Thursday December 29, 2011   

Getting packed to go visit family.
The weather is warmer there with 40’s at night, low 70’s during the day. :sunny:

I have such a smug sense of accomplishment right now with my packing though! :P I’m bringing a small carry on. It’s on rollers thankfully. I bought it at Daiso last year. It’s extremely light; so it’s easy for me to do a solo, carry-on only trip with it.

So given luggage size, weather, and activities I’ll be partaking in on my visit, I had to really think of the most efficient, but limited, outfits to bring. It turned out to be rather easy though! :!?: Now that my closet shares a similar “base style” and everything is already whittled down to my favorite items, I was able to come up with packing just 6 pieces of clothing for 12+ different outfit options. More if I count switching tights options!

I’m bringing –

I’m also bringing my warm black tights, sheer black heart tights, a woven belt and then my plain black flats.

Usually when I travel I end up packing either 5 different outfits all needing their own separate pieces or I just give up and pack jeans and random tops and dress completely unlike myself the whole time and basically hate everyone and everything (lol.) :ng: This time I not only saved room but LOVE all the outfits these items can create. :) Simple looks like denim top with wine shorts and washed-navy-blue thick double-breasted knit coat and black tights with black flats. OK I’m getting too detailed… :deco13: But that’s what I’m gonna wear on the flight~ :P

Makeup bag and various stuff along the sides. Clothing pouch in the middle. The colorful clothing on top is pajamas, haha~

The fake sweets in the round container are cat toys! My parents have lots of cats.

My luggage looks like this! Using those “Shinzi Katoh” pouches I blogged about before. Hopefully this will help resolve my usual fun of having TSA go through all my stuff so randomly that they can’t get the luggage to close again! :drops: I noticed the more I used pouches to separate stuff the faster the inspection goes. So we’ll see; grand experiment. Ha! XD

Oh and speaking of travel things from Yesstyle, this was their freebie included in my recent order …

It’s a silicone luggage tag!!
Useful! :ok:


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57 Responses to “Packing”

  1. karen says:

    noice consolidated packing!!

  2. The packing looks so neat! Using pouches really makes it easier! Same goes for bags and stuff >: Actually i really need so pouches, mine are just too old ._. But when i like it, it’s to expensive. Jenny, thank you for answering my questions on Twitter! I got a Melissa, it’s nice and smells wonderful!♥ Maybe i will buy another pair.

    • jenny says:

      Oh yeah!!! I forgot Melissa shoes are scented!! My closet smelled like bubble gum for a year xDddd

      Yes~~~ I use pouches for my purse too!! Nothing is ever loose in my purse exact my phone xD. It just makes it so easy to find stuff!

  3. Mika says:

    Your packing is so neat! I usually end up just throwing everything in there and sitting on it to close it. Last minute packing is the worst, and I always tell myself to pack earlier, but I never do!

    Good choices, too! Just imagining the different coords you can make, there’s so many and they all look cute in my head! haha

    • jenny says:

      Ugh yeah, been there. And then I get to my destination mad at myself bc I can’t find anything! So I definitely wanted to put a STOP to it. For my own sanity. I have literally though I forgot to pack something then return home to find it WAS in my luggage the whole time =_=;;

  4. Yannie says:

    Hello! I stumbled upon your blog the other day and I’ve been hooked ever since (though I never comment). The things you post about I find so quirky and refreshing and your coordinates are an inspiration!

    I have so many questions I couldn’t help but post this time.. how many days are you staying for? How do those items you listed make 12 outfits!? @_@” Would you be able to post each look up to show us how it works?

    P.s. sorry to spam like this =_= I feel so stalkerish but I need so much help with the art of wardrobe coordinating (esp packing for trips as I tend to end up looking like an idiot/not me in every photo)…

    • jenny says:

      Hello! :) Thank you so much for such nice words about my blog~

      ?how many days are you staying for?

      ?How do those items you listed make 12 outfits!? @_@?

      I’m probably giving you more than you wanted to know but discounting tights & shoes…

      1. denim top + wine shorts + knit coat
      2. cable knit sweater + wine shorts
      3. deer dress + knit coat
      4. cable knit sweater (over) + deer dress
      5. flower print dress + woven belt + knit coat
      6. denim top (over & shirt tails tied ) + deer dress
      7. deer dress (solo)
      8. print dress (solo)
      9. print dress + cable knit sweater + woven belt
      10. cable knit sweater + wine shorts + knit coat
      11. denim top (over & shirt tails tied ) + print dress
      12. cable knit sweater (over) + deer dress + knit coat
      13. etc, etc add coat or sweater or denim shirt plus switch out with different tights or no tights, etc etc depending on weather….

      ?Would you be able to post each look up to show us how it works?

      I think it’s pretty straight forward and I can’t really say I’d have time to try and get a photo of each outfit while I’m there.

  5. Elisa says:

    haha, that luggage tag is cute xD have fun there :D

  6. Sewon says:

    I LOVE the luggage tags. Have a safe trip!

  7. Maru says:

    You wouldn’t happen to be coming to GA huh? *noticed same temperatures* O_o

    Anywho, have fun! Your packing looks great! lol

  8. mango says:

    wow those pouches really come in handy! what a great way to save space and better organize the luggage. Love the luggage tag, so do you put your info inside the tag??

  9. Courtney says:

    Yeah I’d love to build up my warddrobe so that things actually go well with each other. And yeah, I also always end up wearing outfits I don’t like due to packing limitations.

  10. Tiffany says:

    Your luggage is so organized o_o Everytime I try, it looks like a tornado hit my suitcase haha
    The weather sounds nice! Similar to here in San Diego :D
    I hope you have fun on your trip!

  11. Veronica says:

    Have fun!

    Oh my gosh I wish I had those bags when security went through my entire luggage to switch off Andy’s tech stuff packed in the middle of my clothes for maximum cushioning – AHHHH

    I have the blue set now! weee

    Haha I don’t know why but when I dress nice, my family treats me differently?

    Have a safe trip!

  12. Tori says:

    Have a safe trip! So lucky you’re going somewhere warm… I’m hoping where I’m headed doesn’t get snow, haha! XD Love how your suitcase looks so neat & perfectly packed… I tried to consolidate mine but with makeup & hair tools, it still looks overstuffed! *fail*
    Have a Happy New Year hunnie~! ♥

  13. Thanh Thao says:

    Your paching is soo neat!! Just like me, lol! I really love to order everything in my suitcase neatly :)

    You travel so stylish! Have a safe trip! Where do your parents live?

  14. christine says:

    i see some cat toys from target~ rofl i got my cat the same set for christmas

  15. Amelia says:

    When comparing packing skills, you should have your own level. I mean, seriously, you put my packing to shame. I really should invest in these bags, maybe I’ll become more organized :D

  16. Anna says:

    This post was very useful!
    I’m packing as well, and keeping in mind what I read here I just packed the items I love and will use the most. (I have a terrible habit of packing too much clothing, and only using half of it!)

    Hope you have wonderful time while visiting family! And hope you have a good new year’s eve!

    • jenny says:

      *nods* That’s how I’d do my old luggage too. Just really not well thought out and always sorta mad at myself for it. This time so far it’s turning out great!

  17. ShuShu ♥ says:

    arrrww dear; you are so organized! when i am packing my stuff for travel i just put everything in my bags the night before v.v i really want to be that prepared like you :3 maybe this could be a resolution to do for 2012, hiahiahia

    ShuShu ♥

    • jenny says:

      Haha I tried that strategy before too~ never went well. Last time I ended up wear the same jeans and same 2 shirts every day bc I hated everything else I packed. :Y

  18. samalane says:

    I love the organizer pouches! When I saw the post about them the first time I was thrilled! I travel fairly often to visit friends and I am an organization QUEEN – so I feel like I need these in my life!

    Anyways, I hope you have a good flight and a nice visit with your family! Happy New Year!

    • jenny says:

      Ohhhh I bet I could learn something from you!! I like being organized but sometimes I unhappy give up especially for traveling. But this time I tried to stick with it!

  19. SARA MARI says:

    I think the only time I bring my nice clothes on a trip is when I go to Tokyo XD When I travel within the US, I’m just like “I’ll bring the jeans and ts so I can blend in!” haha. Plus my family is used to me frumping it up.

    I hope TSA doesn’t go too nuts on you, I always put things like deodorant, bar soap, apples etc which they often confuse for liquid right on top, so they don’t have to riffle as much XD And the luggage tag looks nice and sturdy!

    • jenny says:

      Thankfully the pouches made the TSA quite happy! Everything stayed so organized. And the outfits so far have been working out perfectly. I think this is gonna be a really great change to how I usually travel!

  20. Emy says:

    Hope you have a wonderful time with your family jenny!


  21. MissFeelo says:

    The pouches are so convenient (and cute)! Everything looks so organized… mine definitely wouldn’t lol. I should think about investing in some of those. :P

    Love the silicon luggage tags!

  22. Namie says:

    Wow, super organized packing! I love how you manage to make even a luggage look so cute.

    By the way, I’ve been wanting to order from yesstyle. (I found the cutest shoes and blouses!) but before I sink in $150 to get free express shipping, I wanted to know if you’ve ever had to pay customs? (I live in Florida). I’ve heard that some people had to pay customs fees on their packages, but they live in Europe or, if they lived in the US, they ordered like $400 worth of stuff. The girl in Europe paid a customs fee equal to her order amount. D:

    • Namie says:

      Also: Have a safe and fun trip!

      • jenny says:

        I’ll just say I’ve been ordering from them for YEARS and have never once had to pay customs on an order. I have had one or two orders opened by customs (they leave a slip saying they did) and even then I didn’t have to pay and I always order over 100$ worth.

        • Namie says:

          Awesome~ thank you!
          I actually did a small “test run” order, with just a blouse and pair of shoes (I wanted to see if the shoes were a good fit before ordering the other colors). I did have to pay for shipping, but I found a $5 off coupon, so it wasn’t too bad.

  23. kamille says:

    wow Jenny xD. You really pack your outfits with such attention. I’m such a slob and pack just whatever shirts and jeans I have, but I have a new years resolution to really think about the way I put my outfits together. you have given me inspiration! yay

  24. Emi says:

    These pouches seem to be really useful ! I travel in France sometimes, and i think having them would be so much easier to organise everything. I might order them next time, plus they are pretty cute. Thank you for the tip :D
    You are very nice organised

    Have fun, and also have a safe trip.

  25. Jasmine says:

    Did you really buy your suitcase at Daiso?
    I had no idea that they sold those there! It must have been pretty cheap, but it looks so well made. On my next trip to Japan, I will definitely have to check it out!

    • jenny says:

      I really did!!! Of course it was more than ¥100. If I recall they had some for between ¥600~¥1,200 but it’s been a year. Also it’s from the Harajuku Daiso :)

  26. sukipooki says:

    Wow what a neat and nice way of packing! I honestly think I have some sort of disorder where I feel like I need everything with me but Im glad that you can pack so efficiently!! I wonder if they have that sort of luggage at my local Daiso!

  27. Shirley says:

    I wish I was organized as you! I want to go on a trip soon just so I can pack; I find it fun!

  28. rene says:

    omg! we bought the excat same instant coffee and snack! I got them recently from my short stay in Narita! Well… mine is orange flavor for the cookie. I haven’t tried them yet though.

    Am i overreacting? There are probably tons of people who have them too. -.-“

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