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Tuesday October 05, 2010   


Mmm :puup: I don’t know what to say really. :crap:
I feel like I’ve been out of commission forever. :dizzy:
Today is the first day I didn’t take cold/sinus medicine. But besides being sick with a sinus infection & away or busy I feel my blog-blog :twinkle: is being neglected a bit. :madmark: I often THINK of updating. But it’s a passing fancy. :down: I don’t have the time or energy most days to even get on my HOME computer.

I’ve been productive offline lately too.:twinklepink: I reorganized my closet again preparing for autumn! It’s already cold & rainy in the 50’s so motivation was easy. :gigglewakuface: Also FINALLY cleaned all my dirty clothes! Seriously, I had stuff still dirty from Tokyo and my Office Overnight too! Then add on the beach weekend laundry. It’s easy for 1 day of laundry to take weeks because there’s not just MY clothes but Mike’s plus dirty towels and I wash sheets weekly too! But now I’m down to just my jeans needing cleaned & I’ll be done. And speaking of Mike just cut in line and threw his stuff into the washing machine! Grrrrrr! :stressedmind: I just had 2 more loads left to do! *sigh*

I know, I live a dazzling :star: life, let me tell you lol! :good:

Ok, but I have a point! :kissyfaceheart: With organizing my closet I also bought a new makeup bag! The bag to end all bags! It’s a fold out traveling & hanging bag from Sephora. :rose1: I even put a hook up for it! It fits everything in 1 place. In 1 damn bag! :iiface: I did have 5 separate bags before. Total nightmare especially when it came to travel. Now I have this larger bag & my much smaller “Daily Make” bag :berry: that I take with me to the office every day and that’s it! Daily bag only contains essentials and creates mostly “office looks” while the large bag at home has the colorful palettes, blushes, and fake lash tools.

I love when my shit’s organized :driftingheart: I could ramble on about it forever~~~ :biglove:

Yeah, I bought the gold bag to match the gold paint on my closet wall of course!
Another great thing about this bag is that the large middle pouch (and the mirror) are attached with velcro so you can easily remove them to take them somewhere :D

Reorganized everything even my vanity top, drawers, and shelves. Serioiusly I can actually find crap again!

Figured I’d post my Tokyo haul for makeup too! :headheart: Just quick snaps. I still haven’t opened much except 1 blush and 2 glosses. These feel so precious to me it’s hard to break the seals! Plus I’ve got PLENTY of other tubes/compacts I should finish off FIRST! :bow:

Photos from Donki store :skull:




I ended up only buying 1 Dolly Wink nail polish. :crap: The rainbow glitter one. I have most the other shades already from different brands and then I got paranoid :stressball: about how long the polish takes to dry. I’m really impatient :blushingcute: and even if I love a polish color, if it takes longer than 5 minutes to dry I’m more likely to go with one of my 60 Second dry polishes. :smallcry: It just never fails. :toto:

Trying to decide whether or not to go to the mountains this weekend. :pissy: The rain is supposed to stop by the weekend leaving gorgeous sunny weather! :celebrate: However, the leaves or only about 40% changed (to those lovely autumn colors.) But with all the rain lately do I really want to risk it by waiting 1 more week just to see full fall colors? :mkpoo: Could be freezing & rainy next weekend gaaah! :F Of course I can’t go the next weekend because I’ll be at Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity :P


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62 Responses to “Sephora Hanging Travel Bag”

  1. Veronica says:

    I freaking love organizing stuff LOL –

    OMG I can’t wait to go to the Ueno Donki – it’s a short walk from our hotel! (not an accident)
    I see you got the Habanero chili bath powder up there! That stuff is awesome and really potent

    Have fun at the rally – let me know how it goes, wish I could go to Colbert’s Rally to Keep Fear Alive ;) HAHA

    • jenny says:

      Andy will loves it. Mike LOVES it. He hated it the first few times (last trip) but realized there’s dude stuff there too now and we usually split up spending FOREVER in the damn stores XD

      I bought more bath salt than anything else. I’ll post that next! I think I spent more on bath stuff than clothes & makeup combined :X

  2. Honeydew says:

    Holy crap, that’s the most false eyelashes at a store that I have EVER seen in my life! :)

    Oh, I’ve been thinking about whether if I should go to the park this weekend too to take pictures of the beautiful autumn leaves. But it has been raining quite a bit and most of them has fallen off the tree. Though there are still a great number of trees that haven’t turned coloured yet. Haha, I think we have about the same weather & view in terms of autumn feel, LOL.

    I have to organize my closet this weekend too. Need to bring out the fall/winter stuff and put away all the summer clothes!

    • jenny says:

      Do you have it where all the leaves finally turn but then a wind storm comes through and rips them all off the trees!? That’s happened to me like 4 years in a row! I’m not even kidding DX

      Hopefully we can BOTH see SOME fall foliage this year even if it is mixed with green :P

  3. Rachel says:

    Wowwww~ What a beauty haul!! How much were each of those items? Looking at the larger pics they look to be around $5-$10? Not bad seeing as how the quality looks! I think I’d go nuts if I ever encountered a store like that. :P

    • jenny says:

      The lashes were between $5~$15 depending on brand, the makeup between $10~$18 mostly~~ I’d rather not count it up… I came home on budge that’s all that matters *repeats this to herself over & over* hahaha

  4. sidney says:

    you are so cute! Hahaha I totally love organizing things, but you take it to a whole new level (kidding~).

    if I saw that many lashes I most def would have freaked out and bought way too many…your hall looks like self restraint to me!! though everything you got looks like so much fuuuun~

    also, LOVE the gold paint! *A*

    • jenny says:

      LOL, no, it’s true, I do! I’m a bit unbalanced haha AND THANK YOU!
      IT IS RESTRAINED!!!!!!!
      OK, I kept wanting to buy MOAR Candy Doll & Dolly Wink but refused to buy anymore at Donki b/c pharmacies sold it $5 cheaper but then I just kept putting it off then putting it off then no more room to pack stuff =_=;;;

  5. Sami says:

    Those bags are so handy! and yours is very stylish

    and wow, when I read you were posting your make up haul
    I didnt expect to see that picture! You bought so much!! Haha
    I love it
    and let me know what you think of the Candy Doll lip concealer as I am tempted by it~

    • jenny says:

      I’ll let you know right now!!!!!!!!
      GOOD QUESTION! OK, OK, I was only a tiny bit disappointed with it but ONLY because it works just as well (for me at least) as my satin MAC lipstick “Myth.” I had been applying Myth then color gloss on top. I felt the Candy Doll concealer worked exactly the same. So I’m not disappointed I bought it, no, no, but being back in the states buying Myth is more cost effective for me :D but if I were in Tokyo I’d buy the concealer instead. :D

      I think really Myth is a really good REPLACEMENT for the Candy Doll concealer since I can’t get it cheaply.

      Worth a try? Yes if you still haven’t found a lip concealer! I still only wear lip stick/rich colored glosses on nude lips since my natural color is really quite deep and flushes out most hues :(

  6. Becky says:

    I wish such such awesome cosmetics were more readily available over here. I mean it’s not often you go and see a place where you can buy such a vast variety of contacts and falsies.
    Don’t forget to show us some pics of yourself using all the new cosmetics! :)
    I’m especially eager to see the lashes!

  7. Melissy says:

    Wahhh~ So many pretty pictures!! Tokyo has so many girly stuff~ :)
    Hahahah you are so organized as well!! I feel ashamed loool. -shifty eyes- ^^

  8. Deso says:

    Aw, love the fold make up bag! So nice to have make up organized. Lol, I don’t have to have it organized since I only have lip gloss and mascara, but I’m a fan for organization anyways :P

    And of course you should go to the mountains this weekend!!! I’m sure there will still be plenty to look at, even if the fall colors have not fully arrived yet. :)

    So many new lashes, can’t wait till you try them on and tell us how it goes! :D

    • jenny says:

      Yea I’ve come a LONG way from mascara + face powder. I never really owned something so… put together & SERIOUS!

      I’m going to the mountains for sure!! Already decided XDv

  9. Ctina says:

    Gosh, I even the amount of makeup you have O__O & I love the mini Cher bag too btw :)

  10. Thanh Thao says:

    Waaaa, the make-up shots are like paradise!!! So many new things, wish you much fun in using all those lovely stuff!

    • jenny says:

      Thanks! It’ll take me months to use it all don’t you think?! LOL I’m actually starting to be good and using entire tubes of lip gloss, mascara, and so on as I find products I really like!

  11. Ys says:

    I love that you got the bag to match your wall :) You have such amazing make-up. I feel very inferior cos I only use mascara hehehe. You bought so much stuff in Japan. It must feel great to look at all that new stuff. I love getting new stuff hehe ;)

    • jenny says:

      Don’t feel inferior XD you just have a different style is all :D
      I do still love just LOOKING at my new stuff. I still have most things in their boxes/packaging :X

  12. Tori says:

    Awe, Jenny~ I hope you start to feel 100% better soon!! ;o;
    But don’t you just love laundry?? XD lol~ It’s bad enough just doing my own, I can’t imagine doing someone else’s on top of it! Bad Mike, haha!
    That makeup bag is GLORIOUS though ♥ I love that it has the velcro attachment to remove the separate bags… That is too ingenious.
    & I seriously just died at your Tokyo make haul ♥ You can just give me at least 2 pairs of the lashes you bought, that’s all I want! hahaha~ ;P

    • jenny says:

      Thank you sweetie, me too~ I’m still congested and have to clear my throat CONSTANTLY when talking ;_;

      I know… the perils of being a wife. Thankfully most of the time he does his own laundry but I don’t mind really doing it either. It’s just him sneaking in there while I’m in the middle of doing my massive pile is so annoying DX But today I’m done! I’m doooooooooone finally. Felt sad to wash my Tokyo clothes clean though ;X

  13. Nami says:

    Agh your Tokyo haul looks so… omg, let’s just say I kind of died a little inside.
    I’ve been seeing that thing you have, that looks like a pink Starbucks cup (dunno how to describe OTL), and I keep wondering what it is…it’s in a few magazines and stuff…is it for your hair? *clueless*

    In any case, that sephora case is GREAT and it looks really good on your matching (closet) wall!

    • jenny says:

      IT’S HAIR DYE!!!!!!!!!! ビューティラボふりふりホイップヘアカラー (Beauty Labo’s furi furi whip hair color) in Caramel Custard!

      I’m going to dye my hair with it in a few weeks!!! XD

      • Nami says:

        wow, that was unexpected!! XDD I never expected it to be hair dye but I think that’s the most awesomely packaged hair dye I’ve ever seen.
        And what a LOVELY colour as well!! I’m sure it will look great on you. I hope you’ll post pictures when you have dyed it (:

        (also wow you found me on tumblr. maybe unconsciously though haha? as I keep it secret from pretty much everyone LOL)

        • jenny says:

          Yea it’s this hair dye you shake and it turns into mousse for easy application! I hope it turns out OK, it’s supposed to be gentle LOL.

          I probably found you on tumblr because you’re just that awesome XDDDDDDDDDDDD

  14. ada says:

    omg a lot of eyelashes!!! the packages are so beautiful, no wonder that u don’t want to open it xD it looks fabolouuuus, which one you like the most?
    oh candy doll lip glosses, for me is too tacky,
    what about blushes? are they good?

    • jenny says:

      I actually haven’t used any of the blush yet but have used the highlighter. It’s pretty good and subtle, I don’t mind the glosses but I think because I’ve been wearing thick lip make to conceal my natural lip color might be why it doesn’t bother me much.

      Which lash do I like most!? Hmmmmmmmm, hard choice! The Dolly Wink bottom line is just so, so varied & awesome~~ :D

  15. jayjayne says:

    Dear God – I need one of those!

    When ever I go traveling, all my gear turns into a one massive jumbled mess!
    URGH – totes unawesome – but this looks like the solution to all packing woes!


    I loved the range they had – insane!

    • jenny says:

      Exactly! On my last trip with all those bags it was chaos just finding a place to set them! I could have just hung this up in my hotel rooms on the shelves and have been READY TO GO! God… I regret NOT having this sooner, seriously.

  16. Linda says:

    you really do have a lot of makeup and accessories!!! :O

  17. rene says:

    What an awesome bag! It is so huge! But isn’t it gonna take up so much space in the luggage?

    Wow. You bought so many boxes of fake lashes! And I see you got several bottles of Victoria Secret’s body mist! which is your fave?

    • jenny says:

      Not as much space as those previous 5 bags did!! This actually folds up to the size of my larger pouch because it’s designed so well. Plus the main bag comes out so if I just wanted to bring, let’s say, my eyelash stuff & some basics I could just pack that 1 pouch!

      Oh I love VS body mists! My favorite is the new Delicate Petals “rose” scent.

  18. Genevieve says:

    That bag is so awesome! I need something like this. I have all my makeup in various tins and plastic storage containers lol.

    WOW you got A LOT of makeup stuff from Japan! How cool! I have to admit, when I get something Japanese, I tend to hoard it as well. I still have unopened/unused toiletries from Little Tokyo in LA (last time I went was summer 2003!) LOL

  19. Sara Mari says:

    Argh, those photos from donki, you torture me! Torture!!
    It really makes me wish I had bought more eyelashes while I was there in August, and most of the lashes I did buy I just left at my place there so I can’t use them anyway argh! I don’t buy much Japanese cosmetics, I used to be so into them but then I realized it was just my Japan obsession spilling over into the beauty department haha! XD

    • jenny says:

      Awe really?! That’s too bad though t_t;; I LOVE Japanese beauty products! Actually Japanese fashion & beauty are what really got me hooked on Japan truly. Especially the makeup! The variety and quality are just far more superior than US products. Especially at the drugstore level & price! Pigmentation is higher in even their cheap eyeshadows and color range is greater in blush, glosses, everything! And they’re always ahead with trends. Like lashes. Lashes are FINALLY “popular” at Sephora but 2 years ago they didn’t carry any! Now they’ve got that whole lash line and display. Used to be you could only find lashes at the MAC bar. I know that in 2 years “lip concealer” will be THE THING in the US and everyone will act like it’s this amazing new concept and I’ll just be in Sephora rolling my eyes hahahahaa!

  20. Twitty says:

    OMG. That bag…why did you show me this?!! Sephora is my ultimate guilty pleasure…I can’t keep my money in my pockets whenever I visit. ;_;

    I’m a rather messy person sometimes so my makeup bag right now… is just awful. Now I must have a bag like that. I’m not sure about the gold color for me, though; I like lighter, softer colors.

    On another note, I’ve recently read your entire blog from the beginning. O_O My eyes felt like they were going to fall out of my head, but I like to really get to know the blog I’m reading and I can’t continue reading someone’s blog without knowing the whole story…I think I explained that right…ANYWAY….I love your blog!

    • jenny says:

      Unfortunately they only have these rich colors right now. I would have rather liked a soft blue or pink or something but they just have gold, silver (I think) and a rich purple at the moment =Y Maybe that’ll help you save you’re money!? XD

      Gah I can’t believe you went back and read all that dribble!!!! Hahahahaaa, my life’s not interesting enough hahaha

  21. Zoraida says:

    omg *3* everything looks so delicious. all of those colors remind me of candy or apples *3*

    HAHAHAH i love organizing things too~~ it’s so fun~ especially when you rediscover something you thought you lost! ocd?? what is ocd!?!!!

    i looooove goooooooooooold

  22. Fatiha says:

    wow jenny~~~♥♥♥ so many reasons to admire you… O_O kekekekeke~♪ that traveling bag from Sephora is not only handy, but super pretty at the same time!!! i love the “daily” makeup bag~it’s a good thing you won’t have to carry around so much anymore!!!!! it seems like you got a lot from japan~ and it looks like you’re happy about it too!!!

    and yes, you DO live a very dazzling life!! ^_^

    • jenny says:

      Psshaw~ *disagrees* but thank you :D
      Yea, carrying so many bags was difficult, even storing them at home was a challenge & they took up SO much random space! Now everything’s on THE WALL!

  23. cin says:

    i admire your neatness!!! *_*
    and you got the dolly wink lippies in the end :D sorry i couldnt get it for you last time!!
    and yay for the rally! it seems fun! XD phil watched jon stewart everyday so i knew about it but im not in the U.S so can’t join in..

  24. Spanky says:

    Whoaaaaa~! Lash-overload! XD I would die from sheer joy if I went to that beauty-combini!
    I’m usually a lurker on your blog but I really wanted to know–On your last trip to Japan you bought a kigurumi, right? Did it cost around $80-90 USD?

  25. mishi says:

    Man, it’s already getting cold T^T don’t remind me haha

    ! I’m not good at recognizing perfumes but I just came back from a store where I almost bought that purple one~ ‘Princess’, is it?

    Giiirl that is quit a collection of new lashes D: magnificent

  26. cheri says:

    I hope you feel better!

    And you got yourself quite a haul from your trip to Japan! How long do those eyelashes usually last? I’ve bought some before, but they were totally destroyed after like 3 uses. But then again, I tend to be really rough with lashes when I take them off….

    • jenny says:

      It depends on brand & care. I clean my lashes after each use with eye makeup cleaner so my lashes tend to last a while. I’m not sure with most of these yet because they’re all holding up really well still :)

  27. Courtney says:

    Oh my god my whole life is revitalized when I organize shit! hahaha Seriously it makes SUCH a difference…I love purchases like that! :Dv Sounds really handy with the velcro, too!

  28. G says:

    Hello . May I know where is this shop located in japan ? I’m going there next month for the first time and I’m looking for those cheap place to shop ! :D

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