A Few More Holiday Photos

Saturday January 07, 2012   

I was feeling better lately. So much so that I did EVERYTHING today. Breakfast, grocery shopping, household shopping, grabbed lunch, cleaned house, grabbed dinner, put up all Christmas decor, mended some clothing, trimmed my bangs … so it’s no surprise I feel sick again! I really do. My throat hurts more than before now. Ugh … I always do this to myself :drops:

So I’m going to post a few more photos and get to bed before midnight (hopefully.) :ng:


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21 Responses to “A Few More Holiday Photos”

  1. Namie says:

    awh~~ rest up! don’t get more sick!!
    (says me, who has the same habit… ^__^;;)

    Beautiful photos, so super colorful!! *__*

  2. Shmuberry says:

    take it easy and get some rest ^^

  3. Tiffany says:

    I hope you get better soon! Get lots of rest :D
    And those pictures are so pretty! Are those fireworks?

  4. Fashimi says:

    Great photos, as usual!
    Hope you get better soon.

  5. 3lin says:

    Get well soon!

  6. L says:

    Get some rest and get better soon :) I think its really cool that you can buy fireworks in usa :P

  7. SARA MARI says:

    Sorry to hear you are not better, hopefully you can rest up and feel better again. The effect on the second photo is really cool^^

  8. kamille says:

    is that a kitty pendant on your collar :) it’s cute

  9. Elisa says:

    feel better soon girl !!

  10. anh says:

    Hi, I stumbled upon your blog while searching for…I don’t remember what it was anymore =P. Love your pictures, hope you get well soon.

  11. Tori says:

    & omg your hair ♥

  12. Courtney says:

    Your hair color and dress in the last picture are so pretty :)
    I love productive days like that but sorry yours backfired!! :( Do take care and I hope you feel better!

  13. Thao says:

    ~ Take care! Hope you get well soon.

  14. Emy says:

    Awww Jenny hope you’re feeling better!

  15. mooncloud says:

    Question: that king crab thingy – what is it? Crabs are adorable!

  16. Jade Love says:

    Please get better!!
    I love your blog!!

  17. miss wave♪ says:

    Aww I hope you feel better! I tend to do everything at once though too so I totally understand.

    And I love the second photo! Gorgeous. ♥

  18. Jenii says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! Feel better soooooooon! Lovely photos though :D Such a dreamy holiday feeeeeeeeel!

  19. Karoriin says:

    Feel better soon, sweet! We all miss your happiness on the blog, ok?


  20. z says:

    hehe i remember your frog prince tweets!!! it was such a cute firework :D

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