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Friday November 12, 2010   

Last week I put in for a magazine subscription to Used Mix through fujisan.com. It’s only a quarterly magazine so each season has an issue. I should get the Winter issue coming on December 22nd since it’s only November

I have an issue of Used Mix from Spring. I really love “Used Mix” style. I had been following it a bit before. CUTiE used to have a little section in the back showing used clothing coordinates. Other magazines do too including PopSister. Then some magazines like Zipper, Jelly, and a few others put out special “Used” clothing issues!

Ok so Used Mix means mixing in “used” clothing with your coordinate. Like salvation army. But not r e a l l y, the used clothing stores in Tokyo can often be quite pricey. Since much of it is refurb’d and altered. But there are also cheaper ones like your typical US consignment shops. There are expensive US consignment shops toooo~ hum~~~ Anyway!, I saw a lot of non-used clothing items being sold for the “Used Mix” look. The term is being used to describe the style and not just the clothing condition of having actually been “used.”

OK I’m rambling but I just love Used Mix especially for layered looks~

I bought the above magazine, 古着MIXガールズ, from Book-Off. Roughly translates to “second-hand clothing mix girls.” Can also mean vintage. I really loved it when I was flipping through it at the store. I had heard of “Used Mix” magazine but not of this one. The styles in these magazines vary more than if I were to buy just Seda or Zipper. There’s tons of natural style but also girly vintage and even some casual street looks thanks to Ami & Aya being a big part of this “scene.” (Lol, that’s right, I just said scene like I’m 50 years old!~) But I’m starting to ramble on about things I only know bits & pieces about.

So some of the brands or stores associated with Used Mix are WEGO, Spinns, Olive des Olive, Child Woman, Smaddy, Lowrys Farm, RNA Media, Pageboy, Nice Claup, Mysty Woman, Cantwo, E Hyphen World Gallery, Heather, Earth Music & Ecology, As Known As Pinky, Majestic Legon, W Closet, Milkfed, Flower, Shushu, Deicy, and any brand really if it’s bought usedddddddddd~ including the W♥C inside WEGO has refurb’d stuff.

more stores~~
Santa Monica
Spank Me!
Hanjiro Harajuku
Panama Boy
Pink Flamingo

Most of the models are the same for both these magazines (and other magazines.) They include girls from Fairy Tale and ASOBI. You can find a list of the models and their blogs here (Fairy Tale) and here (asobi).

My favorite model of the group is Yukako Maebayashi. Her 30 days style spread in 古着MIXガールズ is what made me buy it in the first place! I really love her sense of style. It seems most these girls dress similarly in their off days as they do in the magazine spreads. OoO Each bringing their own little twists to the coordinates. I like that~ the girls feel really relate’able in that way. Plus he can follow their blogs if you happen to like how the dressed in the magazine and often get continuous inspiration! Haahaa~~

Here’s the spread from 古着MIXガールズ

They did a “Room” feature with her as well showing off her apartment~

Her place is located on the Tokyu Denentoshi line. It’s a mansion style (high-rise) apartment at $780 a month I’m a bit surprised they included that in the details, seems sorta, really personal, LOL! I don’t even like telling my family how much my monthly mortgage is nobody’s business~~~~~

All her Victoria’s Secret stuff she got while in Hawaii! The epic 3 for 15$ sales they have, haahaa! I think it’s cute she has an English magazine on her shelf too!!! All You. Looks like a Valentine’s/February issue, hahahaha!

OK, so onto a bit more fashion from Used Mix and 古着MIXガールズ that I scanned in!

These are from the Autumn 2010 issue of Used mix which I don’t have but downloaded here! I wish I could find this issue on ebay or something.

I about died when I saw the above dress! :D IT’S A TARGET DRESS FROM LAST SUMMER! I have this dress! My friend has this dress too! Did she sell it into a consignment shop!? LOL, no, because she wore it when I visited her this September, hahahahaaa! Not that I’d care if she did But still I think it’s hilarious! I bought the dress for $7.00 on sale. Zoraida don’t you have this dress too?!


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63 Responses to “I Subscribed to Used Mix Magazine”

  1. Sami says:

    Great post! Saved a few pictures for my inspiration collection :3
    Thanks a lot!

    • jenny says:

      Awe yaay! Have you seen the Used Jelly? It has a bunch of WC Used coordinates :D. I think it’s still up for download at jmagazinscans :)

  2. Melissy ♥ says:

    This mag is awesome!!
    It’s got little thumbnails of the clothings and how to mix and match them?!
    Thanks for the scans~ :3

    • jenny says:

      Haahaa yeah in the whole 30 days coordinate section? The beginning of the section lists out like 20 items of various clothing then they go through each day mixing & matching. Though it’s a really common feature in a lot of Japanese magazines :)

  3. Zoraida says:

    LOL I DO HAVE THAT DRESS. That’s so hilarious, now we’re USED MIX FASHIONABLE~

    mmmm more style ideas! nom nom onm

  4. sukipooki says:

    these magazines loook awesome and you’re right they do a great job with coordinating layering outfits! and about the information about the apartment, YES that is TMI in my opinion….I mean…don’ t they worry about stalkers?! lol but the rent does sound cheap =P and how is it that these girls always have the cutest apartments/rooms?! my bf says that they probably renovate a day before the shooting hahaha I know I would =P

    • jenny says:

      Hahahah I know I would be up 48 hours straight cleaning, reorganizing, hiding things with ugly wires! Yea, usually when I see room features they never say what line it’s on or the rent… I mean, is she trying to sublet her place or what? Hahahah!

  5. Tori says:

    Used JELLY is so awesome~ I have that issue with Kana Nishino on the cover from the summer! ♥ I think it’s kind of nice that these magazines are quarterly instead of monthly too since it keeps things more ‘interesting,’ haha~
    Yukako does have a really cute sense of style too~ I think you’re a lot like her actually, haha! ♥ I just love Ami & Aya too, & omg YESHHH YOUR DRESS!! I still love that fabulous rainbow plaid, lol! ;D

  6. Veronica says:

    Yay I love this post!! I got some As Know As pinky this fall – this post has me inspired with stuff to pair it with!

    Ahhh I remember that dress! Is that weird lol??

  7. Becky says:

    Thanks for these scans Jenny!
    I started reading Used Mixed too out of curiosity. I was also starting to feel like Popteen was too “young” for me but ViVi was too serious. I mean I love both magazines equally but I was looking for more adult cute. I think Used Mixed does itquite well. Maybe I’ll just revert back to Non-No (maybe they got interesting?) or start reading Otona Look!

    • jenny says:

      Mmm, Mmm I agree on Popteen & Vivi. It’s too linear for me sometimes. I like a sorta mix of styles~ Though I still flip through them too, I like having these Used Mix mags. They feel like fresh inspiration. A sort of quieter style for relaxed days.

  8. Jeannine says:

    Ooooooh I think I saw a copy of this magazine before :o I didn’t care to look at it but maybe next time I’ll consider buying it :D yay~
    I always reuse my old clothes since my mom used to buy me clothes that were 3 times my size hahaha

  9. Cherubyx says:

    Oooo do you have a bigger scan of the hair tutorials? They looks so nice and I have the exact length needed. Thanks :)

  10. Linda says:

    ahhh so cute! i really like the lacy cardigan on the first picture! :D
    &&this is a little off topic but have you heard of the lanvin and h&m collaboration? zomgggg, if you havee, please blog about that if you decide to buy anything! :)

    • jenny says:

      I haaaaaaaaaaaaaave! Actually I had been keeping a close eye on it. But I must admit, though the pieces are cute and fun I’m just not really into it. Maybe it’s because it’s mostly dresses which I don’t have a need for atm or maybe it’s the prices (OK, it’s mostly the prices.) I think the shoes are quite lovely! And the tulip skirt too! I don’t really know why but I didn’t get excited for this one :X, I’m sorry ;(

  11. Shirley says:

    I’ve always wondered what the “used” version of these magazines meant lol! Now I know xD

  12. Tina says:

    Thanks for the scans! I love the geek-chic scans girl with jeans-shorts and jacket. @_@

  13. Nucky says:

    Hey! The pictures are greeeat!! Great inspirations i think.
    What i want to ask you: could you do a bigger scanlation of this one?

    I think, the hair styles are soo beautiful, and i loved to try these, but i can\’t really see the details, bc the picture is so small >.

  14. Jane says:

    Thanks for the scans! I especially like the hair tutorial; I’m going to try that one when I go out today!

  15. Bibi says:

    Thank you for the scans. I love the different looks and styles. I want to try the eye make too hehe

  16. rene says:

    oooohhhh!! I love this style!! Love the neutral shades, relaxed ans sweet style!

    I didn’t know her name was Yukako! I’ve been admiring her from Mina! But I don’t know her name because I can’t read Japanese. (but I can read the kranji, because they are like chinese) Haha! Now I know! Thank god we like the same model! hehe! Do you love her hair? Oh… those long locks…. I just cut my hair again! Just when it finally reaches the nape of my neck! But I had to cut it off for work =( SOB! I also love her hair color! And her porcelain fair skin! You know Asian like me have yellow undertones….

    Well…. I better look at photos of Miho more, instead of all the other models that have long, beachy waves hair =(

    • rene says:

      I was just looking at her recent posts, Yukako cut her hair! Yay! But my bob is still shorter than hers. She can still tie it up, mine can’t.

    • jenny says:

      Ah she’s in Mina? Not surprised :Dv I love her new cut, it’s the length I’m getting soon~~ Yea street magazines tend to have the shortest cuts among models.

  17. Genevieve says:

    HA! That Target dress is enough evidence for me that Poupée should add them to their brands list ;)

    I love the styles in the Used Mix! Super cute! Especially the boho- type styles *love*

    $750/mo?! I wish I could find an apartment for that little! Not that I could afford it right now being out of a FT job anyways :(

    • jenny says:

      Yeah, I hate when ppl say how expensive Tokyo is b/c DC is just as bad. (Except for parking, their hourly garage parking prices ARE actually more expensive than DC’s, somehow~)

  18. Miya says:

    ooooooer ive never heard of this magazine, but I really like what you’ve presented! Seems a bit more grown up. It also seems a little less ‘brand-y’ which is nice

  19. Courtney says:

    It’s great that they offer some other options, even if second-hand stores are still expensive in Japan. I like looking at the mags to get a sense of what mixes and matches well with what else, and I don’t think they should be used exactly as a shopping catalog. ‘ w ‘ It’s good to offer other options, especially since clothes are so $$$ in Japan!!

    • jenny says:

      Yup yup! Though I was happy to find some knock-off style stores on this trip with some great $5~$10 purchases, for the most part clothing there is pricey if it’s trendy X_X These Used Shops are all over though! Especially in smaller areas of Tokyo, they seem pretty popular! So I can see why magazines are focusing a bit more on having “used” looks mixed in.

  20. sidney says:

    ooohmmmm i’ve really started to drift away from the styles i was obsessed about a year ago…maybe i’m just tired of trend-watching and never being able to acutally GET the trends from the source? idk, but either way, i love this styleeee~! it seems so comfortable to me…which is really what i’m going for these days. comfort and going with what i like THEN trying to follow trends.

    yaaay thanks for putting these up, jenny~!

    • jenny says:

      *nods profusely* I think I got a bit bored & exhausted myself, and after seeing SO much natural系 in Tokyo it reignited my love for softer looks XO

  21. Ys says:

    I love all the hippy-ish style outfits :) There seems to be a magazine for every sort of style. I love that. Cos here in the UK it’s really difficult to get any good style magazines. They’re all very samey and none of them really suit what I like to wear.

  22. Alyse says:

    Wow, I think you just go tme hooked on a new magazine ;O; I’ve hitting up Spinns and WEGO for a while now, and I always wondered about their massive used clothes sections. I’m fishing the zine out..! Such great ideas for a lot less than ViVi or Ray =___= lol

  23. Dasha says:

    I’d like to subscribe to CanCam with Fujisan….Could you tell me if they send their magazines fast?

    Great entries as usual by the way :D

    • jenny says:

      It might depend on the publisher and how fast they send them maybe but I get mine about a week, no more than 2 after the magazine hits the stands in Japan. Faster than buying off of ebay I know that much for sure X(

  24. Juvy says:

    OMG thank you so much for this post! I THINK I FOUND MY NEW FAVE MAGAZINE! this is definitely my style, and it works well since i love thrifting and of course, saving money! i love putting together outfits too! I like magazines like nonno, spring, cutie, sweet, PS etc etc along the lines of those types of mags! Thanks again for the post!


  25. cin says:

    ooo! good choice! i love Used Mix too ever since i randomly picked up the ’09/’10 winter edition in 7/11 when i was looking for a magazine with a free small tote XD

  26. Miya says:

    OMG I love when they do the 30-day mix-match!! I love the inspiration for different ways to wear the same items…I totally need that kind of help because I usually buy waaaay too much and always forget what I own ;A;

    And my 2nd favorite part of mags……ROOMS! XD I absolutely LOVE seeing model’s rooms and decorations….so cute

  27. Cindy says:

    I love it when magazines feature extended day wardrobe mix n match styles! :D Thanks for the scans, Mixed looks like a lot of fun to flip through.

    I’m really surprised they put all of her private living information -right in the magazine- ! D: WTH?

  28. Bianca says:

    thats so exciting when you find your clothes in a japanese magazine BEFORE its out, not like you bought something because you saw it, but u had it “first” its like a pat on the back saying you have great personal style ^^…i loved this used mix look. ami & aya are definitely becoming new faves

  29. Jenny says:

    awwwwwwww I want all those clothes in DOLLY size :) I love them!

  30. Christi says:

    Hi Jenny,

    I have a question. Do you know if there are any fashion magazines that accept submissions of fashion photos?
    And if so do you know if they have any requirements?

    I was thinking of sending in street photos or just photos featuring myself :)

    Thanks for reading!

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