I Love Bath&Body Works Candles

Monday November 08, 2010   

This past week I had decided to stay in the whole weekend. :girlrage: I really felt I hadn’t been finishing things I wanted to get done at home. So Mike agreed too! :gigglewakuface: We went out for dinner Friday night since we planned to not go out all weekend. I had these thai spring rolls with sweet chili sauce as well as some gyoza, tempura, & side of cali roll. :hungry: Then got a Starbucks & I think we went shopping a bit. :dizzy: Ran errands, went to Trader Joe’s, blah blah. Geezus it was so cold out & there was a chance of snow! XO

:pissy: Coat: H&M
:pissy: Fur-trimmed Cardigan: Love Drug Store
:pissy: Jeans: Forever21
:pissy: Boots: Shimamura

Ok so Saturday I wake up to Mike getting ready to go out with friends. :ackface: :( Lol fml he sucks at making pacts! :facepalmcry: Haahaaa! But I stayed in, AS PLANNED, and got sooooo much done! Yes yes! :twinklepink: *_* The same for Sunday but I did finally go out to Bath & Body Works to use some sweet coupons I had that expired the next day =_=;; :rejected: I got 4 scented holiday candles for the price of one! :upheart: And a new rubber ducky with glitter :star::twinkle:*_* inside~ My old white one from them is starting to look really old & haggard.

I also got this pump of Victoria’s Secret Body Lotion free! I never had this kind for myself. I picked up the Sweet & Flirty scent. I had always just bought it for friends. :kissyheart: But it’s nice!! :heartex:

It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy, so I can easily use it in the mornings all over without worrying it’ll make my clothes feel gross & greasy all day. :rubeyes: Plus the scent stays :O! I get lovely whiffs of it throughout the day XD. :cfaha2: Omg, I think I’m gonna make this lotion my de facto winter-wear lotion! :grinning: I HAVE to lotion up every day in winter or my skin gets so dry & sore X( :madmark: :;_;: But for a long time all the lotions I had left my clothes feeling dirty because the lotion wouldn’t dry “clean” and left a film on my skin. :smallcry: I did find one that would absorb clean leaving my skin feeling moisturized but not greasy LOTION’D. Curel’s Daily lotion is great for putting on for the day. It’s unscented too. :good: But I like this Victoria’s Secret scent a lot :rose3: :D & it compliments my daily fragrances toooooo :D

Ok I’m going on & on bout the most random things from my quite boring, yet arguably productive weekend~ :snot::rejected::rejected:

OH, today I got a bit more post! :headheart: It’s the “friendship exchange” notebook Karme and I have been doing since… at least 2008, maybe even 2007 :orooro: These booklets are set up for 2 pages for a friend to fill out then you pass it onto the other person to fill out & back & forth. :D They’re really cute with sections broken out for recommendations or love advice, hahahahaaa :iiface: :kissyheart:! There are some for sale here and here for a better idea.

You used some crazy scented pen this time! The whole thing smells like romantic perfume Karen!!!!! :blushingcute: :lol: :girlrage:

I get a day off work this week too. What should I do~~ :celebrate: :ohwhoa:

:orooro: O O O! And Conan comes on tonight! SO MUCH EXPECTATION :?: :?: :?: :?: :excitedyo:


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58 Responses to “I Love Bath&Body Works Candles”

  1. Dasha says:

    Omg how cute is that notebook!!
    I love how you always look elegant and put together!

  2. Jeannine says:

    I love the friendship exchange idea~ I think I might give it a try…my best friend and I have been having some hard time getting along lately (and we’ve been best friends in elementary school u_u such a shame…) since we go to different schools and we have different schedules…maybe it’ll bring us back closer together :D
    Anyway, I love that the duck has eye lashes lol
    And high 5 for having super dry skin!….or not since it’s not really a good thing….hahaha

    • jenny says:

      That’s a really sweet idea. I know how people can drift, and it can be really hard. It’s always worth that 1 last effort you know? Hope you guys can find time to reconnect over things \:D/

      Haahaa, high 5 too~ I know, we are NOT alone right?! Winter is so harsh.

  3. M says:

    nice outfit
    really like those jeans , are they printed??

    yes im quite obsessed with candles myself recently! definitely will go to bath&body works soon~~~~

  4. aw those spring rolls look too yummy~~ah making me hungry lol…n love your frdship exchange notebook idea~~ur pages are super adorable!!

  5. Veronica says:

    That friendship notebook is seriously the sweetest thing ever!

    Lookin’ good up there! that fur trim is aces over the coat lapel :)

    • jenny says:

      THANKS! I loved how it looked with last winter’s man jacket, haahaa, I was like “Oh hell yes it flops right over the collar! THANK GOD!”

    • jenny says:

      Tell me what you thought!! I watched it last night (so tired today) I like how it still feels a lot like his comedy tour!! And he seems more himself & honest without the chains of NBC censors on him. And the beeeeard! But it is a bittersweet feeling to me too personally. I remember (b/c it was like only last year!) being SO excited when he took over the Tonight Show. Like it was this part of my adult life I knew would be happening and was excited for. But i’m sure he felt the same, LOOOOOOL. TV really let me down with that whole Leno BS but I’m glad Conan’s back on air. With Andy’s insane & often inappropriate banter.

      Did Max not make it? Retired? TBS couldn’t afford him? Full time Bruce gig now? =Y

  6. Fatiha says:

    it sounds like you had a yummy dinner fraday night~ ^_^ the PINK lotion looks very interesting!! and promising as well~ and the glittery rubber duckie is super adorable hehe and i absolutely love the “friendship exchange” notebook- it’s super cute!
    and i must say, my weekend was quite productive as well! i got much done than i thought i would!
    high fives for setting aside time to get annoying work done! ^^

    • jenny says:

      Awesome for a productive weekend!! Did you have good weather too :), it was so sunny out which was kinda nice to stare at while I cleaned & whatnot :3

  7. zoraida says:

    AHHHH. I get the dry skin syndrome during winter too! Especially on my legs so I have to moisturize at least 3 times a day for them to be nice and smooth. D:

    How are those candles? I was thinking of getting some to make my room smell all nice and holiday spirit-y but some candles can be such gimmicks :C

    The notebook exchange is a cute idea! Reminds me of slambooks from my primary days hahah~

    • jenny says:

      The candles are a total waste of money & a gimmick! No, wait, I said I LOVED them! Haahaa, nah, these are hands down THE BEST CANDLES. I think they can be a bit costly (I buy the triple wick ones which are regular price $20 I think) but you can almost always find them on sale for $10 each or just buy the smaller ones. I used to think Pier1 candles were the shit in college, but now I just know they’re shitty. When I light one of these downstairs I can smell it upstairs 10 minutes later~ it makes my whole house smell great! And the scents are true to sniff. They don’t smell weaker or different than they do in the jars. That’s what I like about them compared to other candles. Usually candles are weak as shit or smell nothing like they do in the jar. My favorite ones are all the winter holiday scents but last year Mike’s Mom got me some classic scented ones which got me re-hooked on lighting candles again.

      We’ve always bought the Christmas candles from B&BW though. Ever since they first put out the “Perfect Christmas Tree” one that come out, I dunno 7 yrs ago or smtg. Wish they had it still but their evergreen or holly wreath smell just like it :)


      Gen (a few comments down) said they can be overpowering for her? I buy the large versions since my house is really open but I’d probably buy the small ones if it’s just for 1 room with closed doors.

  8. レイカ says:

    I love having just lazy weekends in doors, especially when its so bloody cold!!
    lazing about in PJs on my couch, eating udon soup for a good 2-3 days keeps me productive during the week. LOL

    I CAN’T WAT FOR CONAN!! I love the commercial where he’s washing his desk =3

  9. Melissy ♥ says:

    YAY for day-offs! Just relaxing for a day sounds like a good plan. XD
    And and you always have perfectly curled gorgeous hair in your photos!!! *u*

  10. priincess says:

    I seriously love your outfit! I’m really feeling the fur collar! :)

    • jenny says:

      Thanks so much! I love it too, I’m so glad I got this cardigan! \:D./ I was leaving the store then noticed a staffer wearing it and was like *_* ~~~

  11. rene says:

    You really have a heart of a kiddo! The friendship exchange notebook is sooo cute!

    I have always wanted to get some stuffs from Bath & Bodyworks! Sadly, I can only get them online, candles, lotions and showergels weigh a ton! So shipping can be ex!

    I’m also loving your hairstyle now!

  12. Thao says:

    Those are some really nice candles!!! Thinking about getting some for my roommate; she loves candles and I’m sure she’ll use them at the apartment, so I win? Lol.

  13. Sofia says:

    helloo, i just wanted to say hi, and tell you i just started following your blog ^^ i like your layout and design. and the way you write, and your photos ^^

    • jenny says:

      Well hello and I appreciate you taking the time to say hi!! \:D/ You like how I write? Hahaha, that makes me feel so paranoid about how I must come across in my blog writing, I’m surprised anyone can follow my insane train of thoughts so THANK YOU I’m HAPPY *___*!!!

  14. Tasja says:

    hahah that glittery duck is so awesome. I love how it has lashes!

    & that food looks delicious *drool* so those are thai spring rolls.. must remember xD

    also the friendship exchange notebook is a very cute idea ^^
    I hate that I can’t see my best friend that often, because I have a super busy schedule right now :(

  15. Shirley says:

    I love that friendship exchange notebook idea!
    My younger sister used to do that with her friends – but sadly I feel like there’s no one for me to exchange with T-T

    Always love reading your updates ^3^

    • jenny says:

      Awe yeah, I think Karen & I are just insane enough for this friendship notebook to work, hahahaha~

      Motivation to keep updating right!!?? I realized I’ll be gone over a week this month so I should update a lot before I go :(

  16. Anna says:

    I’m a new follower to your blog. Figured I should greet you before commenting :’D

    The food looks really good, and for me, who loves cali rolls I’m now hungry for them!
    Lucky you, finding a lotion that gets absorbed fast by the skin. I have the exact same problem as you concerning dry skin and I yet have to find a good one. But I’m taking your tips of the two lotions you’ve used to see if I finally can get rid of the dryness :)

    • jenny says:

      Nice to meet you! I like the formal introductions, they’re nice!! I sometimes feel like a total creeper surfing new blogs then just commenting as if I’ve been stalking them for years :X, maybe I should stop doing that… hahaha!

      I hope you can find either one of the lotions that worked for me! I don’t know if everybody’s different so maybe you won’t get the same results but I spent so much time hunting down that first one I found, the Curel one :O and was so happy it worked for me. I was tired of my work pants feel greasy all day long O_O;;

  17. Genevieve says:

    Those journals are so cute! Reminds me of how my friend Michelle and I had notebooks we would write in in junior high & then exchange at Youth Group or something ^_^

    I have that Fireside candle. I hate it. The scent is SO STRONG! I think it’s meant for a McMansion so the scent can spread around without choking someone ;)
    I’m super picky about my autumn/winter scents, though. I pretty much only like Farmer’s Market and Christmas Wreath by Yankee.

    Yay for getting stuff done! I’m really excited for my classes to end because our guest room is looking a bit like a miniature hoarder’s house with all the STUFF piling up XD

    • jenny says:

      LOL mcmansion. Yea we light them downstairs which is an open floorplan so maybe it diffusing through the house & stairwell help? I LOVE fireside! We set it on top of the faux fire-stove and light it & pretend, hahahaa!

  18. Tori says:

    Your outfit & friendship diary are SO CUTE!! ♥
    Sometimes it’s nice to just stay inside~ I agree, it was fucking COLD this weekend XD Perfect for staying indoors~

    • jenny says:

      God you were in NY too where it was EVEN COLDER! DNW. Yea the sun was out here but still balls cold O_O;;;; Staying in was QUITE lovely.

  19. Miya says:

    oh I just love Victoria’s Secret lotions! I always took them for granted, but now that I am in the UK and cant get them I miss them terribly!!! i love a good productive weekend.

    • jenny says:

      Ah yea, VS is stateside only ;_;. I felt I took VS for granted for a REALLY long time until my friend got me obsessing over them. I was already in the store buying stuff for her & slowly GOT HOOKED! Now I want everything from their beauty aisle, even a lot of the makeup is great! I don’t like lotions from any other brand now :X, or body sprays… I think I’m a VS snob now o_o;; omg…

  20. Sara Mari says:

    Oh our tastes in candle scents are so different, perhaps even opposite? I always hate the “evergreen” type of scents, and I always love the “food” types like vanilla, pumpkin, cake etc haha….I’m food obsessed. >_> Or maybe shearing all those christmas trees in my youth put me off the smell haha!

    I love the concept of that friend book! Its so cute. I wish I had someone to exchange that with hehe^^

    • jenny says:

      I did have the “Sweet Pumpkin” one for Halloween! But I don’t really like food smell ones outside of apple cinnamon. I’m definitely into the nature scents and BECAUSE they remind me of my childhood! OMG, hahahaaa! Then again, I never CUT down xmas trees, I just sat & watched my Dad do it. HUGE difference maker I’m sure!

  21. ada says:

    I didn’t have a chance to tell you that, but your new hairstyle is really pretty. It suits u very much!

  22. Betty says:

    I wish we have Victoria Secret here! But we do have B&B Works. Love that place and I wanna buy all of their lotions. hahaha.

    Lol. Poor you, Mike totally bailed out on his pact huh? I used to have a little notebook with my best friend and we’d exchange it back and forth too ^-^ It was actually really fun.

    • jenny says:

      Ah lucky then because they’re supposed to carry some of the VS PINK line stuff! Maybe you’ll see it someday :D & you can sniff away~ I was smelling them, choosing, for way too long…

  23. Ys says:

    I love the notebook idea – that is so cute :) I tried to keep a book for Ray and I during our relationship but I completely forgot to keep writing in it. I MUST try to get a new book and start afresh! You have inspired me to do so :)

    I’m glad you had a good weekend staying in, catching up on house stuff. Sometimes it’s nice to just stay home and relax :)

    • jenny says:

      AWE~ that’s sweet! I wish I had started journal writing again when Mike & I started dating but I just didn’t~ ;-;

  24. Jane says:

    Yay! Wonderful little lotion review just in time! I’m on the market for exactly what you described as a “lotion that doesn’t leave filmy grease” on my skin.

    Sounds like a productive yet relaxing weekend there. =)
    Friday nights out and stay-at-home Saturdays seem really ideal this time of year.

    • jenny says:

      AWESOME! I hunted down the Curel one FOREVER! Trying lotion after lotion until I found this one that didn’t feel GROSS after applying it :D

  25. Mai says:

    That dinner looks really yummy! Would you mind recommending it :D? Those candles look like they smell really good. I love candles (especially the holiday scent) but I’m afraid of fire so I can’t deal with candles being lit for long x; The rubber duck is really cute too! & I love the friendship book idea. I might have to buy one once I find a friend to exchange with n_n;;

    • jenny says:

      Recommending? As in the place? It’s from a place called EN Asian Bistro :D

      Ah yes, I’m often paranoid of leaving candles lit for too long too. I had a roommate once that would fall asleep with them lit! Needless to say wax covered carpet… we didn’t get our deposit back =_=;;;

  26. Bianca says:

    I want to make a friendship journal, but who ends up keeping it in the end??? I would want it so bad!! mm sushi…im so hungry right now..ugh and dont even remind me of winter hands back when i used to work in the graphics lab at school, touching paper all day, then go to work in the costume shop…my hands looked like ghost and felt like zombies

  27. sukipooki says:

    oh that h&m jacket is adorable! and the thai spring rolls looks delicious haha you can tell im getting hungry =P the vs cream looks nice too I wish we had vs here in vancouver!

  28. cin says:

    omg that’s the coolest duck i’ve seen! :D
    i love your outfit too~

  29. Courtney says:

    *O* Lovely weekend! Yummy food + cold weather+ staying in but being productive + shopping goodies…

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