Snowed In

Saturday January 30, 2010 comments   

It’s another snowy weekend :sqsnowman:
Stayed in all day but it does prove a good excuse for a super extended hot bath! Used a Bihada Ichizoku face mask too for my dry winter skin! It’s from the Tsubasa limited edition line. Yes… I still have some left. I try really hard not to horde things but I find it particularly difficult to part with these lovely, lovely masks! :<3: The packaging with Tsubasa is just so… ADORABLE!

Kinda getting disappointed with all the snow this winter. :;_;: Every weekend it seems! Hard to accept staying in so often :facecry: I think the winter blues are starting to get to us. I was wanting to get out and really do something fun this weekend to cheer Mike up! :eep: Winter is getting him down. :ng: Might be able to get out tomorrow. :!: Hopefully the roads will be clear and de-iced. :?: It just blows because we don’t get out much during the week. After I get home from work it’s already dark and freezing so we only go out when we HAVE TO! Like this week, we went grocery shopping and out for dinner once. That’s it! It’s too cold to go anywhere at night LOOOL. OMG I’m sorry. I’m ranting about winter like it’s my own personal nemesis! :toto: :skull: :laughingheart: I’m not alone in it of course~

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Breaking Up with Ageha

Friday January 29, 2010 comments   

Oh remember Nanako’s Hair Ribbons??!! Noticed this today in February’s Ageha :rose2:


I’d say “I can’t believe I missed this!” but Ageha’s thick, stiff spine has always made it a bit difficult to read in my opinion. Let alone freakin’ scan in! Which brings me to this… :F

This entry has been a long time coming. For a couple of months now I’ve known I wasn’t going to renew my Ageha subscription. Ageha has gotten extremely repetitive for me. It also feels they’re moving away from having an “Agejo” focus and going back to fully targeting their original audience, hostesses. That’s fine and makes sense of course. That was their main audience when I first got my subscription which I enjoyed to be honest. Then Agejo became this trend~ It feels like Agejo has been moving out of the limelight as people’s fascination with it starts to dims though.

It’s also coming from a personal preference. When I got my first issue back in 2007 I was obsessed with thick, long curls and heavy eye make! :lovelymake:*_*:curltime: But since this past spring my tastes have waned. I’m getting back into a more casual style and lighter eyemake. Besides, I never fully loved intense black bottom liner on me. Maybe it’s my big nose, :laughingheart: I dunno, I just never felt 100% happy with it on me. But I still like it on most models :puup: :crap: But unlike some magazines (Popteen,) Ageha rarely has any alternatives to the pitch black full bottom liner.

An example~ :wakuwakuheart:

I think I have 1 or 2 more issues coming, then my subscription ends~

So I thought I’d do a tribute to their latest & most interesting hair arranges! :faceaha: :doubleheartbeat:

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