L4D2!!! Wtb 360. You + my rl friends are all getting this on the 360. As I said on twitter, DO WANT! XD

  44. Mariah says:

    how much do japanese magazines cost you? where i get them they are $10 each!

  45. Daisy says:

    omg i love how those boots look on you!
    and for only 120??? waooo!!
    & LOL i love how you describes mike’s “win” grin..

  46. Michelle says:

    I love those boots! I’ll have to add those my next shopping list :)

  47. Tea says:

    Aww! Mike is so sweet! Love the OTK boots! What a steal! I’m also having a hard time finding some good ones at the moment…mostly due to $$ and my big calves. XD

  48. Neko says:

    Nana has moved to Popsister~
    I think models in Popsister has shorter nails (correct me if I’m wrong) hence those short nails.
    Though it’s great that she’s in Popsister, but I’ll miss her in Popteen though… :3

    Btw, please check out my giveaway on my blog~

    Thank you!

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