Organizing My Stuffs

Tuesday December 01, 2009   

So this past Sunday I forced myself to get to organizing 2 big MUST DO’S. The first, under the sink where all my hair stuff is. With the 2 new tools I needed to clean out old products and shift things around. Turned out really great! Only a few products needed to be disposed of. I’ve been getting better about actually FINISHING more hair products because I’ve found real things I LOVE. In the old days I’d keep buying more random hair products never loving anything.

The orange notebook is a place I’d print out and paste hairstyle tutorials. I haven’t really used it in a year or so~ I really needed it when I was first mastering curls.

The next feat was my closet! I’ve been running out of room having to buy new clothes that fit. So Mike helped me clear our out spare closet in the office/second bedroom. I’m still a little paranoid about getting rid of clothes that are too big. I want to wait just a bit longer before donating/selling/whatever them. So I went through 1 by 1 and moved things I hadn’t either worn in a year or just were too ridiculously big to wear anymore. This is what I came up with…

A LOT of jeans
Others I kept just to wear as “boyfriend jeans” but these plum fall straight off me. Most of these were already comfort fit so I wasn’t surprised I couldn’t wear them.

Gonna keep these in here till maybe the summer? Then I’ll figure out the next step for em.

Since the clearing getting dressed has bizarrely become easier! It’s sad but true!! I don’t have this overwhelming feeling of “OH GOD WHAT DO I WEAR?!” Instead, only my favorites are left in my closet. I might look into purging even more clothing to simplify my life. hehe

This top row are all “play clothes” meaning non-work.

It looks like a lot still~ But this is all season on this rack. Winter~summer. Once I clear out the spare closet with the stuff I will most likely get rid of I can start switching out my clothes with the season instead of keeping them all together. When I look at this though I do feel blessed. All through my life and throughout college I had so few clothes. Maybe 3 pairs of pants and 6 shirts. To have all this now makes me so blessed but also a little selfish.

The bottom row is work clothes (plus a few new coats/outerwear.) I kinda smooshed everything together so it’s hard to see stuff. Just khakis, long skirts and button ups. Oddly enough (and crappily) most the pieces that didn’t fit anymore were work clothes. Ugh…. That blows because work clothes cost on average twice as much as some fun top would cost me. I’m slowing replenishing my work clothes but my motivation for this is pretty low, ahahahahaaaa!

I’m going to go get ready for bed and sit down and watch the Victoria’s Secret show. Hope everybody has a nice Wednesday. Sorry to just talk about my stupid closet, haahaa, nothing much to talk about lately because I’ve been busy. Work, then housework, Christmas shopping, post office runs, and of course damn XBOX games (hahahahaaa!)

I’ll post a few more pics of my closet. I love my closet, it’s probably my favorite room in the house

*FYI we have his & her closets! LOL, so no, Mike’s not forced to keep his clothes in some box ;) He’s got his own in our bedroom like mine :) (only it’s a train wreck, I assure you. LOL



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  1. Ruby says:

    I’m in love with your closet. My biggest clutter problem are all my shoes! Most of them are just lying around my room since my rack can’t fit anymore. :(

  2. toritori says:

    Woman, your closet is jesusly ahhahaha :) And I love that chandelier!

  3. Franni says:

    Omg, I’d kill to have your closet. Sooo jealous T^T
    I have a limited wardrobe, seeing as my allowance is quite small ;P

  4. Cindy says:

    Your closet is so cute!!

  5. Vt-Applez says:

    wish my closet look like yours ~ snif chandelier :] is lovely!! ~
    and rose earrings – LOVEE!!

  6. Vicki/Sesame says:

    Lord knows I need to clean-up my living space.

  7. Lissy says:

    I love seeing how other people organize there clothes and beauty stuff~~!

    Don’t feel selfish clothes are a necessity and your weight has changed so much so you need them all :D

  8. Caitlin says:

    That is a very nice closet, you are lucky! I have the Vera Wang Princess perfume too. I wanted to watch the Victoria Secret fashion show tonight like I do every year but I have to work on a paper so I hope I can watch it online later. I love the creativity and all the wings and sparkles. Heidi Klum will probably look fierce even though she has had like a million babies. Oh well.

  9. Shirley says:

    I love looking inside people’s closets haha
    I’m so jealous of yours!
    Can’t wait until I get a place of my own :D

  10. Becca says:

    aww the bag is saying byebye : ( so organized and neat! i organize my clothes once in a blue moon, the rest of the year it’s usually in a pile haha :P messy ~

  11. Sara Mari says:

    Wow your closet is so awesome and you organized it so well! I am totally jealous of your closet. I live in a converted attic so my closet is like only 40 inches high so I can’t hang any dresses XP

    Oh and that orange notebook of hair styling ideas is great!

  12. Umi says:

    This reminds me of something we had to do for a personal finance class I’m taking. Our teacher told us to gather ALL our clothes together, count everything, and list them by color/season. That was TOUGH. haha.

  13. oct says:

    yay to organization! i like your black purse. =)

  14. Brenna says:

    haha your closet is so spacious and well lit! looks perfect for choosing great outfits ;)
    I can see why it is your favorite room.

  15. Linda says:

    i love your closet! i can’t wait to have an overflowing walk in closet like you :3

  16. bianca says:

    your closet is so heavenly I love it! My closet is the size of an outhouse ;_; *sniff* I am inspired to clean however..hee :D

  17. Yi Lin says:

    i love your closet :)

  18. Sumie says:

    Thats a really nice idea with the lookbook =) surely that saves you a lot of time ^^
    & the white dish for jewelery looks gorgeus. have been looking for something similiar^^

  19. Lei says:

    really organized and spacious closet!!

  20. Honeydew says:

    I LOVE YOUR CLOSET. Someday when I get my own house, I am totally making my closet like yours (with the clothes hanging on the wall)

    “All through my life and throughout college I had so few clothes. Maybe 3 pairs of pants and 6 shirts.”

    I totally know how that feels!! During my highschool life and throughout my first few years of college, I’d wear the same pair of pants and tops everyday! It’s only not until in the recent 2 years that I started collecting more and more fashionable items to wear. But even then I’d still want more clothes and you can just never get enough basics! (I think that’s what I’m always lacking the most, haha)

    That hair tutorial book is so neat and useful! I should do that too since I’m still trying to “master” curling my hair. XD

  21. (( Ms. K. )) says:

    Like looking at closet pictures.

  22. yumeko says:

    u are super organised!

  23. Tori says:

    Hope you liked the show! I really enjoyed it :3
    I would be in love with my closet too if mine was as big as yours, haha! Absolutely nothing wrong with that!
    Good job on getting stuff organised & such! It all looks great. & I love the little chandelier thing you keep your earrings on too!

  24. Veronica says:

    You take great photos! (Haha my entire closet is a 1/4th that size, and I share it with Andy, haha)

    I was just talking to a friend about buying only the best clothes – meaning people who don’t waste a single $1 on clothes they don’t need or totally want, and instead you have a small closet of high quality outfits you’re totally in love with.

    I wish I could do that! Then I could afford the pricey things in lieu of all others :)

    (yay Sailor Jupiter rose earrings yuk yuk :D)

    • jenny says:

      Your comment really struck a chord with me!! I really want to do that I think. I’m going to make THIS my New Year’s resolution. Quality over quantity! It’ll be HARD! I make a b-line for the sale section in ANY store I go into. The better bargain I get the more I convince myself I like it & will wear it! But many $5 things I’ll wear once then not ever again because I obviously didn’t LOVE IT when I bought it. And that’s a waste really.

      Oh, I know the horrors of shared closets too btw! It was awful… for BOTH OF US! One of the reasons we even bought this place was for the his & her closets in the master bedroom. It might have saved our relationship (harharr! He’s a slob, lol)

      • Veronica says:

        I know!! Sometimes I fall for a pricey trend item and regret the purchase, and sometimes I just simply LOVE a $5 item anyway!

        We just have to buy stuff we really REALLY love! Perennial things!!
        (like parkas and belted boots, haha)

        Haha tell me about it – Andy shoves his stuff in and I want to take all his things out and fold them for him like a nanny!! XD

        I can’t wait for us to move to a bigger place and have more shelves – love your system, fitting that much in two stacked rows! (and I adore your vanity by the by)

  25. kamille says:

    wow. your closet looks huge haha. i am starting to only have the clothes I wear.. and the rest I kind of storage it away. Anyways, it looks lovely (: especially the perfume counter

  26. rikuka says:

    lol so where does all of mikes stuff go?

  27. Miah says:

    Oh my, where does mike keep his clothes?! Poor thing… and it makes sense that your closet would be your favourite room…
    Have you SEEN that thing! B-E-A-utiful!!!!!! Makes me sad when I look at mine…
    I’m a poor college student :(. But you have inspired me to clean out my closet now! Thanx!!! ;D

  28. Miamy says:

    I love how u keep the Tsubasa card and hang it on the racks.. :) it’s torturing when u dont know what to wear or, u think that u have nothing to wear anymore T.T

    So lovely to see the amount of clothes u have in ur closet now :D

  29. Amriga says:

    I’m signing under other your closet! In my, let me call this “closet” ;) I have 3 pairs of jeans, very few T-shirts, and blouses. And that’s all! Nightmare?! NO it’s reality! So I’m going to buy sth tomorrow.. Maby after graduation university I’d have more stuffs, maby more than you? xD Hahaha just kidding!

  30. fiona says:

    This is my first time commenting, but omg you have lots of clothes! Like one of those little japanese shops with random clothes on the racks. i have probably as many clothes but no space. your closet is huge and looks great and i’m jealous!

  31. Hachi says:

    Paris Hilton who?
    No this is the best closet I’ve ever seen!
    I love the ‘Hair styling’ area.

    I wanna see Mike’s closet now!

  32. Uyuu says:

    Must be funny when you feel that your closet is messy. You’d just look over to the other closet to make yourself feel better because no matter how messy your side is, his will be worst. ^^

    I’d love to have my own walk in closet~ I live with 2 other women though, so the available ones would be taken up by them.

  33. Lexxii says:

    Oh I did some cleaning too! Its nice to have stuff clean :)

    But since you have a bunch of stuff that doesn’t fit you, idk if someone has said this before, you should get your work clothes altered. I think it would be a lot cheaper than just buying a bunch of other stuff.

  34. nathi says:

    i loved your closet =D

  35. Zoraida says:

    I see that you like to keep shopping bags! Ahahah they’re life savers when you have nowhere else to put things!

    P.S. I’m in love with your chandelier *-*

  36. Bonnie says:

    WOW you have a lot of clothes (: very jealous. and a lot of hair products… and tools, very jealous also :P but i love that you organize things because thats probably the fun part when you organize it very neatly and it just looks awesome !

  37. Krystle says:

    OMG yaaay you updated again~ I always look forward to your new posts~
    I’m thinking of clearing my closet too, but I think you should sell your unwanted clothes on ebay (:

  38. Courtney says:

    Sure, it’s an everyday thing, but one of the aspects I like about reading blogs is getting to know how other people’s daily routines are. Maybe I’m weird, but it interests me. :3 It lets me compare the efficiency and amount of fun to others’ and see how I can improve, haha.

  39. Moo-Shu says:

    You have such an awesome closet! It’s so roomy and organized!! I’m not organized at all so my clothes are everywhere. I sometimes even find a piece of clothing that I forgot I even had. Yea I like the idea of organizing clothes according to season. It would be so much easier when picking out what to wear.

  40. Kim_Mari says:

    Gosh, I wish Warr and I had His n Hers closets, that would rock!
    Fortunatley we ALMOST have… we live in a three bedroom house with three closets (although the other two are currently in use for two households stuff – his & mine – storage crammed in!)
    I’m working hard to get a massive CLEANOUT underway. After that I’m claiming a room and a closet as personal space/dressing room.

    I love your chandelier type light fitting, Jenny! Super luxe~!

  41. cin says:

    I envy your organisation skills! :p
    I just finished cleaning up my room after soooo long!! ^^;

  42. Ys says:

    I’m sure I’ve said it before but I am so jealous of your closet. Over here we call them dressing rooms and I really want one when we make our big move ;)

  43. Daisy says:

    like most people here im in love with your closet! haha
    it looks gloriouss *O*

  44. Megan says:

    I love your closet. Especially your mirror! Do you remember where you got it from?

  45. Jenii says:

    DOWANT closet of such size o_o Speaking of which…*scuttles off to pack…*

  46. Maikue says:

    i love your closet too!

    makes me want to reorganize and redecorate my room too!!

  47. Reita says:

    Your closet looks awesome :)

  48. Mel says:

    The Victoria secret show was awesome especially when Heidi is always there everyyear :D

  49. Anonymous says:

    hey where in the world is Jenny?! you’ve been missing for a few days.
    im missing my daily dose of Jenny’s Blog.
    3 DAYS!! omg im dyiiiing!!! :'( come baaaack!!!

  50. Wackado is right! :P

    I am digging that mini chandelier in your closet, love.

  51. I love your closet, I wish mine was as big as that, but I have spread my clothes all over the world;)

  52. Brigitte says:

    As much as i like the idea of rippign my pants
    i dont think i’ll be very skillful and end up screwing up my jeans.. lol

  53. Larissa says:

    I’d love to have a closet like yours!!!! You have so many clothes. Sadly, in my country cute clothes are very expensive, but I get inspired just by seeing your closet pics and your outfits pics. You rock girl!!

  54. Anna says:

    Oh my gosh! I absolutely love how your closet is soo oraganized! Look at the cute Hello Kitty plushies!

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