Some Wants from Sunday

Monday February 28, 2011 comments   

My 7th day in a row blogging! Hoo-aaah! :deco7: :deco7: :deco7: :celebrate:

So yesterday I felt sorta compelled to get out after breakfast. :deco3: It was supposed to be ugly and rainy so I was going to stay in. But it ended up not raining until midnight and the sun was out most of the day! :sunny: So glad I changed my mind. :P

Threw on some clothes and went to Tyson’s to prowl window displays and touch merchandise. ::9:

Saw this bag. :deco10: :deco10: :deco10:

It’s See By Chloé and $500. Whuuuuuuuyyyy :angry: :;_;: .
It’s so pretty, I want it!!! :drops: It’s classic but the scallop edging is really sweet and feminine. :deco15: Anyway~ :cry:

Also checked new scents at Victoria’s Secret. :deco2: Ugh so many new apple or coconut scents! ^_^ Those are my favorite bases! *wanted* Really nearly everything new I sniffed smelled really great! :deco11: The only one I didn’t like was Crazy for Love limited edition spray. :ng:

Ravishing Love (pomegranate, blackberry, lilac) and Luscious Kisses (valencia orange, coconut, tonka bean) both smelled sweet and alluring! :deco6:

There was another updated line out. :deco8: Very fresh and fruity summer-like scents where all 3 smelled nice. But it’s not online so I can’t really remember their names and what exactly was in them. One had an apple vibe the other had coconut. A third had pineapple which I liked the least but it was still ok and Mike liked it a lot lol. :P I hadn’t been in there to check out scents since December, haahaa~ You know my weakness for their fragrance sprays!! :suki:






Blue Polka Dot Dress

Sunday February 27, 2011 comments   

Some people wanted to see my full outfit from yesterday so here it is! It’s a blue polka dot dress I got from Yesstyle. It resembles a lot of popular dress from this season!

There’s a short sleeved version from Dazzlin and also a long sleeved version from Ank Rouge. Actually it’s a really popular style :deco5: with lots of brands having something similar. :deco10:

I really prefer lace collar to peter pan collar, but the dress I got is sorta best of both worlds! :deco8: It’s from the brand CatWorld. Unfortunately it’s currently sold out now, though red is available. But searching for lace collar might bring up something similar? :deco14:

:deco9: Dress, Knit Cardigan – Yesstyle [CatWorld, BBon-J]
:deco9: Thigh High Brown Socks – HUE (Macy’s)
:deco9: Nude Tights – Calorie OFF!
:deco9: White Tank Dress – (worn underneath) H&M
:deco9: Shoes – ???

Was wearing Dolly Wink accent lashes [Feminine Style, Natural Half] but tore one cleaning the glue off tonight :mad: so had to toss that pair. :cry: They’re currently my favorite lashes :angry: At least I have another pair left. I was able to clean these quite a good number of times before having to toss them :ok: