Triple The Shoes!

Tuesday June 29, 2010 comments   

Training’s going well. :;_;: It’s a 3-day course for implementing and configuring the content management system known as Drupal. It’s a CMS my office is looking into to manage our current static websites because it’s currently used for the White House .gov website so as a gov’t agency we… blah blah blah. This is why I avoid blogging about work. :crap: Because really it’s quite dry & maybe boring. I only say it’s “boring” because many friends & family CANNOT seem to remember what it is I “do.” =_=; lol~ anywho~ I find it boring to blog about as well~ :smallcry:

I got a big Yesstyle order in today!
The order included 3 pairs of shoes! :driftingheart: Some super high heeled open-toed boots, yellow pumps, and black velvet ribbon strap pumps! :girlrage:

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I’m here!

Sunday June 27, 2010 comments   

Sorry to be so elusive this week. It was one of those SUPER BUSY WEEKS where nothing interesting happened~ Just work, doctor’s appointments, pms, and so on~~~ :( Tomorrow I start a 3-day training class. :;_;: We went to find the building Saturday, since I had never been there before & it was a good excuse to walk about the city. :!:

After we located it (god I hope I can find it again tomorrow, LOL) we grabbed a JUMBO SLICE of pizza and split it! :kyaaface:

Went to Bethesda later that night just to bum around. :good: Found out this small Japanese store I used to visit a lot when we first moved up here had closed down :ng:
*sad* :F

Then again I never went there anymore. :dizzy: It’s too far and their selection had gone down hill.
The one I’ve been going to, Maruichi, for the past 3 or so years always gets in new things~ things that are even new & seasonal in Japanese conbini! So.. yea~ hopefully that one will NEVER CLOSE or I might just die.. inside at least. :facepalmcry:

I got this really cute Audrey postcard from Veronica in the mail Saturday too~~ :bigheart:

Then today I did a little shopping. I wanted to find some cheap jeans. Ended up grabbing some of the $14 “FAB FINDS” F21 jeans. Plus this pair of silk-type black tuxedo slim pants were on sake for $8 so I grabbed em too.

Then this loose fit tank at Victoria’s Secret caught my eye~~ it was so cute and I could use more tank tops :;_;: ….
LOL, so I bought it! :iiface:

phhhhhhhhhhhhuftftft~ make & hair this morning~

LOOOOOOL this is the kind of outfit snap you get when you’re too lazy to pack your camera & in the Bloomingdale’s restroom with dim lights and a shittastic blackberry camera! :skull:

I hope I can get some looks scanned in & printed out this week. With the heat lately it’s been tough to plan for. It’s been 100F this week. Breaking some record for hottest day in June going back to the 1800’s~~~ But I digress~ I can deal. The humidity isn’t bad and flip flops are my savior :mkpoo: :iiface:

This is what my mags look like pre-scanning!! :haha: Filled with post-its!

I’m so tired you guys…….. I need a vacation :F :(
I’m so glad next week is a 3-day weekend!! Though I wish we were getting Friday off and not stupid Monday :ackface:


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