Off to Tokyo~ Be Back Soon!

Monday August 23, 2010 comments   

Be Back Soon~!

I wanted to put my blog on official hiatus~! :thankyou:
I’m off to Tokyo~! It’s not as big of an announcement as it was two years ago when we announced our elopement there~~ :excitedyo: but still, it’s for our 2nd Wedding Anniversary! :champagne:

Two years ago he said, “We’ll come back, in two years.” AND WE DID.:star2: :kyaaface:

I’m beyond excited to be going back, but when I think about the reason behind it~ :heartheartheart: it’s even better. :kissyheart: A sort of floating feeling. :cfaha2:

Anyway! So I’m 95% packed, the mail’s on hold, got my yen in hand, and house-sitter is all ready to go! :twinkle: I’ll be back online in about 3 weeks. :;_;: I’ll miss you guys! REALLY! :skull: I know I haven’t had much time lately to get around to everyone, so please… hold off on any life changing news till I come back!? :laughingheart::kissyfaceheart: Or AT LEAST comment them to me here so I can know when I get back what’s been going on! :iiface: Haahaa! I’m mostly kidding, (but really, I’ll feel so out of the loop with everyone and I’ll miss that!) I’ll have my netbook & blackberry but if it’s anything like last time, I’ll be too distracted. :facepalmcry: I toyed with the idea of blogging while there. :dizzy: The hotels I’m staying at both have wifi, but I don’t tend to sit around in my hotel room. :?: I usually come back & immediately pass out or sleepily write postcards THEN pass out. :):;_;: So I’ll just share everything when I’m back! I’m bringing the same travel journal :twinklepink: I took last time. I look forward to filling it up! It’s already half full~ I love travel journals. :kissyheart: I have one from every place I’ve traveled (well, every place abroad,:;_;: ) plus it gives you something to do on the long flight home. Recalling all the great days~ :ureshii: If I update anything it’ll be my twitter I guess! OoO:okicon: Oh! And I am bringing 1 of my film cameras! My little Golden Half OoO :girlrage: I was really happy :star: with the photos I got from it last time I took it! :good: Plus it’s easier to carry compared to my Holga and Fisheye2 :;_;: :good:

:twinklepink:SEE YOU~!*_*






Past Weekends

Saturday August 21, 2010 comments   

I picked up a few travel items yesterday. :updiamond: Anti-nausea gum, LOL. I’ve used “Sea-Band” patches in the past so when I saw there was this ginger gum I figured “why not!” I usually take Dramamine :F but I hate taking it for short trips (45 minute metro rides and such.) :;_;: So I’ll give this a try! hehe I also decided to take a gamble on a new product for thin, flat hair! I say gamble because these often don’t work. But, but! :laughingheart: At first I thought these were the same because they were packaged together :;_;: and I thought the “travel size” was the same product. :facepalmcry: But actually it’s got2B’s Fat-tastic instant collagen “mega-lift root-boosting spray” and “thickening non-aerosol hairspray.” :star:

I used the root boost spray on my bed head this morning. :blushingcute: I took a bath yesterday so my hair was already, well, kinda weighed down with oil. :facepalmcry: :smallcry: BUT, I was pretty pleased with the results! :kissyfaceheart: It wasn’t 0 – 100x’s better :;_;: but it did add volume and body that it actually looked like I had blow dried a freshly washed head of hair! :good: Haahaa, my bed head is REALLY thin and straight & flat. :kanjicry:

So I’ll try the hairspray tomorrow. :heartex: I wonder if they work well together or if that’ll be too much product & it’ll just weigh my hair back down? :crap: We’ll see. :twinklepink: I really like the root lift spray bottle. It has a really sensitive trigger but goes on easily and is like a finer mist than some products. :okicon: Also my hair still had some body after napping a few hours on it. :smallcry:

Yeah, I didn’t do much today. Went and had a nice breakfast then walked around a bit. Watched “The Men Who Stare at Goats” and fell asleep.

I haven’t posted weekend outfits lately so here’s this Saturday’s and last Saturday’s :D

:rose2: Tank: Alba Rosa
:rose2: Overalls: Yesstyle
:rose2: Sandals: Target
:rose2: Frames: UO

:rose2: Dress: Target
:rose2: Vest: Yesstyle
:rose2: Boots: JCP

My nails this past week. Simple cream pink with gold tips. I bought the yellow color of the Insta-Dri yesterday! My nails are now yellow with some black splatters on a few of them. :star2:

I also got these Dr. Scoll’s FAST FLATS. You can see the commercial for them here.

I figured I’d get them for the trip since I walk miles upon miles there! :kyaaface: This way I can wear out any new shoes I buy but if they start tearing up my feet too much I can slip these on! :iiface:

They were about $9. I wish they came in half sizes. :F I’m a 6.5 but had to bump up to the 7-8 size. The 5-6 fit/looked better on but were a tiny bit too tight. The 7-8’s fit OK, not too tight, but don’t look quite as sleek on because the fit is looser. :down: But it’s fine. :kissyheart: There’s been SO MANY SITUATIONS where I could have seriously used a tiny folded up pair of quick flats!

They come in a little pouch that they fold up into for easy carriage. We’ll see how well these work! :cutesy:

Last weekend was better for getting out! We went and finally saw Hubble 3D! :mooon: It was playing at the IMAX theater inside the National Air & Space Museum. So afterward you could roam around the museum and see the Hubble m,model too! It’s really good, I recommend seeing it if you’re a big space nut like myself. There are moments when you get really lost in it as you’re traveling through the stars in 3D~~ It was well worth racing to! The metro had delays so we nearly missed the beginning :orooro:


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