Sunday February 19, 2012   

Poppo tea from Kirin. A ginger and barely tea meant to warm your body and give you a good sense of health. :deco2:
It’s actually a nice winter tea flavor. I can taste the ginger but it’s not overpowering and the roasted flavor is nice and strong.

Did some President’s Day shopping for spring. :deco15:
Even though they’re calling for snow tonight. :deco11:
Tossed out the white eyeshadow I often used for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes and replaced it with Benefit’s Eye Bright. :deco2:
That’s it, short update :)


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  1. Eliz says:

    love spring shopping~~ hurry up, pastels season!! ;)

  2. Etienne says:

    It’s kinda hard to find asian drinks where i live, so sad ;_; I need to buy a highlight thing too >: I use a eyeshadow too XD

    • jenny says:

      Well using an eyeshadow is absolutely ok! But the one I was using I had for a few years. It was “hitting pan” meaning I was seeing the base. I replaced it with the pencil instead because it was a bit more subtle plus I’m hoping the cream pencil will last longer than powder eyeshadow did when wearing it. We’ll seeeeeeeee :)

  3. MAye says:

    So this Poppo-cha is ginger and barley tea flavored!
    Is it tasty then? I saw the CM this week. Too bad it ain’t easy to get those fancy ones here.

    And your shopping bag looks quite spring-ish.
    The one in stripes is a top?

    And definitely this two-colored flats are gonna be in this season, right? ::takes note::

    • jenny says:

      Thanks! Yeah the top is stripes, the green is a dress, and the two flats I was excited to find! I actually don’t own many flats because I used to only wear heels, so I’m excited to expand my collection.

  4. Sidney says:

    GINGER? I love ginger T T The “Tension Tamer” from Celestial Seasons has ginger and is deliiiicous (to me).

    OH that green belt!! I hope this is a peek into your spring wardrobe because I love the colours~

    • jenny says:

      Yea I love ginger when it’s mixed in with a stronger tasting tea. I’ve tried just straight ginger tea and it makes my stomach cramp up so I was timid to drink this at first xD

      OK I keep buying green!!! I’m not motivated to buy green, it just keeps happening LOL. It’s like something that’s happening TO me without choice xD

  5. 3lin says:

    Hey, where did you get your shoe? Is really nice with 2 tone on color.

  6. Courtney says:

    Beautiful spring colors~ too bad it’ll be awhile before you can wear them if it keeps going like this :/

    • jenny says:

      It’s ok, I won’t wear the canvas flats, too summertime to look proper with tights, but everything else is a go!! I have this white sweater I’m going to pair with the dress for work tomorrow (and warm tights of course!)

  7. Maru says:

    Hmm. I might try and make this tea myself. Thanks for the idea! :)

  8. ★Momo☆ says:

    I love ginger tea! They really help settle the stomach and gets rid of the sick feeling you may have. ( ̄▽ ̄)

    I’ve seen Benefit’s Eye Bright at Sephora, is it worth the $20? I always pass by it, and wonder if I should buy it or not…

    • jenny says:

      AGREED. I carry this ginger gum with me everywhere I go in case I get nauseated. As for the Eye Bright, I can’t be sure yet. I’ve only had it for 2 days and yesterday I didn’t even wear makeup xD

  9. mishi says:

    Just started seeing that cm around too D:

    cute lil shoes you got there

  10. Annette says:

    I bought the same tea yesterdat actually. I had thrown away the bottle before remembering the name.

    I love the shoes, it’s perfect for spring, which I hope comes
    soon. The weather so moody here in California. One day it’s like spring and the next day it’s raining like crazy. It’s nice to see all the flowers bloom so early though.

  11. Jenna says:

    I love barley tea~ :) And cuuuute flats!!!

  12. cin says:

    Aww the bottle is so cute~ I love ginger tea! Or anything ginger :D
    Liking the colour palette you got there for spring! Very retro-ey~

  13. Margo says:

    Would you be interested in reviewing the Eyebright? I’m in the market for something along that line and would like to hear what you think.

    Glad you were able to get your hands on the Meadowbloom dress~ When I saw them at Tyson’s I had to snatch one up because they were sold out of my size online. Glad I got it while I could! So comfy. :)

    • jenny says:

      Can do. I’ve only had it since Saturday and didn’t go out yesterday (so no makeup xD) I’m hoping it’ll last longer than powder shadow but I’m also curious if it’ll crease more being a cream =Y

      Gah they must have sold out online within a week! Because when I was at Tyson’s and didn’t see my size I looked online & it was completely sold out in all sizes. So I went to Bethesda and they didn’t have my size either and as I was about to have the store order one in for me I decided to check the mannequin! They were of course more than happy to oblige!

      I’m ready to wear this with a cardigan or sweater and tights!!!

      Honestly I rarely shop anywhere else these days. When I do I actually exclaim about how it’s not a Madewell purchase =_=, hahaha

      • Margo says:

        Within just a few days of seeing it on the site it had already sold out. I felt like it would be the perfect piece for me this spring (and my favorite color’s green, so…) and I ended up going to Tyson’s specifically to hunt for it. LOL.

        Madewell has completely overrun my wardrobe in the past year. Sometimes that makes me feel pathetic? lame? and I think I’m not branching out enough with my style, so then I make an effort to find some things elsewhere–but then again I respond to their look so much and I’m always finding those “perfect” items there. I shouldn’t force myself to find things elsewhere / get stressed about it if they always seem to have what I want, right? (Obviously I’m over-thinking this, haha.)

        What are we to do?? Madewell has taken over our lives~ ♥

        • jenny says:

          I think I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum here. Though I joke about only shopping Madewell, I feel a bit of relief to have found a single brand that I can see so much of “my style” in. I think between 2008~2010 I was really all over the place from style to brands b/c I liked, well, nearly everything! I spent 2011 reforming that chaos because I was often unhappy with my closet during those years (and especially at the end.) I always felt I had nothing to wear and so many pieces did NOT work together because I was always trying some new trend or changing or something. I can definitely relate to the opposite view of that. I think a lot of people flourish with many styles & enjoy having a huge selection at their disposal. And also the voyage of discovering your own style too has to take place. I felt that way then, but I don’t these days. I felt I finally /found/ my style amongst the chaos. After trying what felt like everything in 3 years, I’ve sort of feel I’ve reached “my goal.” I learned that I prefer a simpler approach to my wardrobe. Easy pieces to mix and match but also still represent the core of what I’d consider my personal tastes. I’m not saying I won’t change or that I don’t branch out with shopping because, for me, Madewell fits most my overall style but definitely not everything. Not to mention price. For example, though I love their sidewalk skimmers, I tried them on & they fit poorly on my feet. But I found these new & quite perfect for my tastes & size flats at Old Navy. Ah but I’m digressing and just talking about me me me!

          Yeah, it’s easy to over-think, I agree. But it’s good to know where that over-thinking is coming from maybe. Is it coming from within? A feeling of misplacement, personally, & a desire to grow in your own style? Or is it coming from social pressures that we must somehow always be trying new things in order to feel stylish? I think about that a lot when I’m out shopping…

          • Margo says:

            But I like hearing about you you you! :)

            I think this is why I’ve been relating a lot to your blog so much since I started following it regularly this past summer. About a year and a half ago I realized my closet was a mess and, like you, despite a huge wardrobe I never had anything to wear! And I always ended up feeling uncomfortable in my outfits when I was out. Decided to change that about my style and focus more, and about the same time I walked into Madewell for the first time and it was like ‘click!’

            Before that I was always picking up pieces at random that didn’t coordinate or fit into a coherent style. Seeing pictures of myself then, I always looked so different from shot to shot! And I was always buying sale items that I thought I could “make” work for me. What a mistake. It seems like such a ridiculous way to approach shopping now!

            Perhaps it’s just my paranoia talking if I wonder about not branching out with my style. I shouldn’t have to branch out in my style. It’s probably just a strange way to be after experimenting so damn much during the years prior. Since I’ve found a store that I connect with (for the most part) I should be relieved rather than dismayed about it. By all means. And now I’m talking about me me me! Sorry about that, it’s just so nice to find a blogger that I can relate to on this issue.

          • jenny says:

            Ugh feeling uncomfortable in your own clothes is the worst! I got so familiar with that feeling too! I knew I needed change! And shopping the sales rack JUST BECAUSE was me too! I think that was one of the harder habits to break for me. Oh god … I suddenly don’t feel so alone or at least as crazy as I had felt before! To know someone went through the same thing feels so comforting. I’m so happy you shared this with me, seriously!!

            I’m still learning myself. Like, I’m sometimes hyper aware of mixing my tastes with age appropriate OR place appropriate ideals. Sometimes I really just sit in a store staring an item down processing just /how/ it would fit into my closet etc. etc. It’s silly I think, from an outside perspective, but I know for me it’s important. It means feeling free in my own self (and clothes lol!)

      • Margo says:

        I wrote up an (unnecessarily) long comment and it got eaten. Must have been a sign! haha. Here’s a more concise one:

        – That dress sold out super-quickly. Had to go up to Tyson’s specifically to hunt one down for myself. It’s going to be hard to not wear it every day.

        – Madewell has taken over my closet. Sometimes I worry that that means I’m not branching out enough with my style, or my style is becoming limited, but they always seem to have items that are spot-on for me. So should I fight that? Who knows~

  14. Denny says:

    Ohh people are already shopping for spring and I’m still looking for winter clothes! :( Why am I so picky with everything blah

  15. Tori says:

    Those flats you bought are ADORABLE ♥ Loving the multi-colour shoe trend this season.

  16. Jenii says:

    Oooh the beverage sounds lovely for cold weather :D Though I’m not a huge fan of ginger o_o? I do like barley tea :D Awesome springtime gets! Love the bright and happy colors!

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