My New Favorite Dress

Tuesday January 31, 2012 comments   

New sweater dress purchased on sale at Madewell Saturday.
It’s warm and cozy and perfect for PMS and has a giant single pocket on the front. I’ve worn it out 3 times already lolol

I realized that in recent months I’ve only purchased clothing from Madewell and no where else. :P

Then I remembered I did buy this amazing top from Zara on sale a little over a month ago. It has button-snaps all down the back. It’s better suited for spring but I’ve worn it a few times this winter already.

Then the last non-Madewell clothing item I purchased was during Black Friday when I bought a red coat, plaid scarf, deer print dress, and brown cardigan from H&M. :deco13:

It’s not really interesting. :deco13: It was that I just noticed when shopping this weekend I sorta skip most other clothing stores now. Though today I was struck with the dreadful thought of summer and no longer being able to wear sweaters. :drops: What will I do? What. Will. I. Do? … :?: I felt the same about this winter though too, bwahahahaha~ :up:

Picked up this thinner sweater at Madewell too when I bought the knit dress. It’s a simple navy blue brushed knit. Will make a lot of use of it layered right now with blouses but come spring I can wear it solo as it warms up.


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Clarisonic Final Thoughts

Monday January 30, 2012 comments   

It’s about time I wrapped up some final thoughts on my
Clarisonic Mia 2!

I got mine back in December. I’ve been using it for 2 months now. Let me get to the point and say I love it! I’m happy with the results and plan on using it as part of my daily routine, twice a day, from here on out.

Can I live without it? Yes. Do I want to? No.

I was using the Sensitive Brush head at first but replaced it with the Deep Pore Cleansing one last week. I think I might like the deep-pore head better since my skin has oily zones and my pores are rather large. Since using it I’ve seen my already shrunken pores get even smaller so I’m happy my kit included both heads!

When I first got it I was actually having the usual Thanksgiving holiday break-out. I’m very acne prone but you can read about my skin type here instead.

After I started using the Mia 2 it began to clear right away! I didn’t experience much “purging.” Had a few deep clogged pores finally come to surface and heal quickly. During the first month the most common occurrence was blackheads would turning into slight but small red bumps. I’d treat them with acne cream and the next day they’d be clear and the pores would be smaller! After the first month I stopped getting zits altogether.

My regular routine changed a bit too. Where I used to have to wash my face after work due to excessive oily skin, now my makeup is still fresh at 5pm! Actually now I rarely wash my face after work because it isn’t as oily as it used to be and skipping doesn’t cause me zits like it used to either! My pores on my forehead and nose have decreased dramatically. So much so that I no longer see a use for buying Benefit’s Pore Professional! This is really what I was hoping to achieve! The few fine lines I was developing have now softened as well. My makeup goes on smoother. Oh and I’ve been asked if I’m wearing makeup (when I wasn’t) because my skin was looking “so fresh!” I don’t have as many “blotchy days” and I skip wearing BB Cream some days and just wear Benefit Get Even powder. I’m having to apply less concealer these days and, yes, I’ve gone without wearing any makeup on a few days again too without feeling like an ugly hag.

So, I love my Clarisonic. Yes, they have cheaper non-sonic facial brushes out there. Yes, those would probably do you better than not using one at all. But no, I haven’t tried them personally. But there are articles out there comparing the Clarisonic to the drugstore equivalents if you’re interested! In the end it seems anything beyond just using your fingers is good. It depends on just how good you want it and what investment you’re willing to make. I don’t think at age 20 I could –

1: afford a Clarisonic,
2: needed it as much as I do now. My skin was just different at that age. Who knew a few years later it would betray me completely.

But as I got older I started taking skin care more seriously.
(I used to sleep in my makeup while in college ok, something I would NEVER. DO. TODAY!)

So I’m not saying run out and buy one or that you shouldn’t try a cheaper version like the OLAY one. For me Clarisonic was a great investment, and if you’re on the fence about trying one maybe look into taking the plunge preferably from a place that allows you returns, no questions asked. (For instance QVC where I bought mine.)

I should note I haven’t switched my daily cleansers at all. I’m using everything I did before and instead of using my hands to wash my face I use my Clarisonic. Simple change. Only complaint is how long it takes to charge. I’m forced to skip 1 of 2 uses about once every 3 weeks when I charge it but it’s not so bad.


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