Sunday October 30, 2011   

Finished clearing out all the left over summer/fall stuff from my closet today. Reorganized a few other things in it too. nothing huge but even little changes make it feel so fresh & new to me. I used “Soft Focus” on my camera, I want to love this filter but I feel meh about it. Also I just saw a post I did on my closet in 2009… haha whoa so different! :x


…then I picked up the mess first… lolol


Sweaters, cardigans, blouses, and corduroy.

Dresses, blouses, tops are along the top.

Work-only clothing is most of what’s along the bottom except a few outerwear jackets. I keep my heavy coats in the coat closet.

Knit cardigans are on the middle shelf! I don’t like to hang them in fear they’ll lose their shape. So I fold them here. I also keep my jeans folded here. I only have 1 real pair of jeans I wear these days and 2 pairs of thick “jeggings” I sometimes wear. I really don’t wear jeans too often so why bother~ :P

Sweaters and skirts are in the IKEA drawers. I also keep my ribbon tie shorts, pleated skort and soft chinos in these. They’re soft material so I don’t want to hang them. Also in these drawers are tanks, belts, pajamas, socks, etc type clothing.

Oh yeah, in that Madewell bag by my mirror I keep all my favorite tights! I love keeping them like this because it makes it easy to put in & take out tights which is nearly a daily occurrence for me in winter. In the two IKEA boxes under the bag are extras like a whole box full of just tote bags and pouches. I’m not kidding…

So yay, that task is done. Getting dressed will be easier now in the mornings.

Feeling really sleepy so that’s it for today~


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71 Responses to “Closet”

  1. Ki says:

    Soooooo many clothes :D

  2. M says:

    yeah im moving so i gota CLEAN LIKE MAD but i threw away / donated a bunch of clothes so i have a lot more room now :D nice ill definitely take note for my new closet too

    • jenny says:

      Yeah I have a small donation bag too after this. I donate most stuff if I don’t wear it within a year but anything REALLY GOOD I send to my sister.

  3. Your closet is wonderful >: Such a big space♥ Anyway, all your clothes are just too cute! And seriously IKEA must be like a dream, cause all things there are really cheap and have a good quality. And the makeup stuff i was talking on Twitter, was about where you keep them!~ Anyway, i wish i could have a closet that big >: I just have a big wardrobe that looks like a elephant inside my small room! ;3;

  4. I really need a space like yours for my clothes and stuff. I have lots of things and nowhere to place. So, i keep running away from the task of organizing my closet, i cant avoid it for so long. Got good ideas from ur post! Thanks! *~~~~*

  5. Eliz says:

    really love how simplistic everything looks… I’m inspired!!

  6. Tori says:

    Wow, it looks so great! ♥ Totally jealous of all your space too, haha~

    • jenny says:

      Haha thanks~ it’s one of the reasons we moved here anyway. His & Hers closets. I cringe thinking of the days when I’d share my space with Mike!

  7. sukipooki says:

    Im so envious that you have such a large closet! It’s so neat too! Good idea of not hanging knit cardigans! I think I will stop hanging mines, thanks for the advice! =D

    • jenny says:

      I used to complain about the “dents” hanger edges made on my knits and my husband said “why not just hang them through the hangers,” (like folded over, which I used to do but it takes it A LOT of hanging space) so now I just fold them! :)

  8. Margaret says:

    Oh my goodness, this post is so fantastic. I loooove seeing how others organize their spaces–especially their closets. And I’m pretty jealous of how big your closet is but that’s ok. :) Also, you completely reminded me that I need to take all of my favorite cardigans off those hangers RIGHT NOW.

    • jenny says:

      Yeah I really hate those shoulder dents hangers give my knits xDD!!

      • Lucille says:

        I’ve found using granny inspired crochet’ed hangers generally stop this and I always make sure the shoulder seam is straight across the hanger….that’s me anyway. Although in summer I put them in a big drawer. I’m also inspired by this post! I’m sick of going through the morning frustration of; *flips through closet*……..hate it, hate it, old, sick of it, maybe, doesn’t match………*digs through washing basket*…..eureka!

  9. Emmy says:

    So inspiring! I’ve been meaning to do this too but the weather in the south is so bipolar. I think I may go take a look at my closet and see what I can get done :D thanks for the motivation!

    • jenny says:

      Oh god, seriously. When I lived in Mississippi I didn’t even have “seasonal closets” you know?! Because it’s so unpredictable. But up here I had to learn what it really meant to switch seasons.

  10. Vermillion says:

    Nice wardrobe XD I like your shoes :D

  11. Elisa says:

    looks very neat ^^ gosh, i wish i had such a neat closet =.=” every year my clothing is getting more and more but no place to put lol

    • jenny says:

      I feel your pain. That’s why I really have to stay on top of my closet or I’ll end up with too much in one space, half I hardly wear, which makes it difficult to get dressed quickly, which makes me feel I don’t have enough “clothes I like” which leads to me buy more clothes…. vicious… vicious… cycle x( I try to donate or give away whatever I haven’t worn within a year. It’s hard to let go but having “go-to” outfits you love to pieces is better than 20 “possibly ok” outfits you might not even wear. Well, this is IMO and for me personally :P

  12. Lisa says:

    Nice! Your closet looks like a mini boutique now :) I was going to organize my closet today too with the sudden crazy SNOW and cold weather, but ran out of time doing other errands. I need to switch out my summer stuff with winter wear.

    Oh, and I totally have an entire dresser drawer dedicated to tote bags and pouches too. ^_^; I’ve been addicted to BlueQ totes recently.

  13. Wow you have such a huge closet! Mine is just a tiny lil place to hang my things, not much room at all. I think that’s why my room is often a mess because I don’t have a lot of room to fit my clothes just in my closet! You’re so great at cleaning!

  14. Honeydew says:

    How big is your closet? I’ve always imagined that it was quite big from seeing it in your snap outfit pictures but it actually doesn’t look so big here. (I don’t mean it in a bad way, lol)

    You’re so organized with your clothes! I don’t even section my clothes out into categories like having all blouses, dresses, and cardigans all lined up together in one place…I just kind of put all my clothes together, lol.

    I’m also finding myself wearing jeans less and less nowdays. There are only like 2 pairs that I wear most often. Now I’m mostly either wearing shorts, dresses, skirts, or leggings. I haven’t bought jeans in the longest time.

  15. Jinnie says:

    i want to live in your closet :3

  16. Sidney says:

    so nice! I’m going to bookmark this post for future reference FOR SURE. can’t wait until I have my own place more permanently so I can buy LOTS and LOTS of shelves for cloooothes~~

    and I LOVE the top shelf *A* so wispy and pretty looking, all those shirts. So similar to what I want my own closet to look like T T

    • jenny says:

      Yea, one of the perks of living here was actually getting to arrange it how I wanted! When we first moved in they had installed racks on every wall which I hated because I wanted drawers and my makeup vanity in here. So we took all but two out :P

  17. Janet says:

    Now you can do mine… haha, just kidding :)

  18. Leslie says:

    This is such a good way to organize things. I have to admit that I’ve never thought about cardigans losing their shape or what sort of damage hangers could do to softer clothes–now I’ll definitely be more conscious about it. Also, love your closet and taste as always. :)

    • jenny says:

      I always go those “dents” in the shoulders from the hanger edges and I LOATHED them. So I finally just started folding them. Last year I hung them folded over the hangers but that takes up a ton of hanging space.

  19. Thanh Thao says:

    Your closet looks wonderful, just like in the shops XDD I just have a boring drawer where I put all of my little clothing, haha. You have a lot of striped and polka dot clothing, so cool!! I really love them too!!

  20. Miamy says:

    You sure love stripes alot!

  21. wow!!!! *envy* it seriously looks so cool!!!! It’s every girl’s dream to have a closet like yours!!! 0.0 I still have to reorganize mine.. T.T

    • jenny says:

      This was definitely an upgrade from all my past closets. Also I had to share closets with my husband in our old apartments so when we were house-hunting these his & her closets were a definite selling point!

  22. Jess says:

    your closet is VERY amazing!!!!!!!! hahahaha
    I love your colorful clothes…

    I need to do this here… is a dream a closet only mine :)


  23. jilliancat says:

    I see soooo many stripes as I scroll down. XD

  24. Sabina says:

    Your closet looks so nice and neat^^ And so much space! xD Wish that I had a bigger closet because now all of my clothes are just tucked into the closet and it’s so difficult to get them out when I want to wear them.

  25. anastasia says:

    i’m so jealous of organized, beautiful closets. i love your mirror it’s really cute!! is that weird? i love it so w/e heh


  26. Lolo says:

    Organizing a closet is a hugeeee task! Good job!! It looks great~

  27. Ike says:

    Hi Jenny,
    I’m actually your silent reader since 2008.
    I found your blog by some mags scan back then, but i loove this site so much that i regularly checking. well, like everyday.

    i just love your closet, and i wonder if you keep your last season outfit for the next year or you just donate it?
    (i live in southeast asia, so i don’t experience 4 season)

    • jenny says:

      Wow, thanks for following my blog for such a long time! :)

      So when I switch seasons I keep all the clothes and place them in a spare closet. So all my summer clothes went into the closet this weekend. But next summer when I pull them out I’ll go through them again. I’ll donate items that look too worn or have damage. I also donate items I really don’t think fit my style anymore.

      So this weekend when I say I have a bag of donation, it’s items from last winter that I don’t want to wear this winter and don’t think I’ll ever wear again :) Usually I keep the donation bag in my house for about 2 weeks. It gives me time to realize what I should probably donate :)

      My actual rule is if I haven’t worn it in over a year it MUST be donated. :)

  28. Cecilia says:

    Love your closet! Out of curiosity, do you wipe your shoes down every time you come home? My shoes get so dirty on the streets I can’t imagine ever putting them in my closet…they stay by the entrance. :/

    • jenny says:

      Ah, this is a good question! So my house is 2 levels and my closet is upstairs. Upstairs is carpeted and downstairs is all wood floors. I NEVER wear my shoes upstairs, I only keep them in my closet for matching with my outfits and occasional outfit snaps. If you notice though I even have a small rug in my closet where I stand with my shoes. Even though the shoes are clean, my carpet is white so I’m extra careful :P

      My shoes don’t really get dirty. I have a thick rugs at entrances to my house where I wipe my shoes before coming in. I have a coat closet downstairs too where I keep my actual rougher shoes on a shoe rack. So like my snow boots, rain boots, and summer flip flops. Those are the only shoes that I would say are always a bit dirty so they never go in my closet :P

  29. Bianca says:

    im jealous of your closet, i wish mine was bigger!! i can barely fit everything in there!! :D

    • jenny says:

      Yeah that’s how my old closets were but then again I had less clothes then too. Bigger closet is like a bigger purse. Suddenly you’re filling it far beyond what you used to be able to go without!

  30. Kim-Mari says:

    Your closet totally inspires me to sort out my own, but for some reason I’m attached to closet chaos. I seriously need to get over that!!!

    • jenny says:

      Hmmm, maybe the chaos is just easier. I’m sort of a neat freak so keeping it organized is less stress on me than having to search through stuff~

  31. rene says:

    job well done! When I have my own place in a few years time, closet will be a major part of the design/planning of my home. The bf has so many shirts and tees! I think his clothes are more than mine in fact.

    • jenny says:

      Mike’s was like that! Thankfully we have separate closets (the his & hers closets is a reason we bought this place actually.) Finally got him to donate over half of his never worn and quite old clothing a few months ago!

  32. Jenny says:

    I wish I had your closet and clothes!! haha btw I was wondering, how do you wash your cardigans and sweaters? You mentioned about folding your cardigans to keep them in shape, so you must pay attention in washing them too. I never know how to wash them fearing that they would stretch or something D:

  33. L says:

    Your closet is so nicely organised! Is it a walk-in wardrobe?

  34. Courtney says:

    Uggggghhhh I have so much envy for your closet. Just look how big it is! *O*
    they’re everywhere!

    I love how everything is nicely organized here…My clothes are all in different spots hidden in my room and I can’t find things because I can’t group them altogether orz

  35. Ana Marie says:

    Wow! Very neat! ^ ^
    I took the closet challenge and cleaned up my closet, too! I love it! About those delicate shirts and such, I use huggable hangers by Joy Mangano from HSN hehe, they really work! I have mine in pink with a gold hook, and its so girly and pretty! None of my clothes fall off, too! :3

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