Accordion Pleats Skort

Wednesday August 31, 2011 comments   

A few weeks ago I got in this accordion pleated skort from Monob on Really they’re shorts but the fabric is so flowy they look like a skirt. Best of all they’re fully lined with an opaque satin fabric that compliments the outer blush pink color! They reminded me a lot of the look & feel that come out in the Snidel pre-autumn collection. I wore this out shopping Monday after work. :deco15: It was a little cooler out that night. :deco16:

Unfortunately these are currently sold out now. :drops: There are a few other accordion pleated items available including these shorts that have an elastic waistband. My “skort” was a zip-waist and not elastic though. :deco9:


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古着MIXガールズ Subscription

Tuesday August 30, 2011 comments   

Since I blogged about it some yesterday, I thought I’d share some clippings from 古着MIXガールズ (Furugi Mix Girls) Vintage Mix Girls. I contacted asking if they thought they might start carrying it and a few hours later they replied saying they’ve added the subscription HERE! :celebrate::up: I was so excited! :deco8: It’s an incredibly difficult magazine to get.

I already have a subscription to PopSister, Used Mix, and Sweet through Now I have 古着MIXガールズ! :deco3:

It’s a bi-monthly magazine like Used Mix. It’s got a similar flavor as used mix but it tends to mix in more toward girly style while I’d say Used Mix mixes in more casual street. But that isn’t true issue to issue. :deco13: Since both magazines are bi-monthly (they both used to be quarterly too) I really wanted both to sorta fill the void between issues. :deco3:

Anyway some stuff I scanned in tonight from vol. 6 released this July I think *forgets now* :deco8:


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