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Stayed home with a sinus infection today. :facepalmcry: I’m all hopped up on Tylenol head congestion sinus meds :;_;: right now though so it’s fine~ I’m trying to stay awake because I slept all day and I don’t want to be waking up at 3am. But I’m going to bed after this :deadtired:

I wrote an earlier private post for you with the password. :crap: It’s something I wrote on my Blackberry :lol: right when I got home from Tokyo. :kissyheart: I just needed to hit publish finally :okicon:

Miss these drinks~~

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Tokyo Musings

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OK, I wrote this the week I got back from Tokyo but wanted to finally get it posted!

I try to stay away from having preconceived notions & expectations. These tend to lead to disappointments. However, I often fail at keeping to that practice. Lol

Not having been in Tokyo for 2 years I can only really get a feel for what MUST be happening in Japanese fashion through magazines and bloggers. And perhaps I’ve forgotten that, with or without purpose, these outlets will always reflect said magazine’s or person’s own narrative. Unbiased is a rare find no matter what. It can’t be helped and that’s perfectly fine.

But some things people have personally told me I wouldn’t see, I did. Which just reminded me that the only opinion you should truly care about is your own. Of course that makes this entry moot right?! Lol noooo~ I don’t think you should live your life by my opinion either. I’m just static amongst an already overtly broadcasted world

So this is my reporting of realizations I felt personally.

Doesn’t make them true or others false.
These are just thoughts that came to MY MIND during my trip. As I walked through the streets of trendy Tokyo eyeing people’s personal style choices.

First and foremost it became gloryfyingly obvious that fashion styles directly relate to magazine sales. As in, Vivi is the #1 selling magazine and the most common styles I saw on the streets of Tokyo (I’m going to focus mostly on Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Harajuku here) were those from Vivi. The casual girly retro and more casual mode styles. I add “casual” because really the core magazine looks ARE there but they’re played down a bit. I even had a passing thought for a moment that most of the girls looked more “boring” than I had expected. And that thought was oddly comforting. Though, don’t get me wrong, they ALL (oh god, yes, it’s a sweeping generalization!) dress better than Americans as a whole. They wear more accessories, hats, scarves, and layers with more purpose than you’ll see on the streets of NY. (Sorry NY, I still love you. Something familiar will always be taken for granted anyway haahaa!)

Mode IS popular. I saw soooo many khaki pants, black tank, short white tee top outfits I lost count! And the Murua scarf dress was a hit in Shibuya. Saw it tons of times.

Ok. I think the best way to do this is with a list.
I fear this rambling entry will be long but I really want to get this down for myself at least!

Things that magazines push nonstop that I just rarely saw…

Real hits!
Things that truly are BIG from what I could tell!

Shibuya definitely had the most gals. There were some in full on Liz Lisa outfits but most were either mode style or just casual shorts, tops, heels. Lashes to the nines, cheeks lovely & bright, and most had long dyed straight hair. Had a few amekaji spotting’s but that’s it. Did see a woman in her late 40’s dressed very gyaru. Sorta past the Mama Gal stage though. I don’t usually like to think “dress your age” but upon seeing her I got the same feeling I get when I see a 40 year old shopping in Forever 21. I’m just sorta taken back and think “oh? Really? OK… hum, will this be me?” I think they have a right to dress however but it does often make me reflect on where I see my personal style at that age, lol

Shinjuku, as always, had the cabaret workers out ‘n about. Saw a few agejo here but only here. Most of Shinjuku was pretty casual & mixed. Used Mixed styles with girly, mote, or vintage twists and layers layers. Not really a lot of label’able looks. Just personal styles floatin about.

Harajuku definitely had the CUTiE style girls. I personally enjoyed the harajuku girls best. :headheart: Shibuhara and used mixed styles were mostly here. I’m an avid lover of both those styles so of course I was happy to see it :p. I was actually surprised by how often I saw it though. I suppose it does explain why Jelly & Zipper both had Used magazine specials now. Though there are lots of Used shops I did see some brand stores use the term to describe the “look” but without actually using “Used” clothing. Used clothing there isn’t like the US. It’s sometimes just as expensive as new brand items. At Avail even, everything was too $$$ for my taste lol. Though the store & clothes were quite awesome XD!!

As for outside those 3 main districts, styles got fairly basic. Girly soft layers were most popular. However the only lolitas and full on street styles I saw worn by people just shopping/walking around were mostly in the outlying areas. Interesting. I didn’t even cross a loli in Harajuku or Akihabara. Not that I know all there is to know about where to find them or much about their style!! I’m just stating what I saw during my travels~


So basically. Now that I’m back I’m not sure how much stock I can really put into magazine & blog reporting. When I got over there I was just struck with this overwhelming feeling of “wow, they’re really all wrong… Really?…Especially the magazines. It seemed like it used to be girls would follow a magazine to a T and if something was out IT WAS OUT. But I had read a few years ago that the 20-somethings were now “breaking the rules” a bit and sticking to a trend they liked even if magazines had banished them from every page. I saw that more this trip than I did 2 years ago. Though 2 years ago I was bigger into Vivi, Pinky, Non-no & Ageha. Mmmm there were more agejos & himegyarus on the street 2 years ago though *cries* (lol) Less gals though. I did see MORE gals than ever this trip. But not as many as I expected & even less outside of the center Shibuya.

Anywhoooo~~~ This was a fun adventure~~ I immediately started looking for more japanese blogs to follow. Of girls who seem on trend and a wider mix of fashion tastes too. I KNOW only really getting gal mags for the past year has shifted my thinking of what’s popular. Since gal mags don’t sell very well compared to other fashion magazines. I really should have kept up with Vivi maybe? But really, I still just miss PINKY geezus. Pinky really did represent a wider spectrum of the actual trends women were following. Sigh.

Being there really made me fall in love with Used Mix more than ever and made MODE look real and fashionable and less just like an 80’s spin off.

I made this private, I dunno, I only felt like telling my real friends this, haahaa~~ maybe I’ll make it public but doubt it ;)


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