PopSister Hair Arranges & Snaps

Friday October 29, 2010 comments   

The rest of the PopSister stuff! These are the street snaps & some hair arranges specifically for hats. Sorry the resolution blows~ :facecry: Usually I jack it up to at least 300dpi for hair scans & street snaps but I just plain ole forgot this time. :eep:

I’m finishing cleaning up the house right now. This weekend I’ll be BUSY so I won’t get the chance. :down: Tomorrow’s the Rally to Restore Sanity then Sunday’s Halloween :girlrage: *duuur* :lol: the Rally starts at 10am (well it says 12 but there are rumors of pre-rally stuff at 10? So we’re going at 10. I has no say in this, LOL) Runs till 3:00 or so~ I dunno how long I’ll be able to last. :ackface: Might puss out from walking, but probably not. The temperature will be 60F and I’ll be outside so I’ll need to dress warmish. :doubledquestion: But also comfortable because I’ll be on my feet mostly. :dizzy: Can’t dress like I did Wednesday when it was nearly 80 freakin degrees!!

Then Sunday’s Halloween~ Pumpkin got carved last night while watching the Halloween Community Episode :D. I also decorated the house on Tuesday, or Monday. I forget~ :blushingcute:

And hopefully everyone will get their Halloween cards by today! I’m sorta bummed though, I didn’t get 1 from my Mom or my Grandmother this year :( BUT I have this one from Courtney (YEAH!) Plus the Halloween gifts from my friend I got last week of course ;3~ Also received a cute kitty-cat postcard from Cin this week :driftingheart:

Ha! These 2 cards sorta look the same in a way! Though one makes me crave a sunny-side up egg! :hungry:

Oh! And I picked up that hair bun tool from Goody. The Spin Pins. It’s to make doing twist buns easier. AND IT WORKS! I love them. No regrets buying.

I’ve started using them for work on days I’m rushing out the door and have no time to do my hair! :skipping: These 2 pins eliminate my typical need for 10 or more bobby pins in order to do a bun. Now I can get away with only needing 3 bobby pins at the most! :upheart: I can tell with enough practice I can get it down to no bobby pins & just these. I’ve done that successfully a few times already. :kyaaface: The only reason I need any bobby pins at all is because my hair is crazy layered so I have to pin the tucked-in ends down a bit. I think if you have all one length or longer, fewer layers your bun will look less messy without needing any bobby pins. :good: Here’s a quick webcam snap I took today after getting home. It’s not the best but I just wanted SOMETHING :eep: to show for the entry :facepalmcry:

These come in two colors light hair & dark hair. And you twist your hair into a bun, no ponytail, then twist 1 pin in at the top & 1 in at the bottom :) . And done! :kissyheart: It was easier to do than I expected~ :crownkisses: And they’re pretty comfortable too, unlike hair pins I’ve used in the past, these don’t feel too tight or cause me headaches. :twinklepink: And this is for the typical bun & not those poofy top buns.

OK, OK, the PopSister stuff now~~~~~
There’s about 40 images~ just a fair warning before clicking. BTW “fair warning” seems to be my buzz word lately. strange~ :;_;:


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Autumn Seasonal Teas

Thursday October 28, 2010 comments   

Just in time for Halloween!
I wanted to get this up in case maybe someone would like to snag some for Halloween weekend. Snag what? Seasonal tea!

I tried 2 seasonal teas recently. :upheart: Both from Bigelow and can be found in most grocery stores and Targets. I’m not usually a fan of Bigelow teas for various reasons. Or tea bagged teas for that matter (loose leaf tea just tastes better than dust filled tea bags) BUT! But! I don’t mind buying seasonal flavored tea bags :twinkle: because they’re more common & easier to come by on a typical grocery store run than loose leaf (end tea snobbery, lol.) :blushingcute:

Pumpkin Spice Tea

OK, OK so this stuff is pretty good! :kissyfaceheart: It’s a black tea (yay my favorites :star: ) and is flavored with pumpkin, cinnamon, licorice, clove, ginger, etc.

Tastes mostly like spice tea with a hint of pumpkin. :) A lot like orange spice tea I think. But definitely tastes festive and is great unsweetened which is a huge plus because I don’t like to sweeten my teas AT ALL.

Apple Cider

This is an herbal tea. Fair warning, I rarely like herbal teas. :facepalmcry: I just find them bitter & unenjoyable most of the time. And like I said, I don’t like to sweeten my teas. But! I’m always open to trying new things and second chances, so I picked this up. :heartheartheart: You just never know~~ hehe

Flavored with apple, hibiscus, cinnamon, orange peel, rose hip, licorice root, clove, natural apple cider flavor.

The taste resembles more of a bitter green apple more than a spiced cider-like flavor. I mildly enjoyed this flavor. :eep: I did have to add a packet of splenda in order to actually “enjoy” it. However I’m not going to re-buy it. :down: I was underwhelmed. Also, it doesn’t really “agree” with my tummy :snot: I’ll probably be pawning the remaining bags I have off on coworkers. :smallcry:

I actually already bought a new box of the Pumpkin Spice teas! :P

And on the topic of “seasonal” things. I picked up these two バスロマン (Bath Roman) bath salts a few weeks ago from the Japanese market “Maruichi.”

(L) バスロマン ヒノキ浴
(R) バスロマン 森林温浴

They had these the past few winters. :updiamond: I had them last year and used them all up! :blushingcute: I think these make GREAT “winter-time” salts! Especially the hinoki cypress bath one on the left! :star2: The scent is so, so fragrant! :kissyfaceheart: It brings to mind Japanese ofuro, the wooden ceder hot tubs. :good: The bath water becomes a milky orange color.

The other, Shinrin, is a forest scented type. :sqxmastree: It has a strong, earthy pine scent and the bath water becomes a clear deep forest green. Both sort of remind me of Christmas Trees in a way :D! :sqxmastree: That evergreen scent wafting through your bathroom is really calming and gives you a sense of such warmth~ I rarely use these tree/forest types in the summer because it feels so out of place. :blushingcute: :lol: :gigglewakuface: These salts aren’t just for relieving mental stress through relaxation and aromatherapy, oh no no (lol,) but also skin ailments such as dry chapped skin, acne, frostbite (lol,) back pain, heat rash, poor circulation… well, they list a lot of things, are supposedly soothed by these. But really it’s just great for anytime you want to relax in the tub~~ :starburst:

Here’s the Bath Roman commercial showing the two types in action! LOOOOOOL I can’t believe this exists, I love the internet! :D


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