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Tuesday May 31, 2011 comments   

I put in for a subscription for Sweet a week or so ago. So I’ll be getting that in the mail monthly now. :suki: I was just buying it from the Japanese Market whenever I saw they had it in. Up until now I didn’t like Sweet too much. :;_;: But recently it’s changed. I’ve changed. :P The last issue I had until 2011 was from 2008.

But I found I’ve been buying it each month I saw it in the store. However it’s not guaranteed in so I decided to go ahead and subscribe. I use Fujisan.com for my subscriptions. Actually, so does the market I usually buy magazines from. They use the same distributor. :ok: And so the price is the same and I’m guaranteed the issue. :deco15: I’ll continue to buy other magazines like ViVi or SCawaii in person at my leisure~~

I only subscribe to magazines I 100% LOVE. :deco4:
any others I buy in person at the Japanese market.

So now I have a subscription to PopSister, Used Mix, and now Sweet. :)

Though Used Mix is quarterly, only 4 issues a year :P

Sweet gets some of the best freebies too like Marc Jacobs totes, Cher bags, and this Jupiter gold-colored charm bracelet I’ve been wearing every day! :deco10:

It’s comes with a Rinka designed pouch as well with a big “R” on the zipper charm.

OK, I’m exhausted from walking around outside in crazy heat all weekend + yesterday. Going to go watch House repeats on DVD and drink loads more water! :deco16:






New Cardigans

Monday May 30, 2011 comments   

I’ve been wearing these 2 new cardigans for the past couple of weeks. They’re both from Yesstyle. Yesterday’s is a pink lace cardigan. Soft and thin, I find it good for the heat lately. :ok: Great for taking with me into stores or restaurants where it tends to be much cooler than the 80+ degrees outside! :sunny: It hangs a bit lower in the back too and has little knitted pockets.

Crocheted Knit Cardigan

from the mari

Cutout-Accent Knit Cardigan

from MoDN

The beige one I wore on last weekend’s train trip. It’s thicker. It has a really nifty cutout design along the collar and buttons. Like little cutout triangles! :deco10: It’s a shorter cardigan with a boxy, oversized shape.At first the material was a little scratchy but after washing it with woolite and liquid fabric softener it softened up. Lie flat to dry of course! :ok:

I only got the hang of washing wool sweaters/cardigans this winter. Before, I often made very bad mistakes and accidentally shrank some or caused pilings (fuzziness.) But I’ve gotten REALLY GOOD at washing them now! ::9: Even cashmere cardigans! I’m lucky my washing machine has a hand wash cycle. I used to have to always do them in the sink *water everywhere!.* :deco8:

It feels like Sunday to me since I had it off. I hope that feeling continues so the work week will seem surprisingly short to me. I just finished a crazy late dinner. Sorta feel sick from eating so late. The night just sorta got away from us I guess! So I’m off to get ready for bed soon~~ :deco16:

Oh! I was looking at Pixie Market earlier and saw they had this new shirt in. IT’S SO CUTE! I didn’t buy it or anything, but thought it was adorable with the blue pinstripes and ruffles~! It’s sheer, I’d of course wear a cami underneath, haahaa!! I’m not some brave soul that opts for just a black bra or less :P:deco13:


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