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Sunday January 10, 2010   

I recently got this Chocolate Lash – Eyelash and Chocolate case from YesStyle! :lovelymake: I tried them out on Saturday~

The lash quality isn’t the best. They have a plastic sheen to them that higher quality lashes don’t have and forget about even trying to apply mascara to them. They’re on par with fake lashes you see out for Halloween. However, the glue that’s included was better than expected. Usually included glues aren’t worth even opening but I wanted to test the quality just out of curiosity. Not too bad actually.

But, the real reason I got this was for the case! I’ve been needing a place to store my lashes and when I saw this chocolate candy-bar inspired case I had to have it! The included lashes were more like just a “bonus.” ;)

:star2: Hat – H&M
:star2: Turtleneck – セオリア
:star2: Onepiece – Anna Sui (for Target)
:star2: Leggings – Victoria’s Secret
:star2: Boots – Yesstyle

I just tried some onigiri I picked up from Trader Joe’s this week. Unfortunately they were only meh. I probably won’t buy them again to be honest. Oh well~

Something that’s never “meh” is non-fat frozen youguuuuuuuurt!!

Been getting a lot of this again because now Mike’s on a diet. You know he did low-carb 2 years ago. Lost around 60lbs (of the weight he gained in college.) Low-carb isn’t a real sort of answer IMO. He did however only gain 25lbs of it back which is good! :okicon: So Wii Fit wants him to lose 20lbs. So of course he’s now doing what I did this summer. As much as I wish he had just done it with me this summer, having gone through it I’m really prepared to help him choose more appropriate foods. His real problem is the weekends. He would gorge on the weekends. He’s been at a steady weight but just needs to work 20 of it off and then that can be his new steady weight. :good: WE CAN DO THIS! He’s only been on it for a week and lost his 2lbs for the week easily :iiface: Using Livestrong again of course to track his caloric intake~

Oh I kept forgetting to thank everyone for the Christmas cards! Because I was away for the holidays I didn’t get them until after I came home! So THANKS GUYS! You know who you are ;D


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49 Responses to “Choco Lash Case”

  1. Veronica says:

    YEAH Chocolate face!! I got this too – love them!! It’s like inexpensive Q-pot stuff :)

    The lashes are so fluffy and soft – don’t really need any other eye makeup!

    Nice coordinate too – belted boots are so versatile!

    • jenny says:

      Definitely a cheaper q-pot alternative! I adore q-pot but not their insane prices even if the quality is superior :X!

  2. Miah says:

    *turns on computer…*opens internet…*goes to sushi-cat– OMG CHOCOLATE!! o wait…not real

    i would totally buy it just for the case too!!!…sucks that the lashes are so bad though.
    but they look good!!! i want a pair! i a MAC pair but their so plain. they arent cheap too. do you know of any stores that i can get cheap glue from??

    onigiri probably sucked cuz it was baked. i dunno…

    p.s. GO MIKE GO!!!

    • jenny says:

      I’ve seen lash glue wherever lashes are sold. From sephora to Target and CVS. I use some I got at an accessory store. It was cheap ($5) but I forget the brand and I’m on the train so I can’t look & see, lol. But for mac lashes I might try to buy a higher brand of glue that removes cleanly. ;)

  3. レイカ says:

    i couldn’t stop laughing when i saw this post because, i just tried to make oat-nigiri for the first time today~ (onigiri made of oatmeal rather than rice..i know the whole ‘nigiri’ thing doesn’t really make sense, but it sounds so cuute) i hope they turn out, i need them to eat on my way to my ungodly 8.30AM class..

    those lashes look so dramatic!!

  4. emma says:

    i like how u talk about wii fit like it’s a person
    but maybe i should try some fake lashes

  5. Lexxii says:

    Omg the yogurt looks delish! :biglove:

    Those lashes are cute too, they look nice on in the webcam snap. The case makes it worth it though xD

  6. Jennifer says:

    Heh, I wanted the same lash + case from YesStyle because of the same thing.. THE FRIGGING CASE!! xD

    Love your outfit, it looks relaxing/comfy and cute! :D b

    Nom nom nomz, the froyo looks delish.. I never got frozen yogurt before, I usually go for ice cream but I should get some and add fruits to it. My body would thank me for something healthy and good. Ha~

  7. Lena says:

    Argh, I keep putting off going on a diet! I was doing really well for a while, and now I just can’t work up the energy to start again, which is frustrating, because I’m only six pounds form my goal now!

    The live strong thing looks great, but do you know if there’s anything where you can text what you’ve eaten? I’m always on the go, so I wish there were that kind of service somewhere.

    • jenny says:

      I don’t know about txting in calories but if you have an iphone or blackberry there’s a livestrong app. I just enter in my calories on using my blackberry’s web browser. If I’m feeling lazy though I’ll just note my calories and enter them in later online.

  8. Linda says:

    & i love your outfits! :D

  9. Sara Mari says:

    That eyelash case is indeed awesome! The lashes do have that plasticy look in the package, but they look very lovely when they are on^^ You have such beautiful dolly eyes, and your outfit is so sweet ~

    I agree the low carb diet isn’t the best, but thats so great Mike only gain back 25 lb. Most people I know who did that gained it all back ( plus more XP ) Its great you guys are working on a healthy lifestyle together. But boo to those not yummy yaki-onigiri. They should be yummy!

    • jenny says:

      Yea I think the low-carb helped curb his snack addiction to bread. He’d literally just eat bread rolls as a snack! So maybe that’s why he didn’t gain it all back (thankfully!)

  10. f says:

    FROZEN YOGURT maaaan I would love a cup of that right now. :9

  11. Cindi says:

    How bad does the onigiri taste? lol i’m curious

    • jenny says:

      Not bad. Not AWFUL. Just nothing special and not worth spending money on. It would be better to just make your own yaki-onigiri :P

  12. they’re nifty, but those would drive me NUTS!! Cute though :D

  13. Vivi says:

    The case is so yummy I could eat it! Chocolate love! The lashes are rather pretty, but I don’t use false lashes at all. However, I do love the Tsubasa’s Dolly Wink picture cards you shared. Real pretty~

    Trader Joe’s makes…onigiri? :O

    Good luck to you and Mike! Live healthy in 2010! :)

  14. Ys says:

    I love the lashes case – good enough to eat :)

  15. Tori says:

    omg so cute~!! ^-^
    Who cares about the lash quality, the case itself is TOTALLY WORTH IT!! haha!
    Good luck to your hubby on the diet~ I’m about to embark on eating much more healthy too, so GANBAROUNE~!! ^-^yy

  16. mishi says:

    Oh wow xD lovely case =3 Thanks for posting about it, it kind of matches my meiji chocolate mirror.

    Ganbare Mike! & I agree low carb is just =/ no, do it the right way.
    Your blog posts always makes me want to try frozen yogurt. Never had it before D:

  17. Megan says:

    I remember this chocolate case!! Too cute. :3 It looks like it can hold two pair?

    Totally agree about low carb. It might be ok for losing weight quickly, but losing weight quickly isn’t healthy! Mike should be able to get those lbs off quicker than you did, silly men having an easier time w/ weight loss than women :( *grr!* LOL

    Would you say Wii Fit is worth it? I’m considering buying a Wii for it (plus for a couple Wii-only games), but I’m not sure.

    Maaan, the pics you take of your froyo always look so delicious!!! I’m gonna have to go on a hunt for a froyo place around here D:

    • jenny says:

      I double up my lashes so right now it’s holding 4 pairs and a tiny tube of glue :P

      Is Wii Fit worth it? It’s hard to say for me b/c I already had a Wii. I’ll tell you why I got it and maybe that’ll help. It was worth it to me. I already had the wii and traded in some played 360 games to get a good discount on Wii Fit (which is pricey IMO.) I preferred to walk after dinner but it gets way too cold & icy for me to do that in winter so I really needed something indoors to keep me active. This works great for that. It logs your weight and sets goals. I like the low-impact games. Honestly I used to try to do Tae-bo DVDs but could only ever make it 15 minutes! I burn the same amount of calories with those 15 mins of “I hate tae-bo but I need to burn calories” as I do with 30 mins of “peddling a pretend bike while I listen to Lady Gaga on my ipod!”

  18. Sumie says:

    i wonder why & how you guys get rid of lbs so easily lol?
    i need to exercise at least 2 hours a day & drink 3 bottles of water to loose weight, regardless from what i eat. so far this only worked during hot seasons.
    any suggestions xD?
    i really like your lenses by the way =) thats a huge difference when you wear them

    • jenny says:

      Well we’re strictly counting calories using It let’s you put in all your information and calculates your daily calorie limit you need to loose 1 pound a week or 2 pounds a week & so on. Then we track every little calorie we eat. Some things you might think are low in calories really aren’t so it’s good to be able to look up how many calories are in something. :)

  19. Erica says:

    I love your chocolate lash case! I really like Dolly Wink’s lash case too. Very cute~ your circle lens look really nice on you btw!

  20. Rebecca says:

    oooh chocolate case… looks NOMtastic!

  21. PetSugar says:

    wow trader joes failed at onigiri! i’m so glad i read this before i saw them and wasted my money. their new macarons are awesome though!!!! don’t defrost in the microwave… that was my mistake. i misunderstood directions. i think you just defrost in fridge or on counter. anyway i could go on and on and on and on about trader joes lol so i’ll keep it inside!

    oh yeah cuuuuute eyelash case!

  22. Moo-Shu says:

    Oh I love your layout!
    Very cute outfit and those circle lenses look great on you!
    I have that same chocolate lash case. I haven’t tried out the actual eyelashes yet but the case is so cute! Very convenient for travel too!

    Good luck to Mike!

  23. Lady Impulse says:

    Next holiday I would send you a card but I don’t wanna be the creep that says “where do you live?” lol. Your style is so cute, seriously I am very jealous. I recently bought a dress and a crop-top from yesstyle, I love the stuff they have.

    • jenny says:

      Haahaaa! Stick around till next xmas then! I’ll be doing some serious revamp on my xmas list anyway so new ppl are welcomed :P. I sent out 25 cards this year and received less than half in return *weeps*

  24. Bianca says:

    I’ll be cheering mike on! and thanks on the onigiri tip, i have been eye balling those. Cute lenses. I’m glad you got them, that seemed rather quick too! PS, panda doesnt like those lashes

  25. Ruby says:

    They have those choco lash cases at a store near me for only 8 bucks. :x

  26. Reiko says:

    The frozen yoghurt looks YUM!!! Malaysia don’t have frozen yoghurt (at least places I remember don’t have). V_V

    You looks pretty in fake lashes!! So cute! Loves your look too!

  27. Lissy says:

    You look so pretty and I love the lash case!

    Mmm.. I’m craving frozen yogurt now :D

  28. Nathalia Campos says:

    This chocolate case makes me feel hungy to eat a chocolate bar haha
    And those Japanese Goodies…..hmm *-*

    I liked your brown eyes, anyway :)

  29. Bibi says:

    That case is cute & looks yummy! And that onigiri looks gross is it made of brown rice? What was in the middle? Hope the diet works out, i need to go on one too :-(

    Oh & did you see Rinka’s wedding pictures? She’s so tricky how she covered her husbands face with the flowers hehe.

  30. Zoraida says:

    The volume on those lashes is… amazing! But it sucks that they suck, I guess as a bonus they’re not that bad.

    Nice coordinate! I especially love that vanity table! ahaha

    Good luck to Mike~

  31. Thao says:

    The chocolate case is really neat and the lashes look nice on you in the picture. But I guess you can’t see the plastic in pictures.

    All of this talk about non-fat frozen yogurt is making me super excited because there’s a non-fat fro-yo place opening across the street from me. XD

  32. Frozen Yogurt is sooo good! I´m addicted! My favorite flavor is green apple.

  33. May says:

    The chocolate case is so cute !
    Sometimes, I’d like to try fake lashes haha, but actually my real lashes are really long o.o

  34. Betty says:

    wow your eyes are HUUGE. You looked very cute! I want the chocolate lash case ^-^ Gonna order one on my next Yesstyle spree. hehehe.

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