Christmas Day Outing

Monday December 27, 2010   

OMG going back to work this morning felt rough!! I think it’s just the overeating, over-napping, and so on all mixing together at 6am to kill melol

But I did it, I’m back from holiday mode and settled in after the morning hours.

Yesterday I got out in the morning to do a little after Christmas shopping. Well, and to get my watch fitted. There were only 2 things I considered shopping for. Some wedge shoes and new cardigans. Well lucky day :twinkle: I found both at 50% off! ;) Got 2 for 1 earrings too. Though I told myself no more french hoops because they’ve been annoying me lately with my earmuffs and scarves.

I saw some cute Betsey Johnson jewelry, earrings mostly, but not on sale. So I passed. ;( I passed on a fur-trim military coat toooo~ it looks a lot like my heavy one only thinner. Siiiiigh But I can’t stop thinking bout it… *might go back*

Ok onto Christmas Day ~!

I went into the city later Christmas Day. It snowed lightly but nothing significant. Just a light dusting.

I was a bit disappointed because I think walking through the city in snow is quite romantic~ but the reality is much less glamorous so it’s good that it was mostly flurries.
There’s the National Christmas tree on the National Mall. It’s surrounded by the “Pathway of Peace” 50+ smaller Christmas trees representing the states, territories, and DC. Each state decorates the tree with particular ornaments representing them. It’s usually different each year. But the most common are ornaments made by a school from that state. It’s kinda fun especially to find your home state, which most people do & take their photo next to.

Louisiana~ Mardi Gras & the Saints of coooooourse :skull:

There’s also a small stage & “Santa’s Workshop” in the same area. But THE BEST PART imo is the National Yule Log!!! Haahaaaa! No one knows it exists until they visit! Then they’re like “OMG THERE’S A WARM PIT OF FIRE OVER HERE!!” And everyone crowds around to warm up :)


The National Botanical Garden is open year round including Christmas Day. So we planned to go there next. That walk seems waaaaaaay longer in the freezing cold, omfg. Seriously missin’ summer this day. I’ve gone before at Christmas time and it’s nice. hehe The main atrium is decorated with Christmas trees and poinsettia! IT’S POINSETTIA CITY THERE!

The biggest ones I’ve ever seen. Plus a poinsettia room with dozens of different species. I love gardening/plants so seeing that stuff is fun for me.Mike can either take it or leave it. But since it’s the only museum open there’s no arm twisting needed!

There’s also a famous exhibit of woodwork and trains. They feature miniatures of National Mall buildings made from 100% plant materials. Features buildings from all over the world with toy trains circling them.

OK, OK, last Christmas tree! Union Station’s!
It’s a Norwegian tree!! Apparently a 30-foot gift from the Royal Norwegian Embassy decorated with Norwegian & US flags. There was a whole Norwegian theme there with gnomes and whatnot.

I wore the Reindeer Kiss XXX Shu Uemura :lovelymake: makeup this day too~ Using just the light mint and silver with the brown gel shadow underneath. I really wanted to wear my black dress too, feel sorta dressed up for Christmas you know? But it was FREEZING out and I’d be walking outside for hours! So, I wore the black dress but with a tank + turtleneck + Calorie Off nude tights (they’re thick & keep me warm) + gray knit tights + biker shorts (yuuup!) + knee-high socks (under knee high boots,) + fur wrap + heaviest wool coat! OH! And I had these little foot warming pads on too inside my boots! Haahaaa! I was only chilly at times never freezing I wanted to wear my black suede boots but it was supposed to snow harder and I didn’t want to chance ruining them. So camel instead~ They’re better for snow.

This it for now! I’m off to get ready for bed~~~!!! I hope a lot of you are still enjoying being off from work/class/daily routine


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71 Responses to “Christmas Day Outing”

  1. Zoraida says:

    Uwaaaaaaaaaaah those Christmas trees are amazing! I love the last one just because it’s so huge compared to you!

    I love your out fit too! At first glance it doesn’t look like a lot but I lol’d when you described everything you wore. Layer it up!

  2. Kim-Mari says:

    Awww you look cute!

    I really want to experience a White Christmas now!

  3. Becky says:

    You are too cute Jenny (^○^)
    That haircut suits you so well~ still lacking motivation to chop my own locks.

    • jenny says:

      Thank you! I need to make an appointment to get it cut shorter soon (speaking of motivation lacking that is, lol.) Shorter hair is less maintenance if that helps? :D

  4. Mandie says:

    SO MANY XMAS TRESS! *__* Wow, so beautiful! I love your coat~

  5. sidney says:

    ok so the moment i finished reading the paragraph about the pathway of peace trees for each state, i went & googled what washington’s tree was. WTF IS THAT?? A RED BALL WITH A BLOB OF GOLD? -_-

    you look absolutely adorable~! good job at still looking good but staying warm. like i said on twitter, that’s like a feat in of itself; making an outfit look good AND being practical for the weather. doubling up on tights is like the ultimate secret lol

    • jenny says:

      Don’t worry, there were worse. One state, I guess they won at basketball, had basketball nets wrapped around it looking all strange, haahaa! My state’s, Mississippi, was rather boring arts & crafts.

      Tights doubling IS essential! And wearing hidden socks when possible too, haahaa~ And tight camis for extra layer… This is all stuff I’ve only learned in the past 5 years. When I first moved here I thought I was a genius when I doubled up on socks then I was told it’s the norm *stupid n00b to the north* haahaa~

  6. Steph says:

    I love the black wegdges!!!!
    At such a great bargain as well, haha. Well done you XD

    TT_TT why jen-sama always looks so cute. *jearous*

  7. shar says:

    I love your black wedges!! I bought a pair of straw based wedges recently and I’m hoping to use them when Spring/Summer comes~ Woww and you really wrapped up and stayed warm! I can’t stand the cold so I love to wrap up as well if I go anywhere cold. ~_~

    And that pit of firewood is way cute! xD

  8. chiihime says:

    great earrings~ i love it !!!!!
    a lot of xmas tree xD i love them!!!
    you are so cute ~~ love your outfit! Your cross necklace is great, really made your outfit amazing!
    thanks for sharing~

  9. jelena says:

    courage to return to work. soon the New Year’s fiesta! LOL
    I see you’ve had a very merry Christmas :) and as usual I devour your posts and your pictures! :D
    Lots of kisses!

  10. Stella says:

    Hi Jenny, may i know whether you are wearing contact lens in your last picture.If yes, which brand? Its really v prettyy…

  11. miya says:

    such a nice christmas day! cant wait to see how you style those wedgies! I love how layered up you were but you still managed to pull off wearing the dress and keeping warm! triumphs!

  12. Thao says:

    Wow, so many trees! I would love to be in DC for Christmas, especially if it’s snowing (lightly). And the gardens are so beautiful! I never got the chance to go there when I was in DC this summer. Must come back for them!!

    Hahaha you dressed up like a Russian doll, layer after layer! Amazing how many layers you had and yet you still looked very cute and without turning into a bloated snowgirl.

    • jenny says:

      The Botanical Garden is often overlooked. It’s a pretty small structure but GORGEOUS because it’s made out of mostly glass!! It’s right near the Capitol Building so a bit out of the way National Mall-wise. I’d go more often if it were closer to the White House (a red line stop.)

      Ah thank you! Everything I layered was so fitted! It was pretty tight but I do hate being bundled up like I’m in a space walk suit or something ;-;

  13. tutti patuti says:

    u passed on the cute betsey johnson earrings.. GASP!

    • jenny says:

      Haahaa yeah sorry, $35 for earrings with no sale is a bit more than I typically pay for earrings since I often get out of the habit of wearing them after a while.

  14. jayjayne says:

    Yusyusyus! Lovely Christmas time trees! I wish we really got into … well, anything, over here!
    But oh, it looks super cold! Good to hear that you didn’t chill to pieces out there – and that’s some extreme layering! :D

  15. Betty says:

    I’m prolly late but Happy Holiday! lol. It looked like you had a great Christmas ^-^ Love the shoes from Aldo! I’m amazed at all the huge Christmas trees. I don’t think we had any that large in my city :0 And as always, I love all your outfits & eye make up^-^

  16. Genevieve says:

    Aw man, Andy & I should go to DC next year! That looks so cool! I had no idea there was so much stuff going on! *sad i missed it*

  17. Tori says:

    Those black wedges are FA~BU~LOUS. I really want a pair of JC ones but ughhh, no monies! ;o;
    All of your photos are super-cute too~ you really do look just like a J-model in all your shots ♥

    • jenny says:

      AHHH JC ones would rock my world!!!! But yeah, costly =Y. I would prefer suede ones but I wanted to be able to wear them in the snow without constant worries. I even put grip pads on the bottom of these for more heavy duty wearing! ahahaha!

      Oh psshaw J-model, PSSSHAAAAAW hahahaaa

  18. Shea says:

    You are so super kawaii! XD

    Where do you shop? I love the black dress you have on. :D

  19. Janet says:

    I’m so glad you shared your x-mas ventures in DC, I really wanted to go see the state trees this year but just didn’t make it out. Wow, those trees are HUGE, I haven’t been to the botanical gardens in a longgg time!

  20. chocoNIKKI says:

    I bought new shoes too! Love boxing day sales minus the crowds and chaos…! =D

  21. Eliz says:

    I heart your wedge boots!

  22. Veronica says:

    Ooh! I was looking at those same shoes a few months ago! They are awesome possum

    You have such a cool Mrs. Claus coat! LOL nice – I love getting dressed up for Christmas – I didn’t this year and I think it felt like something was really missing!

    • jenny says:

      They were on double sale!! I really wanted some wedge boots but figured I’d have to buy some $$$ ass ones at Nordstroms in order to get any so I’m tres excited.

  23. Jamie says:

    Hey Jen! You probably don’t remember me, but I used to have and and Any of those ring a bell? Well; I have a new domain now, so yeah. You’re so cute when buying stuff. Heehee. I wish I had extra cash on me to buy the stuff I want, but I don’t…but that will change (hopefully soon and for the better!). Anyway, how’s your hubby doing? How are you doing? How are you guys doing? I’m doing alright, I got back in touch with a male Japanese friend of mine who does live in Japan and he’s coming out here in Los Angeles, next spring to further his education in computer graphics and what not. He’s a freaking cutie! I’m telling you! XD. Anyway, he’s sorta worried and hoping that our friendship will work out when he’s out here in California. But I have a feeling it will though. Our online friendship is doing really great at the moment, even though he’s extremely busy being in a band and having a job and I believe going to school as well. But meh, we still talk and what not. We added each other on facebook and everything so yeah. Anywho, I’d better go, so I hope you do remember me? Take care Jen!

  24. Leanne says:

    Woah it is so Chrismassy over there! I love the decorations and all the trees are stunning!

    I have similar shoes to your Also shoes, except they are black suede and from Tony Bianco. Adds a bit of height and not as uncomfortable as heels :D


  25. i love your wedges from aldo!! :) and at 50% off too, how lucky!

    i love all the christmas pics.. the miniatures that are made of real plant materials look sooo awesome!!

  26. I would love to wear shoes like that, but I’m already 5’10 so I would like, be able to touch the sky in those. *Not confident enough*

    Happy holidays Jenny!


  27. JL says:

    I love your pink and white coat!
    Do they carry it in blue? Hahaha, I’m unfortunately not a very pink-prone person XD.

    Happy pre-New Years!

  28. Bianca says:

    HOLY EVERGREENS BATMAN THAT CHRISTMAS TREE IS HUGE! I cant believe yall faced that cold, no thanks! I am not looking forward towards leaving the house again..jee wiz…you look so cute in your cords, I cant imagine you with long hair anymore, this look is just so spunky!

    • jenny says:

      Haaaaaaaahahahahah! I don’t think anyone else can either, especially people at work seem to really really prefer my short hair. It STILL comes up as conversation and it’s been over a month now :D

  29. Honeydew says:

    I feel the same about snow and getting my pretty boots all dirtied too! I always wash my boots right after I come home whenever it snows.

    Aww, you look so cute in all your pictures. They look like an actual “x’mas photoshoot” because of your poses and outfits. Such model-ish pictures. ;) I think I remember the red fur coat you have on too. You wore it like last winter or was it the winter before? I forget~ Haha, but it looks familiar!

    • jenny says:

      Yes! I wear it only when it snows!!!! Woooooow, amazing memory! It’s the warmest coat I have. Thank you for all that, I think Mike’s just getting better with my camera idk~ LOL

      Oh do you hate all the snow salt that’s out & about too!? BOOT RUINING SALT! gaaaaaaah

  30. Linda says:

    wowowowwww~~~~ I LOVE THIS POST! lol, poinsettias are my fave holiday plants cuz they’re soooooo pretty :) and the christmas trees are so amazing! :D

  31. Courtney says:

    Aw, what a nice quiet Christmas you had!
    Your purchases seem nice, too! ;) The earrings especially! I can’t wait for all those after-Christmas sales~!! :D
    PS, you are like a layering champion!! *really impressed!!* Like how you’re styling your new hair right!

  32. Jenii says:

    Wooow. So many gorgeous treeeeeeees. DC does Christmas right!

  33. Ys says:

    Wow what a fab way to spend Christmas Day :) It’s so unique. Sounds lovely too :)

    Haha I love how many layers you wore – I’m the same at this time of year. I always wear two pairs of socks – and that’s just when I’m in the house hehe ;)

  34. cin says:

    OH my gosh! I cna’t believe I’m this much behind!! :(
    The Reindeer Kiss XXX palette looks super cute!

  35. Gesine says:

    A little bit late but are the Aldo wedges comfortable? I just ordered some Aldo wedges for myself and I’m a little bit scared ;)

    • jenny says:

      They’re fairly comfortable. I put gel insoles in all my shoes though, the “ball of foot” ones go well with these. I can wear mine for a few hours but after about 4 hours my feet start feeling a bit tired. I figure it really depends on the shoe and material used.

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