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Wednesday December 15, 2010   

Oh what to blog about~ I’m beyond stuffed :crap: with Christmas Party food + dinner + dessert of 6 mini gingerbread men & cocoa. :ashock: The mini Gingerbread men from Trader Joe’s are FANTASTIC! :piggy: I also bought the “cinnamon broom” there. It’s what it is. A straw broom dipped in cinnamon oil. :rose3: I left it in the plastic bag because it’s extremely potent. I just leave it in the corner of the kitchen as decor and the whole downstairs smells like spice! It’s great and very Christmasy~ :sqxmastree:

This week I finally used up all my Victoria’s Gift Cards. :kissyfaceheart: I bought that foundation with one actually. :good: I’ve used it this week and so far I’m liking it with no ill effects! :iiface: I mix it with my morning moisturizing lotion so it’s not such a thick of a coat. I don’t normally wear foundation. I only wear BB Cream once or twice a week. Other than that I just wear a light shaded face powder. :faceaha: But I’m liking the foundation. I needed something that was thicker than just my powder but not as heavy as bb cream. For those days I don’t get much sleep and look really rough. :down: :mkpoo:

Also I REALLY like Clinique’s Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel. Before I would use the Acne Solutions Emergency Gel-Lotion. But these deep zits were just not responding to it for some reason. But seems the new gel is healing them a bit faster. Been using their concealer to cover & treat. It’s OK. It gets cakey fast so it’s a little frustrating at times.

Ah, so back to Victoria’s Secrets gift card gets!

These are actually from Bath & Body Works! Got them 75% off with a coupon I had! I’m glad they carry some of the Victoria’s Secret PINK line for coupon purposes XD

SECRET CHARM – I got this scent in one of the lotion gift sets and ended up really liking it! So I bought a full Secret Charm gift set :P

GIRLS NIGHTA peony and waterlily scent :cfaha2: This is nice~ I like this line a lot. It’s the Secret Moments line there.

On the left the new scent for the PINK line called “SUNNY AND HAPPY!” This is the “shimmering & shine” :twinklepink: version of the spray that adds a light shimmer when you spray it on. It’s a mix of freesia & starfruit! :star2: I like both the scent and the name, Sunny & Happy. That’s what I want to be at my best! :kyaaface:

Right is their Dry Shampoo spray. I have some dry shampoo powder from Oscar Blandi but wanted to give this a try. So far, it’s too much product. It does relax your hair out of whatever styling you’ve done but it also leaves a sorta dry coating of product in it afterward. I like my Oscar Blandi stuff better~

I bought some pink containers at IKEA and decided to use them to store most (god not even all!) my bath salts & bombs. :okicon:

Collagen supplements!

Above are the 2 types of collagen supplements :lovelymake: I got while in Japan. :pissy: I’m going to start taking them on New Year’s Day! If I like them and feel they’re actually DOING SOMETHING FOR ME I can easily find collagen supplements in the US! The DHC ones are a pill form supplement while the SHIBUGAL are jelly cup supplements! Peach flavoredddddd :ureshii:

I got this new cape/poncho/wrap Sunday. It was $60, I got it for $14, :celebrate: whut whut! :D I needed something I can wear under my coat to & from work but also something nicer to wear AT WORK for when it gets chilly there. My office gets really hot in the winter so I have to wear layers. If I wear long sleeves I get TOO hot! So layers, layers! Because often it’ll cool down too and get really cold like in the conference rooms. :sqsnowman:

Some lazy outfits from this week~ :bigheart:

Christmas is in less than 10 days! 10 DAAAYS! :sqxmastree: :sqxmastree: :sqxmastree:


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58 Responses to “More Victoria’s Secret Beauty Gets”

  1. Tori says:

    Last weekend I went to VS to go scent-smelling since your last post made me all curious to see what was new & they really have expanded their beauty products SO much! I really like that line that has the Girls Night fragrance ♥ & the new Dream Angels Heavenly Stardust perfume is loveee~
    I know this may sound stupid, but what are collagen supplements used for? XD Is it for skincare or bodycare?

    • jenny says:

      Haven’t they!!?? It’s not like I never went before but they had, like, LOVE SPELL and I didn’t like the other 4 SCENTS. Then they came out with those oily Beauty Rushes, I bought 2 of those but I get paranoid bout wearing oily things. Then they started expanding a little last year. They had Delicate Petals and Enchanting Apple which I bought plus a Vanilla Coconut scent. But now… BUT NOW! They’ve blown up! So many scents, so many lines! And they’re all so different from one another too.


      Collagen is for both skincare & bodycare! Supposedly it helps you inside and out. Making your skin look younger, more glowing plus making your body feel younger (less fatigued.) And supposedly helps keep you looking “trim” haahaa~ we’ll see! They sell similar ones at GNC now :)

  2. Charlene says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOW. That is ALOT of stuff on your desk! And in your pink jars. It would take me a lifetime to use!! LOL. How do you manage?

  3. Ria says:

    You look cute in your outfit posts. Wow you got a lot of goodies from VS :)

  4. sidney says:

    your collection of sprays/lotions/whatever is AMAZING omggg idek how you use it all! thought i think i do the same thing with LOTION. i love B&B lotions a lot, so does my mom, so back home i just have too many. ahh but now i miss them T T haha how long do the sprays last?? are they as potent as perfume?

    your legs are so thin! you’re adooorableeeee

    • jenny says:

      I don’t know how I will either but lately I’ve been actually using up products like lotions, lip glosses, mascara, perfumes like never before!! It’s so fulfilling to not throw a 1/2 used tube of gloss or lotion away :O

      The sprays last me a few months and some are over a yr old but they don’t go bad, but now I have so many and choose which to wear day to day depending on my mood or look they’ll probably last me longer. They’re not as potent as perfumes so I often respray throughout the day. It’s better for me because I get migraines from most perfumes even if I like the scent :(

  5. Cindii says:

    You must really love VS! I love your dresser thing – forgot what it’s called. It’s so cute and fancy! Also that’s an amazing steal on the wrap.

    • jenny says:

      I do now that they have more & more scents to choose from! They used to only have like 5 and I liked only 1 from that lineup. Ah it’s called a vanity :) It has flip out top doors for placing in jewelry and a drawer underneath too :) My Dad gave it to me when I was 10 :)

  6. Michelle says:

    I love it all! I wish I could get my hands on some bath bombs :o I hear they are amazing for the skin! ^^

    • jenny says:

      Mmm! Some really are moisturizing!!! Most of what I got is just for fun, strong fun scents with secret toys hidden in the middle LOL. Unlike LUSH bathbombs that usually have beneficial skin factors :)

  7. Courtney says:

    OMG TEN DAYS!! *pressure* hahahaha It’s okay, I think I have this Christmas under control…
    I’ve been getting into “bath sets” lately, although I hardly ever use the lotion or perfume. (forget –> fail) Like you said sometime before, I love getting that whiff of your favorite scent during your day :3 For winter, I’ve switched to a warm vanilla sugar from a generic brand but I love the truly “warm” scent it gives off! And I love seasonal things in general.
    Ah, cinnamon brooms! My mom would always by those. They’re great, aren’t they?? She also would make potpourri on the stove, too, which sounds fun on a rainy day. :) (…Maybe we’re kinda, what, scent-oriented people?! lol)
    Ah, all your lovely bath bombs!! I think I’m gonna get some fresh air then warm up with a bath and some pampering :)

    Oh…by the way…I got your card today! Thank you so much! It was so encouraging! Really made my day! Thanks so much!! :)


    • jenny says:

      Awe my Mom used to do the stove top potpourri too! But ages & ages ago when I was little :)

      I’m SO glad you got the card! I was worried because I thought maybe you were already with your family or something and wouldn’t be able to check your mailbox until after New Year’s or something crazy XDDD

  8. Cassandra says:

    Gah, seeing the IKEA organising makes me want to organise my room~ & are you excited for Matt Smithmas? I’m wayyyy excited for the DW chrimble special~! I’ve never actually bought anything from VS, but all your stuff seems nice & makes me want to… I think you should be an ambassador, lol!

    • jenny says:

      I AM excited! Though I might be out in the city when it airs so I have slight paranoia my DVR is gonna screw up and not record it *cries* It usually only messes up if what I want to watch is REALLY important to me hahahaaha!

  9. Jane says:

    I heard collagen is better absorbed when consumed in powder-form.
    A friend of mine who lives in Japan has the secret to flawless skin by drinking a glass of no-salt, 100% organic tomato juice mixed with collagen powder every morning before leaving the house.
    I’ve yet to try any form of collagen internally, please let me know how it turns out! =D

    • jenny says:

      Ah yea I’ve seen the Meiji Amino collagen powder at the market. I don’t like the fact it has calories, haahaa~ or that you have to drink it so I’m more interested in the pills.

  10. Bibi says:

    VS fragrances are so good. And they’re never too strong which I like. My sister drinks the powder collagen, it cost a bit more than the pill form but it works. My sister said her face looked more fuller and younger and I noticed that I wouldn’t break out that much when I took it too. The only thing I hate about it is the taste. So gross.

    • jenny says:

      That’s great!! Yeah they sell meiji amino at the local market. It IS pricey, like $35. I’d rather take the pills because I feel I’d keep up with it better. I take vitamins daily already. Plus yes! I’ve heard it tastes fuuuuuunky. I’m not good at drinking funky tasting things :(

  11. Vermillion says:

    Woooooow~ You have so many lovely items! ^^ Collagen supplements help with your skin right? I always see things like collagen masks but I never knew what they were for until recently.

    I love your outfits *_*

  12. Ruby says:

    You have so many sprays! They look so pretty~ I want them just for how cute they are haha
    And I love your outfits, especially the leopard print coat, very diva ;)

  13. Tasja says:

    Your gets look very nice ^^ too bad I can’t smell them xD
    and you have suuuuuuupermuch bathsalts :p
    I wished I had a bath too.. that is so relaxing ^^

    & I’m curious what those collagen pills will do for you!

    • jenny says:

      Hopefully they’ll make my face pretty!? Haahaa *fingers crossed.* Actually I hope they even out my skintone better, but I don’t have high hopes. But no harm in trying \:D/

  14. Genevieve says:

    Cute poncho/wrap! A must- have for every OL!

    I love IKEA. I keep my myriad of beauty products on their clear containers. Keeps me from having to dust so much ;)

    I suppose I’m excited for Christmas but it just seems to be LESS EXCITING every year. I just want a holiday to REST and not have to do ANYTHING!

    • jenny says:

      IKR! It’s so “grown-up” style of a wrap! A resting holiday?? What is that!? Haahaa! Yeah, that’s why we’re doing xmas here this year and not at family’s.

  15. Julia says:

    Oh, Jen… it’s always fun to read your blog… What a stress reliever form all my final studying!!! I love the Pink line too, I had the blue one at home….. Also, cute purple top, very casual and comfy cute!!!

    • jenny says:

      THAT MAKES ME HAPPY TO HEAR! I’m glad, that’s what I want this place to be! A stress reliever!!

      I’m new to the PINK line. I always assumed they all smelled “sporty” but they don’t!! So I got the full mini set. I like so many from this line!

      Ah thank you! It’s an oversized sweater from the WC brand :) It’s super soft!

  16. Veronica says:

    It is too cute that your dressing table is like a little boutique HAHA *swoon*

    Nice wrap! Very Burberry!

    • jenny says:

      Thank yoooooooooou! I love it looking like this! Like, attractive clutter!

      Isn’t it SO Burberry?! Hahaahahaha! I got it at Macy’s~

  17. miya says:

    oooooh what do collagen supplements do?? very intrigued. love your VS haul :)

    • jenny says:

      THEY MAKE YOU PRETTY!!!!!!!!! *_* haahaa, well, IN THEORY. They’re supposed to make your skin look young and lovely and also keep you trim and other random “prettiness.” Some people swear by it! Others say it’s just mo’ bullshit. So I’ll see for myself! I do have an under eye cream with collagen that seriously does erase my dark circles overnight! Problem is the crap’s 40$ :(

  18. helen says:

    what i’d do for your hair and body!
    woah! you have so many bath salts and bath bombs! i thought i had a lot!

    • jenny says:

      A fellow bath-time lover!? I should show my bubble bath collection. Some days the only thing that gets me though is knowing I can end the day with a hot bath full of fragrance junk XD!

  19. Mai says:

    Wah~ I love your vanity :D! And all of your VS gets remind me that I need to go to VS soon and redeem my cards before they expire too :3

    I’ve been wanting to get collagen pills for a while but could only find the power ones on D:~ And I feel like its a bit too pricey for me since I’m sure I won’t be able to keep up with drinking powder everyday. Do you have a more local alternative?

  20. Linda says:

    oh my goshhh~ your dresser is filled! :D it all looks so organized and pretty! how you pick which ones to use?

    • jenny says:

      It depends on my mood that day! So if I feel bubbly and dress fun I will wear something light a maybe fruity smelling! But if I feel very focused and dress seriously for work I’ll often wear something with a deeper musk or perfumed scent! :D Lately I wear the limited edition holiday scent “Naughty and Nice!”

  21. pinkie says:

    hello, first off .. let me just tell u i luv ur style …. we hav similar taste…. im kinda late but in ur later blogs ur wearing pink overalls … i was wondering where i can get a pair …. i cant find any anywhere… please help ….

    • jenny says:

      Hello & thank you! I got mine from the official cocolulu website using a shopping service that buys Japanese goods and ships them worldwide :) Would you like the link?

  22. Zoraida says:


    i’m so jelly of your victoria secret buys! how DO you use them all? lol i could never .. i’m still trying to finish off this strawberries and champagne bottle that i got months ago

  23. Bianca says:

    OMG i want it all, I wish you were my sister so I could steal your stuff with out looking like a thief! & love your coords (of course!)

    I need some of those pink containers those are really cute & is that burberry?

  24. Sesame says:

    Jenny, which BB cream do you use? Right now I’m using Missha’s M Perfect Cover and I’ve been pretty satisfied with it for the past year but I feel like there are better options out there for me. Also which face powder do you use? The dolly one? :)

  25. Thao says:

    Haha, it never occurred to me that there would be collagen supplements, nevertheless jelly ones. Do let us know if they work! Super curious!!

    And wow, so much stuff! It looks like you have your own Macy’s beauty counter.

  26. rene says:

    Hey jen love! I have just started taking collagen supplements too! Since I will need to fly around soon, with all the gravity pull up and dry air on the plane, jet lag, frequent climate changes, I need to really take care of my skin now!

    I’m taking the Meiji collagen powder one. I can’t drink it on its own cause it smells so fishy!

    Wow. That is A LOT of fragrances and lotion! I don’t own any fragrances from VS because there is only 1 store in Singapore and it is quite out of the way. But you make me want to go get some!

  27. Leanne says:

    Love your haul!
    We don’t have any Victoria Secret products here so we have to order them online.

    Ooo collagen supplements, what do they do? Strengthen your skin and reduce your pores? Do they work?

  28. Tina says:

    WOW! Your haul is amazing! All those goodies~

    I’ve never tried collagen supplements, I think I read an article that it wasn’t recommended…

    The poncho looks GORGEOUS. I spy with my eye – – – – Burberry? *____* 14 freaking dollars.

  29. Fuuka says:

    If you are getting the deep zits on your chin, it is probably hormones. Try a high probiotic yogurt on your face at night as a mask.
    I used to drink these collagen powder drinks from Meiji all the time. They helped my face look dewy I think, or my cheeks look really nice at least.
    BIHADA bath salts are the BEST EVER! If you can find them or order them-DO IT. It’s like lotion, but without having to put it on your body.

  30. Becca says:

    I love how cute your hair is in hats :)

  31. cin says:

    i wonder if the collagen do work~ i tried some from fancl while in japan but i kept forgetting to take them and they were only a 10 day sample sooo i didn’t see any difference other than my pimples clearing out (but that may be due to other things)
    i bought a full bag though and it’s there waiting for me~ hehe
    love how neat your table is!! :D

  32. Suteisi says:

    Woooaw! So many!! Lucky girl!! I’ve always wanted to go shopping at Victoria’s secret, but there are none out here… :( Sad panda. But we have La Senza, which looks to be similar… so I guess it compensates… Actually, I think I remember reading somewhere that Victoria’s Secret bought La Senza a few years ago… Hmm. Oh well.

    Grats on all the goodies!! :D

    And thanks for your post on my car n____n Bight colors are definitely the way to go. I can spot it from MILES away hehehe~

  33. Ys says:

    That poncho is gorgeous :D Definitely need the layers this year. I can’t believe how cold it is. It’s definitely the coldest December in a long time.

    All your little bits and pieces in pots and pretty fragrances… so cute :) I wish I had more!

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