New Coat and Tutuanna*

Wednesday December 29, 2010   

I think as the end of the year approaches my will power weakens. :F … Because I can so easily shrug it off and say “ah! I’ll be better next year!?” :crap:

What I’m saying is I went back & bought that coat :twinkle: I said I didn’t need to buy Sunday! huuuur! :blushingcute: But I couldn’t stop thinking about it and it just festered in my mind. :facepalmcry: Thankfully, because I waited, I got it for 50% off & not just the original 40%. Win~ :excitedyo:

It is a lot like my current army green fur-trim duffel coat only more of a light winter/autumn/spring version. It’s thinner, no hood, not nylon, and shorter. :good: I like the fur style of the collar more too. It detaches. I’m gonna wear it out Friday~ :good:

I was thinking about trying out Bare Escentuals Friday but I dunno. :crap: I’m really on the fence about it. :supercry: I want better coverage for my new acne scars (oh joy) but light enough to not cause me MORE acne. I think it’s just a knee-jerk response to my ongoing winter skin unhappiness. Hasn’t been this crappy in years. Anyway. Point is, anyone with combination acne prone skin like it? :smallcry: I just worry it’ll be too sheer of coverage. :F This is why I should TRY IT first right? :laughingheart: I assume they’ll demo it on you at the official stores, yes? :P

On the subject of makeup, I mentioned how much I liked the “Limited-Edition” Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer mini “Greed.” It’s like the “Sin” version of the primer but gold. Limited Edition to the mini gift set. Well it’s limited edition NO MORE!

It’s now available in full bottle size! hehe I’m going to buy the “Greed” version when I run out! It’s great! :lovelymake:

OK final Christmas-related-ness!

I got a leftover Christmas gift in on Monday! :sqxmastree: It’s from my bff :biglove: and it was full of winter warmness! :sqsnowman: I actually came home to ALL this mail! :twinklepink: Weeeeeeeee~ it’s like piled up from Christmas holidays or something. :celebrate:

The stores wrap everything so nicely there! Loft’s Christmas bags are so adorable I might scan it in and use as wallpaper! Ha!

Bath salt “毛穴撫子 重曹白肌風呂” leaves your skin deep cleansed. Apparently it’s currently ranked #2 at Loft!

Contains a bunch of bath items like bath beads and bath balls just for Christmas :D

Check romper! Layered with turtleneck & tights this could work for winter I think! :sqsnowman: I love the color, red+blue is my favorite plaid type~ :updiamond: She got this in Harajuku~ She knows I love those bargain Harajuku clothes XD

Biggest bag was from tutuanna* store! I remember seeing this store, it’s full of moko moko :iiface: roomwear mostly!!! :fleetheart:

It’s “Loose” and “Ecology” combined to sorta mean a relaxed natural lifestyle given to their innerwear items.

Nicely sized pouch though! :heartex: I actually used this immediately to compartmentalize my purse. Now everything in my purse is inside various pouches because I’m a crazy person. Actually it makes changing purses super easily this way :;_;:. I do change purses a lot… :mkpoo:

It’s a robe/room wear onepiece! :star2: It’s super soft fluffy OoO with fur/fluff trim on the sleeves and pockets. :headheart: There are two bows at the bottom corners and a fluffy pompom on the hood! :kissyheart: The design is of colorful bows with heart buttons! :ohwhoa:

That’s it!
I’ll finish this off with Monday night’s outfit~ New cardigan, new shirt, new shoes, new earrings. :skull:

:doubleheartbeat: Cardigan: Express
:doubleheartbeat: Button Shirt: H&M
:doubleheartbeat: Black Jeans & Tank: Forever 21
:doubleheartbeat: Shoes & Earrings: Aldo



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54 Responses to “New Coat and Tutuanna*”

  1. zoraida says:

    lol what is will power? seems like we only know what “stays on my mind until i finally have it in my grubby hands” means

  2. Meru says:

    Hey Jenny!

    I use Bare Escentuals as my “work week” makeup. It is lighter coverage, but it’s also pretty kind to the skin. Since I don’t care what people at work think I just use that + concealer as needed. I save heavier liquid foundation for nightlife & the weekend. Good luck with your skin, I am going thru the same thing and it SUCKS :(

    Your new coat is adorable btw! ^_^

  3. sidney says:

    i was going to comment with “yeah, i think around the end of the year i also spend more!….and during spring because i need to revamp my closet. and summer, because then i’ve relized i need more ‘light & loose” clothing. and…during fall because suddenly i want a lot more scarves and stockings. fml, nevermind.”

    so. there’s that. yeah.

  4. Tori says:

    Ohhh, I love that jacket from EXPRESS!! I almost bought it a while ago too, haha! They have such great mode-kei pieces & so easily accessible too :)
    Your bff is so sweet to send you all those lovely things~! I especially love that robe, it’s too cute~
    Ughhh, now you make me DEF wanna go shopping this weekend, haha! XD

  5. Veronica says:

    HA! Express cardigan twins! woot!

    Oh my gosh, that was the one thing I didn’t get this year that I really wanted – fuzzy room wear – time to get some! I absolutely love how Japanese businesses wrap their things so beautifully, such attention to detail and care!

  6. That’s a really nice coat! I’m glad you got the 50% off. At least it must’ve eased your guilt just a little. :3

    And all the gifts your bff sent are so lovely!! The roomwear looks so cute and cozy. ♥

  7. Purin says:

    I love the Xmas Bath Bag, is it from Loft? o.o

  8. Becky says:

    Cute coat! I love the detailing on the top pocket~ Really cute (^___^) Don’t you just love it when you get things you actually like on sale? I got a long military green coat that went on sale for 50% off just because the zipper is a bit broken. It’s not even a noticeable damage and still zips up perfectly fine.

    That room wear one piece is super adorable! I love the pattern and cute little buttons!

  9. Linda says:

    ahhhh!! 50% off ftw! your gifts are so cute!
    && i love monday’s outfit, it’s really classy~ :D

  10. awww yay you got the coat! hehe, it’s very cute, i really like the fur trim and the detailing on the pocket!

    ahh bare escentuals– i tried it before, it made my skin around my eyes worse =/ but i have sensitive skin,. hopefully it works for you though!

    and your christmas gifts are lovely, that roomware one piece is so cute!

  11. shar says:

    Eek! Everything your friend sent you is so cute~ I love that room onepiece!

  12. Lorik says:

    The green jacket it really beautiful~ I like the little stars

  13. miya says:

    ooooooh someone is still christmas haulin! monday nights outfit is super cute!!!

  14. Cute coat! Hey we’ve all got our “gotta get get” list, right? ;) The 50% off was reason enough!

  15. Hillary says:

    Don’t get bare esenctuals. It has bismuth oxychloride which breaks a lot of people out and isn’t as good for acne skin as they say. Get eveyday minerals, it doesn’t have all that extra crap in it.

  16. Fuuka says:

    I have bad hormonal acne and use bare minerals and it has helped with a lot of my scars. Don’t get the normal, but the MATTE version. The matte version does not contain bismuth, which is what gives you that dewy glow, but can also irritate some people’s skin. I have UBER sensitive skin(I am allergic to chemical sunscreens in make-up) and Bare Minerals hasn’t done anything bad to my skin yet. But I have only tried the Matte version, which also has their ActiveSoil complex that is supposed to improve skin’s texture over time. If you are really really scared, Clinique’s Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Make-Up is the bomb diggity. The oxtinate in it just made my face ichy, but it totally helped my scars and I will still use it sometimes because I like the way it makes my skin look gorgeous and dewy.

  17. aireen says:

    hey jenny!
    have you tried physician’s formula? it’s a drug store brand, but the coverage is pretty good! i use the pressed powder with a kabuki brush then use mac charged water to set it. this still looks natural and you can’t even tell it’s on your skin. it also didn’t cause me to break out in anyway.

    i use to use bare escentuals but i stopped because it just didn’t match my color anymore, so i never went back to get another color. it didn’t make me break out when i used it though.

  18. Courtney says:

    Nice new coat~~
    OMG, putting everything in your purse into pouches makes it SO easy to find things! It totally revolutionized my life! hahahaha ;)
    I love your room wear! I’m a huge moku moku room wear fan…comfy is what it’s all about ;)

  19. Tasja says:

    Oohh I love your last outfit ^^
    & great new coat! I love sale items :D

  20. Ada says:

    I use bare escentuals as my daily wear and I swear on it!! I used to break out whenever I put foundation on (even with bb cream @@).. But I havnt had any break out problems since I switched over to this product. I hv prettyfoily skin and i use the normal one and absolutely love itttttt! U can build coverage by using a good brush. I use it with the b.e. Long handle kabuki brush. It looks really natural. Bought it at sephora and they did a demo on my skin first. Should def give it a try!!

    The bath salt sounds pretty interesting!! Lemme know if it works!

  21. lychee says:

    Happy new year EVE !!!
    oh I love everything in this post…ur friend really knows you so well……
    if i were you like arrived home with so many packages I would like SCREAM ….
    surprised always bring so much joy ~!!!!

    take care ~~~

  22. rene says:

    So nice of your bff!! That is why she is a bff right?! Haha!
    Love the room wear!! so cute and love the pastel colors.

    I also bought some jackets! 2 in fact, and they are both for Winter! But =( I haven’t got time to blog about them or take photos of them! I also got fragrances.

    It is exams after exams in the training school. I need more than 24hours!
    Glad that you are having fun!

  23. Sami says:

    The coat is so nice, I love the studded detail!

    and wow at the pile of post haha I once had a postman come in a van and hand me a huge box of all out back log post! lol wtf

  24. chocoNIKKI says:

    The moka moka robe looks so soft and comfy!
    I also love wearing one=pieces/rompers all-season~ Looks cute and partially due to laziness~

  25. ShuShu says:

    woaaaaaaah, so many amazing presents! i want them, too (especially your fluffy robe)! hehehehehe :3 i really like your outfit *~*

    ShuShu ♥

  26. Leslie says:

    lucky girl! such lovely presents! ahh very jealous of your bath salts!

    as for bare escentuals stuff, i’m sure others have mentioned it, but it actually works pretty well for skin that’s combination/prone to acne (at least i thought it did.) it’s been several years since i’ve used it, but my experience was always pretty good. the kit i got came with a demo cd as well, and i went from there (concealing problem areas first with a smaller brush but the same powder, and then buffing the rest of the face with the powder to create an even finish.) you might want to try it on at the store if you’re really feeling anxious about the level of coverage, but i always felt it was light/medium, even if you don’t really go in there and try to conceal all the little skin imperfections! good luck :)

  27. jo says:

    guuuuurl that coat is fierce as hell

    have you ever tried everyday minerals? it’s mmu, just like bare escentuals but without the bismuth oxychloride which has major breakout potential. (even if it doesn’t break you out it makes your face itch like woah) plus everyday minerals is waaaay cheaper/you get more for less. :3

  28. I’ve been thinking a lot about getting one of those Urban Decay primer potions, but It’s so expensive and I regularly only use eyeliner anyway. But omg, still want.

  29. Cindii says:

    The robe looks so warm! :3 Sigh, now you’ve got me wanted to try UD primers. :O

  30. Genevieve says:

    I have combi- acne prone skin & I use BE. i LOVE the matteifying sheer powder (but i usually only use that in the summer). i use the regular “medium” tone in the winter. sometimes my forehead gets a bit oily but other than that it doesn’t cause me any breakout problems. i recommend it & my skin breaks out so easily :,(

    what a sweet gift! i, too got a load of stuff on monday & tuesday! it’s like an extra christmas :D

  31. Genevieve says:

    oh jesus, i just wrote a long ass comment about why i recommend base essentials. basically, i have combi oily/dry/acne prone skin & i love it.

    }: |

  32. Jane says:

    LOL I do that quite often – resisting from buying a piece or item and then going back to get it. >.

  33. Shiri says:

    I love the gifts you got! And the outfit in the last picture is just adorable! :) I wish you a happy new year 2011!

  34. Betty says:

    lol. I would’ve disregard will power and grab the jacket too. Your bff is so sweet. It must’ve been awesome to come home from work to all that goodies^-^

    I recommend you test out BE for a month or two? I used to love it soo much cause it had great coverage w/out the heavy feeling. But then I started breaking out like CRAAAAZY BE was the cause. It was congesting my pores =.= I haven’t broken out like that ever since I stopped using BE.

  35. Thao says:

    That’s a nice jacket!! Will power can wait till next year! XD

    Hehe, I love it when there’s a pile of mail waiting for me to open. And it seems like you got all nice packages, filled with lovely items, rather than a jury duty letter…. Hahaha…super jealous.

  36. Nami says:

    Haha, I know have you feel, I went back to get something I convinced myself I didn’t need as well just recently.
    What lovely gifts. Gosh every time I see merchandise for Japan something in my just starts screaming “oh my god I have to go there” XD.
    That room wear is SO cute. It reminds me a little of fairy-kei, do you know that style? Especially the colour palette. And it looks so warm and soft haha.. how perfect.

    Also, Happy New Year (in advance, lol). Hope it will be a good year for you.~

  37. Monica says:

    Hi Jenny! I used to be a Bare Minerals user until I noticed that I started getting cystic acne. At first, I refused to believe it was from the makeup, but in fact it was causing my acne and made my face itch as well (I have combination skin, btw!). I’ve been using other mineral makeup brands since 2006, and I can say that good mineral foundations only contain Mica, Iron Oxides, and Titanium Dioxide but no other cheap fillers. I highly recommend Dreamworld Minerals, though the online store is down now but I think they’ll be opening again in January. I also recommend Dayna’s Minerals and Meow Cosmetics. I’ve only recently started using Meow, and I was surprised to find my match on the first sample try and they have many shades to choose from as well as different coverages. I hope this helps on finding your MMU brand :D

  38. Stacy says:

    Loveeeeee tutuanna*
    My poupee is constantly spammed by it, haha!
    I would go to Harajuku or Shibuya and always spend the most money there.
    I have sooo many legwarmers, thigh-highs, socks, shorts, etc from there!

    Have a good time tonight!
    Happy New Years!

  39. jayjayne says:

    Lovely lovely gifts and merch! :D
    Loving the new jacket! Oooo fluffy collar! :D

    In concern to the combination skin saga – I too have the dreaded combo skin problem – and a crazy sleeping schedule to boot!

    I noticed that BB cream is too thick for you? I use the Missha BB cream sparsely around my eyes and as a sort of “concealer” and then use LOREAL’s Photo-perfect powder to finish – it sounds like it’s quite heavy and generates break-outs, but it’s been kind to me for the last two months – just stay away from the liquid Photo-perfect foundation and you should be fine (I haven’t heard of many issues with the powder in concern to break outs, but the liquid foundations is a real zinger) – but this combo will definitely cover up an acne scars! :D


  40. Huynh says:

    The jacket and romper are so cute. I ♥ your style

  41. Eliz says:

    I’m quite jealous of your lovely christas goodies. Congrats on the new treasures and a happy new year!! :3

  42. Jing says:

    Happy New Year, Jen! Thanks for sharing all that’s wonderful in your life with us :)

  43. haneul says:

    wow the coat is REALLY cute. especially with the fur and the little dazzles on the front pocket. :)
    Hmm… I’m such a noob in makeup. :0 Well, more like… I’m only a pro in eyeliners. but other than that… I dont even know how to choose the right foundation! XD Try going to her reviews are AWESOME. and maybe you’ll find something there? XD

  44. Winnie says:

    Oh wow you’re so lucky to be sent such an amazing box of goodies! Love it all! The new jacket you bought is awesome too, the faux fur trim is really cute!

  45. Phony says:

    Cute outfit!
    You are very nice!

  46. Miya says:

    Hey Jenny!!

    I used to use BM…and I LOVE IT but it was really expensive after a while :P
    I found E.L.F. carries a mineral line that is almost exactly like Bare Minerals…right down to the packaging….and it’s only about $5 vs. the $30 BM is…..

    I can’t say that all the ingredients are EXACTLY the same because I’ve never really compared….but it works well for me and they also carry the sheer (with a slight sparkle) transparent powder…same as BM…and also eye/lips/blush/primer and even SPF bronzer….again, same as BM. They have lots of other nice stuff in on their site too…

    They also have a studio line which is compared to MAC….while I don’t really use that make up line, I do use the brushes~ and they are REALLY NICE. I bought a bunch of them….they are nice quality, look just like MAC and don’t loose bristles or anything.

    :) sorry I sound like an ad~~ LOL ~~ but keeping with your resolution to be more thrifty, I figured you might wanna know about the makeup since it’s easier on the wallet. (I try to be careful with my money too…and it hurts to spend $30 on such a little case of loose powder LOL that’s why I switched).

    Oh and the best part…if you order over $25 or $30 (forgot how much) worth of stuff…you get a free magazine subscription XD I have so many magazines coming to my house (teenvougue, elle, vogue, self, women’s day, etc)…and I didn’t have to pay for any of it LOL

  47. Jenii says:


    The coat is marvelousssss! And the MOnday outfit is adorable :D

    As for Bare Escentuals powder, I use it for my daily make (if I wear any at all). My skin is OILY but can be combo depending on the weather. (I find a combo of a light facial scrub daily + semi-heavy night time moisturizer works pretty well against the winter cold-dryness) The powder is light – med-heavy depending on your primer (if any) and if you apply any concealer. For when I break out: moisturizer, primer, spot-treat blemishes with liquid concealer and blend, lightly powder on the BE foundation. The concealer just provides a bit of an adhesive (for me) so you can use something else if you want – like a concealer brush and pat down the powder really well over the blemish.

    The only thing I’m not fond of is the shine :T My skin’s oily so it doesn’t help. I think they have a matte version.

    A jar of it also usually lasts forever.

  48. Bianca says:

    I recently got a jacket too but thats it for me as well! im spending NO MORE, yes sir ree! with traveling and oh yes a nest egg, I need to save save save.

    I really like that sweater too and i dont normally like express but it seems to be the right kind of oversized and chunky

  49. Ys says:

    Cute coat – and I love the cardigan even more :D The gifts are super cute too, so thoughtful. I like the hoody room-wear one-piece – it looks so warm and cosy.

  50. cin says:

    Your jacket is love!! I saw a similar one in Mystic but the price was :(
    tutuanna* is one of my favourite stores! Cheap socks/tights and underwear and cute room wear! :D

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