EOS Candy Green Contacts

Saturday May 29, 2010   

It’s the weekend!! A 3-day weekend for me too actually

I made sure to sleep in today. I felt sooooooo good when I woke up. Seriously. Actual happiness singing in the shower good! I’ve been so fatigued lately from pms. As if you’re not already tired of hearing about that.

Thursday the EOS Candy Green contacts I ordered from Pinky Paradise came in! I was surprised they came in only 9 days. My previous order took 2 weeks~ HECK YES! So I was quite delighted.

I think the EOS Candy colors are so, so pretty. Very glassy, doll-like or even jewel colored looking. Yui Kanno wears the Candy Brown version a lot. I’ve seen the pink & gray versions worn too.

Venus Eye’s Listing

Every time I saw them in spreads I’d want them so badly! Then suddenly Pinky Paradise got them in… AND IN MY PRESCRIPTION STRENGTH! whoooooooot! They’re 14.5 diameter lenses. I sorta wish they were 14 because all but 1 pair of my lenses are 14.5, but oh well, I mostly loved them for the bold circle and vivid but blended color.

If you really want to see an up close of the enlargement you can see it here. I just sorta hate posting my goofy up close pics in my entry, LOL. I actually already got a compliment on them today. Sephora staffer exclaimed “I love your eyes!” haahaaa~ I prefer hearing that compared to when I wear my King Blues and had a Sephora Staffer say “OMG I love your contacts you look like a cartoon character!” Gaaaaaahahahahaaa!But hey, that’s OK, I wear my King Blues on days I WANT to stand out like crazy sauce

Pinky Paradise always sends these cute animal shaped contact lens cases. I think they’re adorable but I used a regular flat one instead. I don’t really like the animal ones because they don’t stack well As you can see…. I need to save space in my bathroom cabinet…

I’ve worn the Candy Green lenses the past couple of days actually


I actually need to order a new year supply of my daily wear clear contacts (Acuvue 2), hahahahaa! I’ve been meaning to for the past month since I’m on my last pair. But I’m just so lazy… though I managed to order THESE colored lenses just fine! Haahaa~ I use 1-800-CONTACTS. I just wish they’d use Paypal for checkout. I haven’t bought them yet b/c I’m too lazy to get up from computer & grab my wallet! Ha! it’s true. But I just think “well when I run out I can just wear my circle lenses till they arrive!” Haahaa MY GOD I’m so lazy sometimes!!!!

Ugh~ I’ll go order them now…

….. AND DONE! It’s good to have gotten that out of the way

Mmmm I’m sleepy now~~ more later~~



65 Responses to “EOS Candy Green Contacts”

  1. Tina says:

    Your contact containers are adorable :)
    I like your overalls in Thurs. outfit! I’ve actually been trying to look for one that fit, but haven’t come across one yet . Overall shorts tend to have a huuuuuge thigh space :(

    • jenny says:

      Ah yea, these overalls are BCBG and the thighs aren’t super fitted but not too oversized either. I was searching for some for a long long time!

  2. Honeydew says:

    Your outfit for Thursday is so cute! Those green contacts are pretty cool, but I think your natural green colour eyes look better. ^___^

    • jenny says:

      Awe thanks! Yea colored lenses are just fun to wear when I want a change since every day I’m at work with just clear contacts in ;P

  3. loma says:

    omg! the contacts are pretty good on you. =) i love your blog, im following it! =***** kisses

  4. Tasha says:

    You live in hawaii? I do too ^-^

  5. Jennifer says:

    Your eyes are like friggin’ amazing! :o So beautiful!

    I want to colored contacts out but I’m so freaked out by touching my own eye. D:

    Love your Saturday outfit!! I need a mickey mouse tank now. :D

    • jenny says:

      I understand that. I have to wear contacts every day to see so I’m super used to fingers up in my eye :P

  6. Hachi says:

    It’s so twisted that places like Pinky Paradise actually do a better service than buying directly from the Japanese sites…

    • jenny says:

      Yea, maybe they have a better connection to the Korean warehouses where these are made or something? Most of these lens sites are located in Malaysia it seems.

  7. Tori says:

    The contacts look gorgeous! ❤ Those really enhance the natural green colour in your eyes~
    I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better though~ maybe tmi but my totm time of the month is taking FOREVER to get here… 5 days late already & PMS has hit me bad too. HATEEE XD
    J’taime votre tenue jeudi ❤ (I love your Thursday outfit!)

    • jenny says:

      Ugh yea I’ve been getting PMS symptoms BEFORE now too & not just during!? WTF is up with that!? DONOTWANT.

  8. heartofpearl says:

    wow gorgeous girl you are amazing ahah i was gona say gorgeous again but er anyway haha i wish wish i had natural green eyes. but since im asian.. its brown of course hehe but aww i want to steal ur eyes!! contacts look great on too!! ur style is soo cuuute, 超かわいぃ~~人形さんみたいだょ!♡♡

    • jenny says:

      Awe thank you so much!! Oh I think the vivid colors look best on brown eyes to be honest! Since all the models have brown eyes I feel they’re sorta “made” for darker eyes.

  9. sidney says:

    aaaalways jealous of your circle lenses~~ they fit you so well n-n i want some! boohoo…(haha)

  10. Zoraida says:

    WAH. HELLO CUTE EYES! Seriously you look adorable in them!!

  11. Thanh Thao says:

    Oh my god, I absolutely love your eyes!! Do I sound like the staffer?? XDDD

    no, honestly, green fits you so well! Maybe even better than blue?? Anyway, i like both colours on you! Ithink it would bright eye colurs would look wird on me, since my eyes are asian and dark brown, hahaha!

    Love your outfits, too! Specially the Hawaii pic is so cute!

    Have great weekend!

  12. Jelena says:

    OMG so cute your new contacts!I like this green, it fits you perfectly! How many pairs do you have now??!
    I wondered if I’d like to buy a pair but I have contact lenses in my view, do you think I can overlay?

  13. Genevieve says:

    Your new contacts look so cool! I’ve always wanted to wear coloured lenses! I need to figure out what exactly my rx is so I can get some. I have glasses but I rarely remember to wear them (ng lol).

  14. Amanda says:

    Those are super freakin cute! They go so well with your eye color!

  15. Paula says:

    you are the cutesttt girl ever! LIKE LIKE! ;DD

  16. Veronica says:

    Whuuuuut – are we all on the same cycle???

    Awesome lenses! I really want some for the engagement/wedding photos XD I’ve never put contacts in – I’m a little afraid!

    Great outfit snaps – omg just as a side note – you should open up the close up shot in a new window and look at the tiny favicon it makes :P

    • jenny says:

      LOOOOOOL I suppose so! HILARIOUS!

      haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha omg the favicon! IT SCARES ME!!!! I’m lol’ing uncontrollably! I’m thinking it’s less scary IN my posts now!

  17. Lexxii says:

    Aww those contacts make your eyes look very pretty.

    And BTW I love the little Mickey Mouse necklace! :biglove:

  18. Savannah says:

    Hi! I just wanna say i randomly stumbled across your blog and it is ADORABLE. You are like everything I want to be fashion-wise! XD

    What places do you normally shop at? I have a hard time finding cute clothes like you have!

    Where do you get all your inspiration?

    and how in the world do you get subscriptions to japanese magazines??? I really really want a subscription to a nail magazine because I do nail art for fun! and having a subscription to a fashion magazine wouldn’t hurt either!

    also, have you ever been to Japan?

  19. Courtney says:

    The green lenses look great! Sometimes color lenses look too silly if where your iris showing through the contact is too different from the contact color…(like on the ad above…) but yours match so nicely! I wish I could spring for some of these but my vision is just god awful I doubt I could find my prescription! ahaha *has special order for ONE astigmatism eye*

    • jenny says:

      OMG I feel for you! Last year my right eye’s astigmatism started getting worse so they had me try out toric lenses. I find them so hard to wear that I just got reading glasses for over my contacts when it bothers me.

      I have seen toric circle lenses though but they cost a butt-load, like $70 a pair or smtg.

      • Courtney says:

        Ah, sucks!! I’ve had the hard contacts forever so I really don’t see a difference now… :/

        I can’t believe they’re that expensive, too! Almost as much, if not more than my regulars…T_T;;

  20. Shiri says:

    Circle lenses are an interesting thing.. for some they look good on, but on some it looks like the person is high on something (because of the large pupils).

    But I love the lenses you’re wearing. You look so cute ^-^!

    • jenny says:

      Ah yea. Though I think they look better on dark eyes but then again I just feel that way b/c trying to match a pair for light eyes just gets hard sometimes.

  21. So cute! The green colour is so beautiful!

  22. cin says:

    ooo i love the lenses!! i really wanna get contacts for my insurance claim thing this year~~
    haha well coloured contacts are more fun than the normal plain onesss sooo you got a reason to be lazy XD

    i love your thursday outfit!! :D

  23. kimmy says:

    ahhhh jenny you look so cutee :D

  24. Tutti Patuti says:

    i havent blogging for a while.. but u still look lovely as ever.. love the lenses

  25. Maikue says:

    OOH! the lenses look pretty cool!!!They go REALLY REALLY WELL WITH YOUR GREEN COLORED EYES!!!

  26. Amanda says:

    Could you possibly link me to those specific lenses?

  27. Ruby says:

    The animal cases are so cute! And you look really good with the contacts. Also, where did you get the overalls you’re wearing in one of the pictures? I really like them. ; )

  28. Stella says:

    I have the brown colour too..and i wanna try green as well :)

  29. Cindy says:

    Cutie cute as always. ^_^ Interesting how they have such a defined outer edge. lol about the Sephora girl comments. XD

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