PAUL & JOE “Meow” Collection

Thursday February 09, 2012   

The Paul & Joe Spring 2012 Collection was something I got excited about, though I didn’t expect to actually purchase anything from it. But after seeing the powder crop up in the recent issue of Sweet used on a Rinka-inspired makeup tutorial I was sold. My soul is weak, what can I say. :angry: Everything in the entire collection looked amazing anyway! Decided the two things I’d enjoy most would be the pressed powder and an eyeshadow palette. :deco3: I wish there were more reviews of the line out but it just went up for sale on Feb 1st. :deco13:

Matte Pressed Powder in “Cinnamon”

I’ll just bullet my main thoughts about it~



What I like best is its staying power! It really did keep away the shine and looked nearly as fresh 12 hours later as it did when I applied it. Yes, 12 hours! :deco6: After I got rained & snowed on too. I kept looking in the mirror like “does my skin really look this fresh still!?”

It applies well over heavy-handed concealer (dark undereye circles lately, lol) plus the scent is wonderful. I must admit I was half hoping this powder would become a holy grail item for me but rather it’s just become a great addition to my makeup collection; rounding it out nicely. Now to wear it another week longer and if it hasn’t caused a breakout by then, I’m good to go! :ok: Really the more I use it the more I’m loving it.

Face & Eye Colors in “Siamese Please”

I got the Siamese Please which is a trio of beige and browns. :deco2: The center pinkish beige is a semi-sheer matte shade while the surrounding chocolate brown is a shimmer and the dark brown (with a hint of mauve) is more of a glitter shade. Fantastic quality shadows. The color lasts all day, rich pigment and, better yet, they’re extremely build-able and blend-able. :ok: The darkest shade does have a little fallout with the silver glitter but not enough to be an issue.

I couldn’t be any happier with it! Plus it too has a light candy-like floral scent! The packaging is beautiful like elegant wrapping paper. But the box is cardboard :deco13: and held closed by an included strap. While the idea is kitsch and cute, I wonder about how secure it really is since I mostly do my makeup on the go. It is however still quite sturdy. :ok:

I’ll try to take a snap of it on this weekend. Not owning a ring light and the sun being down by the time I get home, it’s easier for me to just wait until a sunny weekend day :P


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64 Responses to “PAUL & JOE “Meow” Collection”

  1. M says:

    ok that’s super cute
    where’d u buy it?

  2. Sidney says:

    *A* that powder. I…I want it………homg. Luckily, I don’t quite know how to buy it. And I would probably weep at the price? maybe? Whatever, I still love the packaging!

    • jenny says:

      It’s a bit pricey, like 10$ more than Benefit’s Get Even which every time I buy that I’m like “really? I’m surprised I spend this much now!” :x huhuhu :(

      • Sidney says:

        OH really? I was expecting $50…COUGH. I go back and forth about expensive makeup. Like, is it REALLY worth it? And after I’ve bought it and the guilt goes away I’m like “OK I guess it is….? D:”

        • jenny says:

          DITTO. B/c I’ll be all scrooge & try a cheaper replacement and it will break me out or really suck and I’m just like “I wasted MORE money trying to save money!”

  3. 3lin says:

    The packaging is totally cute

  4. jiaying says:

    Wow! The powder sounds wonderful! I wonder how it’ll perform in a high humidity place though.

    I’ve been seeing pictures of cat-shaped lipsticks, I believe it’s from this collection too? :0 I don’t think I’ll bear to use that! Uber pretty packaging! :-)

    • jenny says:

      I’m curious to see how it fairs come summer as well. Both in color and durability!

      Ah yeah, there are 3 new cat lipsticks in this collection! Though they have put cat-shaped lipsticks out previously :D They did so well that they decided to expand on them for this 10th anniversary collection!

  5. Michelle says:

    AHHH~ I love the kitties~ ^___^

  6. Jenna says:

    Wow, this sounds amazing! I need me some of that powder… I’ve tried oil control lotions before, but they always only last for a short amount of time and I hate how oily my face gets at the end of the day! :( Plus, the ingenious packaging! Too cute! *o*

    • jenny says:

      Same. Since using my clarisonic my face has lessened on the oil production but I did still need to use blotting papers many afternoons. My face DID still GET oily when wearing the powder but it didn’t LOOK oily at all! Which really I’ll take because I will never not get oily in my T zone. I tried UD’s de-slick (hated it) and various other things that only mildly help. *pity party together!*

  7. Mary says:

    AHHHH WHY YOU SHOW ME THIS! You making me weak too! Such genius design…! I don’t wear make-up…but even I want to buy that LOL!

  8. winn says:

    lol de ja vu! Tokyo 8 just made a blog about it today too!
    But love paul and joe stuff, they have very pretty designs :D
    I only have a uniqlo x paul and joe tshirt though XP

    • jenny says:

      Waaaa I just checked it and saw! Of course photos are better. I have a feeling the entire collection will end up being posted there though *lucky lucky*

  9. Becky says:

    The kitty paw sponge is so ridiculously adorable I could never use it. Well generally everything in this post is so cute I would only stare at it.

    • jenny says:

      It’s easy to feel that way I think, I do too! But I force myself to use what I buy. I’ve regretted “wasting” past things by preserving them for “just the right occasion” and end up not getting to use them at all b/c they go bad or smtg.

  10. Sam says:

    Cuuute! Question Jenny – how fair are you and what colour do you usually use to contour in the winter and/or summer? I’m around nw15-20 and I’ve been having a terrible time looking for a decent contour colour that isn’t orangy on me =.=

    • jenny says:

      I’ll be frank, I HAVE to try before buy if I want a perfect match. Though I’ve never purchased a MAC foundation I recall I’m in the NW20 range too. So for what I actually use, for my Benefit Get Even powder I use 01 (lightest.) Same with Boi-ing concealer (01) and Clinique clearing concealer (01) with Clinique airbrush concealer in 04 neutral fair. Missha BB Cream Perfect Cover I use #21 but only in summer! I use Missha M (1 shade only) for winter bb cream.

      For my bronzer last summer I used this (in Bronze Trio) because it was SO SHEER and build-able –

      But the case broke this winter.

      I can’t remember what my past shading colors were anymore~

  11. megan says:

    I’d buy something from this collection just for the cats.

  12. Shirley says:

    Everything is so cute! I’d never want to use it!

  13. sukipooki says:

    I’ve been stalking this release for a while! So happy to see the actual product! If you don’t mind me asking ,where do you purchase your paul and joe cosmetics?

  14. cin says:

    OMG YES! Thanks for the review I feel more at ease~ I was more worried about the powder looking too cakey since I saw some reviews of the older P&J powders that said they get cakey and also about acne… but we shall see how that goes~ Hope for the best!
    Might get the eyeshadow when I get my next pay~ But the lipstick and blush are tempting too…

    • jenny says:

      Yeah their primer gets bad reviews for acne too… so I’m using my powder every day…. waiting!

      I definitely think this powder looks best used with just a concealer. Over BB Cream as long as you use a face brush it gives a nice matte look cake-free.

      I really love the kitty cat eyeshadow, the pink one. It’s SO PRETTY! But I know I wouldn’t wear it as much as the brown shades.

  15. Leslie says:

    OH MY GOSHH these are sooo beautiful! I love Paul & Joe products (granted I’ve only tried a few but I love the packaging and the way they smell) and I’ve always heard good things about their pressed and loose powders. Lovelyyyy eyeshadow palette too. And kitties!

  16. Tasja says:

    Woaahh so cute! I love cats and this is adorable. Because of all your posts I would like to try Paul & Joe but I’ve never seen it in the Netherlands and also haven’t seen it in online stores that ship to the Netherlands :/

  17. _lyne says:

    these look lovely! too bad i’m on a makeup ban…=/

  18. Jessica says:

    I’m so jealous! This make up set is to die for, I wouldn’t blame you for being weak against purchasing these cats! Ha ha :)

  19. Lee says:

    I have a similar P&J eyeshadow package, it is really secure, I taken it with me on many travels and it is still pristine looking, Just make sure you keep it in the box it came with or secure in your make up bag and it will be fine.

  20. samalane says:

    Oh! The are so cute and the colours look lovely! Not to mention that there are cats everywhere and, well, I adore cats and am well on my way to becoming a crazy cat lady.

    One day, when I’m no longer in school and have a real job I’ll be able to buy nice makeup like this!~

    • jenny says:

      Definitely essential crazy cat lady makeup!! xP

      You’ll definitely “get there” one day. It takes time and hard work but the payoff is quite lovely :D

  21. Courtney says:

    These are so adorable I’m glad they came out nicely in use!! :D

  22. Thanh Thao says:

    What a lovely cat set!! I wouldn’t dare to use it to maintain the super cut cats :)

  23. Tori says:

    I am sold by the packaging alone, haha ♥ They both sound like lovely products & awesome picks!

  24. Jess says:

    OHHH so cute!!!

    I love it :)

  25. Mika says:

    I really love your beauty posts! :-) Paul and Joe has a shop here in Manila, but they’re a bit outdated with the collections. I love cats, so your pictures really made me smile. :D I love scented products. Good thing my skin isn’t too sensitive with those issues~

  26. Jesslyn says:

    Jenny, I have a question about make-up..
    I just started using real make-up (as in foundation + powder) recently, lol. I used to just apply BB cream and sunscreen previously. What bothers me is somehow the foundation and powder don’t blend in as nice as I thought would be (especially the powder). I can see some caking on my face :( This is kinda weird, as I have quite oily skin (especially T-zone). Do you have any tips/suggestions on this? Your pictures on make-up always look so lovely! How I envy! Hee hee :)

    • jenny says:


      Well I’ll start off with saying, the few times I’ve tried liking foundation it never worked out for me. Either the texture was just too much or if I was happy with it it ended up giving me very bad acne. So I don’t use foundation. Instead I use either bb cream or concealer and a heavy coverage powder.

      That said there are a few things that come to mind. First, are you apply the foundation with your fingers or a brush or sponge? A foundation brush really helps smooth out the areas that tend to cake up when applying finishing makeup. Secondly, are you using a primer first? Even when using bb cream or just concealer + powder I apply a primer first. I had to test a lot to find one that worked great & didn’t break me out. I use Hourglass’s Veil Mineral Primer. It’s fantastic! I also like Benefit’s primers though they clog my pores just a bit so I switched to Hourglass. Primers create a nice smooth surface and really hold onto your foundation all day long. Lastly, what powder are you using? I found using a heavier coverage powder can cause caking. Have you tried using a lighter translucent finishing powder? And how are you applying it? Definitely apply it with a loose, large, face brush, like a kabuki brush that’s nice and super soft to prevent caking. And if you’re still experience problems try apply the powder only where you need it (where you get shine) so your T-zone basically.

      Really use whatever YOU like. You don’t have to use foundation to have “real” makeup on especially if the caking or coverage looks worse than when you just wear a bb cream with powder or something. Application tools really do make a huge difference and so does using a primer. I’m not sure what your full routine is but unfortunately it takes trial and error and new product buying before you find something perfect for you and your skin and your lifestyle.

      Good luck!

  27. Jesslyn says:

    Thanks for the quick reply Jenny! Aww….you are so helpful!! :)

    After cleansing my face, I will apply toner and moisturizer. Then I will apply the foundation with my fingers. Will try using a foundation brush then. What type of foundation brush you using?

    And for the primer, do you apply on top of face moisturizer? Will check it out soon. Hopefully it won’t break me out, I have extremely acne-prone skin too :(

    I am using Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Powder. And, yeah. I apply with a Kabuki brush.This brand claims to be natural..I have been trying to use only natural products as my skin is quite sensitive too. Somehow, my chin always has some breakouts every now and then. Will be quite worried to try on new products. Sigh :(

    Btw, your skin looks so smooth and nice! Any tips? =)
    And oh, I do actually have a blog (I seldom update though). Just a stupid question, how do I make sure that my blog is ‘click-able’ under my name when I comment? Lol, not sure you get what I mean? :)

  28. Jesslyn says:

    Thanks again Jenny! Will make some changes to my make-up application and shall see how then :)

    How’s the weather like in DC now? Here in SF, finally it’s rainy season =.=

  29. lela says:

    i really like the cat matte powder :) i went to my local beauty store few days ago and they were sold out, luckily i picked up a lipstick called clair de lune xD paul the joe ftw!! you know where i could get the cat matte powder? i also searched up on the website where i could purchase it online, but no luck. if you know where i could purchase it, send me an e-mail ^^ i’m a fan of your makeup collection

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