Black Shorts and Minnie Ears

Tuesday January 05, 2010   

Thanks everyone for the circle lens shops! I actually ordered 2 more pairs from 2 different and new online shops! So let’s see which pair gets here first, hahahahaaa! I’ll of course recommend whichever one I find is best! :lovelymake:

One package that didn’t go missing was a recent order from Yesstyle! I was really excited about the distressed black shorts I ordered! It’s a bit cold for them at the moment, but come early spring they’ll be great layered with tights and my over the knee boots!

I like they’re a bit high waist style too and loose leg fit!

They actually reminded me a lot of this pair from Re Dark on the 109 Net Shop! Can’t wait until spring! I’m pretty much over the cold but the worst is still yet to come~~~ :sqsnowman: I really just don’t feel motivated to buy any winter clothes! I want to see & buy spring items already! So I’ll need to wait.

Since Christmas is gone I changed the layout. *sad face* I need to get some time to put together something more “winter” appropriate I think, hahahaa! I haven’t had much time since getting back from vacation sadly.

Oh, speaking of Christmas, Mike got me the Tsumori Chisato x Shu Uemura Planet Cat mirror! Isn’t it the cutest!!

A lot of people thought my Minnie Mouse ears wee lace, they were actually sequin! I think they were the higher end ears, hahahaaa. I bought them at the park entrance. Only inside the park did they have the more commonly seen plush minnie ears. Though the best were really the wedding ears, hahahahaa :kyaaface:

I thought I gained a little bit of weight over the holidays so when I saw this Apple Vinegar Diet drink [ミツカン さらっと黒酢ダイエット] at the market I figured I’d get it. You know I love gimmicks! Ha! I remember seeing it a lot in Popteen this summer. Well I got on Wii Fit and it said I didn’t actually gain anything (le shock) but I drank a bit in a hot bath that night anyway…

It’s actually not THAT bad. You’re not supposed to gulp down half a carton anyway. Just a small glass (it’s a straight drink ready to drink, no dilution needed.) And the next day, I swear to you, I weighed in the lowest I’ve ever weighed in on Wii Fit. Did it work? I dunno but I was a pound and and half lighter the next day. I say, if you like gimmicks (see cellulite roller & Calorie Off socks!) then I say go for it. Either way it’s a 0kcal “detoxing” drink. :piggy:

Also picked up a new box of bath salts at the market! I was excited because I had gotten the green box of this brand while in Japan. They’re pretty good bath salts. Very fragrant!

CosmelandUSA has a really good description of this particular set!

Kracie Tabino Yado Bath Salt Clear Assorted Pack contains 5 famous hot spring bath from Japan~

1. Beppu, located in Ooita, it helps to comfort you with a slight tree scent to blend in yourself with mother nature.
The bath color is light green.

2. Shirahama, located in Wakayama, it helps to refresh you with a slight floral scent to blend in yourself with flower garden.
The bath color is light blue.

3. Hakone, located in Kanagawa, it helps to refresh you with a slight green scent to blend in yourself with grassland.
The bath color is pale bamboo green.

4. Kusatsu, located in Gunma, it helps to relax you with a slight yuzu (citron) scent to blend in yourself with sweet and sour feeling.
The bath color is lemon like yellow.

5. Noboribetsu, located in Hokkaido, it helps to relax you with a slight rape blossoms scent to blend in yourself with rape blossoms garden.
The bath color is rape blossoms.

I googled rape blossom, it’s some yellow flower. :dizzy: Is there a better English translation of such a name!? Dear lord, a bit… unsettling! :facepalmcry: hahahahaha :smallcry:



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  1. Mandy says:


    • jenny says:

      These bath salts I bought aren’t the gimmicky ones that help you lose weight, just help you relax. :) They’re wonderful and I recommend them! :D

  2. Zoraida says:

    Hahahaha I know what you mean about winter clothes. I dunno, winter fashion just doesn’t look so… cute! And then you’ll have to hide them away for next winter when there will be better clothing options! Arghhhhh.. Spring needs to hurry up and get here!

    Rape.. blossom??? D:
    Do not waaaaaaaaaant.

  3. Honeydew says:

    Me too! I’m totally done with shopping for winter clothes and I’m ready to shop for some new spring clothes! But I’ll have to wait a bit because I kind of spent way too much money over the holidays so I can’t make any BIG purcahses for clothing yet. XD But I’m hoping to maybe buy a few pieces here and there if I happen to see anything that interest me. lol!

    By the way, I have a question and hopefully you can help me out with it. I recently ordered the “Bihada Ichizoku” mask from YesStyle and got them in the mail last week. I want to ask how do you use the mask. Do you have to like put it in the fridge and let it get cold up for awhile before applying it on your face? Because I realized that the sheets were actually cold when I took them out of the box when they arrived.

    I’ve been wanting to try some Japanese bath salts too. But do they actually stain your bath tub?

    • jenny says:

      You don’t have to refrigerate them. They stay cool in the package really. You just remove them, unfold the mask, *pop out the nose and pull apart the darts so you can better shape it to your face!*

      I’ve used tons of various colored bath salts and none have EVER stained my white tubs! It is recommended to do a quick rinse (really quick) of the tub after using them however I rarely ever do it =__=;;, haahaa.

      • Honeydew says:

        Oh really? Thanks for letting me know. I haven’t actually used them yet so I’m planning to use them soon this week. =)

        Hahaha, I guess rinsing it after does take quite some time. I think I will maybe try the bath salts either in spring or summer. I won’t have time to actually spend 20-30 minutes in a bath during school time. =/

  4. carmen says:

    Love the new layout–it reminds me that winter will be over in a couple of months ! :D
    And every time I go on vacation I swear I’ve gained 5 pounds, but it’s really just feeling bloated from eating so much rich [and delicious] foods! The apple vinegar drink sounds good though–I wish I could find yummy no-kcal drinks in Canada, but I just gotta settle for my fruit tea :p

    And the image of a guy saying something like “Wanna come take a look at my rape blossoms?” to a girl wouldn’t leave my mind!

  5. Umi says:

    Haha, I heard about the apple cider vinegar. It’s supposed to work really well (soompi!) and I would try it…but seeing as I’m still living with my parents and I’m a total chicken when it comes to stuff like this, I don’t want to let on that I’m trying to lose weight…..I guess it’s embarrassing to me? I don’t know, haha.

  6. Kim says:

    The sequins are so NOW.

    I don’t know if I’ve gained weight because I haven’t stepped on a scale yet, but I’m pretty sure I have :( I don’t like to set goals for myself in terms of pounds, but it’s nice to know where I’m at!

  7. emma says:

    nice minnie ears! super cute ^_^

  8. Bibi says:

    I should try that drink haha.
    It has to be 10x better than drinking black bean therapy! It’s like drinking corn syrup *yuck* and it’s suppose to make you feel fuller so you eat less….doesn’t work.
    I usually hate summer because the clothes aren’t as cute as winter clothes but it’s sooooo cold this year that i can’t wait for the hot weather and tank tops & shorts! And sunlight hehe.

    • jenny says:

      Never heard of that but sounds pretty awful!

      Here we only have 1 month of really hot weather where you can only wear tank tops & shorts. The rest of the summer is spring so we can still layer thankfully so it isn’t too boring!

  9. Vivi says:

    Those shorts are super cute~ Can’t wait to see you in them! I’m looking forward to the spring styles already. It doesn’t get very cold here. :)

    I love the flashy Tsumori Chisato x shu uemura collab collection. It’s very cute!

    …I’m a sucker for gimmicks, haha~!

  10. Syd Syd says:

    that compact mirror is so cute + you are so lucky to live close to an asian market that sells such great things!

    Rape blossoms, I can’t believe they call them that! What else could rape possibly mean to make it an okay word to name a flower?

  11. Winn says:

    cutest mirror everrr!!!!!

  12. Lissy says:

    Love the mirror!

  13. Shiri says:

    Aww so cute, the mirror and all of the photos! Happy 2010!

  14. Reiko says:

    Minnie ears are love, but it’s TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to get even ONE pair of Minnie ears in my country. *sigh~*

    0kcal drink!!! Would love to try it, since you already prove it works a bit. LOL! Shall get it from Isetan. :D

    • jenny says:

      Awe that’s too bad! Maybe I’ll buy extras to sell online next time? Hahahahaa.

      The drink tastes like a slightly bitter apple juice!

  15. Tori says:

    I LOVE LOVE those shorts!! /:D\
    I would have never guessed they were from YesStyle since they look like something from American Eagle or one of those shops (minus the black colour~ is it just me or do AE & A&F never seem to do black denim?? XD)
    I definitely don’t blame you on not wanting to buy/look at winter items too, haha~ CAN’T WAIT FOR SPRING!! I was so happy to see in the new issue of JELLY that the clothes have more colour & are slowly starting to look more spring-like!
    Congrats on scoring the Tsumori Chisato mirror & let me know if that apple drink works, haha! ;3

  16. PetSugar says:

    I think taking 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar and adding it to a glass of water before a meal is supposed to have the same effect as your drink, so that’s a good option for when you run out! But never drink the vinegar alone, it will burn your esophagus bloody I guess lol.

    Rape flower…

    • jenny says:

      Yup! This is supposed to be exactly that just pre-diluted & mixed with sugar substitutes! I don’t think I’d ever buy just the apple vinegar though since I just got this because I saw it in Popteen (haahaa, busted, I’m easily manipulated! ha!)

      • PetSugar says:

        Omg and you have the nerve to go public about it roflllll. Yeah i think I might actually enjoy falling for gimmicks. Its like false hope to keep me going for a short while.

  17. Veronica says:

    Haha I love the little kissy face you drew!

    I’ve been obsessed with finding a good pair of denim shorts lately, but now the clearance on them is pretty much over and they’re stocking spring items around here! Zipia has a few nice pairs, though :)

  18. lychee says:

    i gonna miss ur xmas leyout!!!
    Mike really knows wat things u exactly need
    i hope mi bf owns half from him too = =

  19. Erin says:

    I’m surprised so many people have never heard of “rape”, haha.

    I like your minnie ears. They’re not as bulky as the traditional plastic ones. I was looking through my drawers this week and found an old pair, probably from Tokyo disney forever ago? I’m guessing so, since they were next to some slouchy school girl socks XD

    Anyway, which lenses did you buy? I just ordered Beaucon Shimmer Greys and I hope they look better on me than the BT03’s I bought recently!

    • Erin says:

      Oh, also, that vinegar diet drink reminds me of once, when I was in a conbini, I didn’t bother reading the label of what I *thought* was a carton of apple juice. I took a swig as I was exiting the store and almost spit it out in shock because it was SO SOUR. After regaining my composure I took a closer look and, sure enough, it was apple vinegar, yikes!

  20. kamille says:

    dang it, i missed commenting on several of your posts. I love your minnie ears!! i have the old ones.. and really want the sequin ones now. I hope you’re enjoying your new years

  21. Lexxii says:

    Nice black shorts. I need to order from yesstyle soon! D:

    Oh I’m a sucker for the gimmicks hahaha! But apples and vinegar sound yummy. I love vinegar, I can drink the red wine vinegar straight from the bottle xD If I find something similar I may try it.

  22. Sara Mari says:

    You are sooo skinny honey, you don’t have to worry about 1 lb. You look perfect and perhaps even too thin haha. I imagine that drink works because it helps you process out the water in your body. One big bowel movement will also put you down a lb.

    • jenny says:

      Haahaa, ditto but I didn’t want to go into details of pooin twice in 1 day and drinking lots of fluids to stay hydrated! Hahahahahaaaa. You’re so kind, and right really. I’m not really sweatin a lb (b/c I flux between 2lbs up or down given time of day) but I’ll admit I’m still sort of coming off that high focus from my summer when I reached my goal! :P

  23. Lady Impulse says:

    Do they sell that detoxing drink in the US? I’d love to try if it works

    • jenny says:

      I bought mine at a Japanese market in the US so you might be able to find it if you have any sort of similar market near you. Other than that I haven’t seen it online =Y

  24. mikey kun says:

    i could not stop laughing at the English translation of rape blossom

  25. Izu says:

    ah wow you have a lots of Japanese goods!

  26. Jing says:

    Apple Vinegar Diet drink? Interesting…Is it the same thing as the vinegar you use for cooking? I remember once buying a bottle of apple vinegar but mistook it for apple juice (LOL). Thank goodness I took a small sip O_o

    • Jing says:

      OK…don’t mind me. That was a stupid question. Of course it’s not the same as cooking vinegar -_- I think I was trying to ask whether it tastes like a diluted version of apple flavored cooking vinegar.

  27. Ys says:

    The Minnie ears are gorgeous :)

  28. Courtney says:

    I’d love to try some bath salts (maybe they’d let me enjoy baths in this small-ass tub again), but short of ordering them online, I’m not sure where to look. Also I love 0cal drinks, I’ll try to look for that apple stuff.

  29. Thao says:

    I really like your Planet Cat mirror. So cute!

    Hmm…I wonder if the Apple Vinegar drink is sold anywhere near me. I’m starting to hit the age where my metabolism slows down. In fact, it already did….I want to go back to my earlier years of nonstop eating without any extra weight!!!

  30. Linda says:

    ahhh cute mirror!
    wow, i want to try that apple vinegar drink now! :O

  31. Bianca says:

    OMG BATH SALTS IM SO EXCITED!! They look so gooood!! Do they make you sweat? ANd i talked to my mom about the vinger, she told me that we should try it! I’ll let you know if it kills me or not@_@….& nothing more scary than rape blossoms…

  32. Sumie says:

    i love your mirrow.
    oh, i used apple vinegar as well a few yrs ago(in tablet form, not drink)and it worked 0%.
    sounds like it helped you to clear out all the liquid in your body =) but i think the key to all diets is water.

  33. PetSugar says:

    kos mos!!! ahhh! no one else seemed to know who she was and it sucked lol.

  34. Lissy says:

    I envy Baby too :D
    Lets hope in out next lives we are cute puppy’s too!

  35. Anonymous says:
    Canola flowers perhaps?… =S

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